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Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to connect. 

I trust you have lots of opportunities, events and activities calling for your attention with the longer daylight hours and warmer temps, I am excited you are here, now. 

Although my calender seems to fill up quickly from month to month, I would love to partner with you to co-create what's next!!! 

Distance coaching sessions can be done on the phone or via Skype.  


Love & hugs,


Welcome to the Journey  

The purpose of life is to be alive. Not to gather objects, achieve, accumulate successes, or forge your body to fit a mold.  It's simply to be alive. To touch, feel, sense, hear, see, and live in a dynamic flow of whatever arises in the moment; to accept the wild and crazy thoughts that go through your mind, your animal nature, your wisdom, the fears that arise and grip your chest, the laughter that brings tears, and the joy that takes you beyond yourself. To be alive is to meet and accept every part of yourself - the scuzzy, sweet, passionate, talented, or slow. From this place of self-acceptance you can be a good friend to yourself and others. 

This does not preclude achieving, learning, or taking good care of yourself, but you do so because your body, mind and energy converge to do whatever feels in harmony with the aliveness that you are.

From this point of self-acceptance our consciousness spills over into the vast expanse of human experience and we start to see the connections between all sentient life, between our brothers and sisters everywhere. Said another way, we start to experience love.

-Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D., best selling author, therapist and spiritual practitioner

YOU HAVE THE POWER  to reinvent yourself moment by moment. ARE YOU READY to experience how good it could really be -TO BE YOU? 


Contact me to get started on your amazing journey!

Sacred Compass Guide Graphic    

Aligned Purpose - Unquestioned Direction - Self-Mastery

How different would your life be if you had a clear sense of purpose and direction? Purpose and direction are frequently discussed in self-help and personal development books and programs. Okay, okay, we know already! We just don't know how to get there! How do we truly discover this for ourselves?


When you align with and live in resonance with your Sacred Compass you will experience the joy and clarity of your internal guidance system and have access to the wisdom locked inside of you.


Stop spinning. Start using your Sacred Compass!


Simply put, your Sacred Compass is your internal guidance system. This has been referred to by countless names such as intuition, higher self, inner wisdom. Through your Sacred Compass you will access more directly, more quickly and more accurately the inner wisdom that is locked inside of you giving you unquestioned direction.


Even if we've never actually used one ourselves, most of us understand how a compass works. It is an instrument for determining direction, right? Sacred is spirit and the energy of the divine. It means regarded with reverence and secured against violation. Sacred Compass is the tool for determining your divine direction through the divine truth in YOU.


The SC process itself provides you with a more refined and complete experience of yourself by aligning you with the specific energies that you were created to express and experience.


Click here to visit my page, on the Sacred Compass website.
Contact meby phone, 985-860-8861 or email,
Denise@sacredcompass.com to discover your Sacred Compass and get back on track with living your life according to the highest expression of yourself.

Packages are custom designed to meet your needs.



"Denise has a teaching style that is part facilitator, part story teller, and part artist.  Her gift is to allow the space for opening up with encouragement and compassion. Her stories artfully weave the lessons and learning together. The lessons readily adapt to real life. My journey toward wholeness and joy is laid out before me. It is now my choice. Denise has shown me that I have all I need." 

- Gay DiGiovanni

What you bring to these self-empowerment programs is beyond belief!  My quality of life grows/improves every time I am around you!
- Sharane Gott, Better Business Bureau, Lafayette, LA


I have taken a number of personal development courses which were coached by Denise over more than a decade.  I rarely pass up an opportunity for personal or group coaching from Denise because she is insightful and she gently focuses me on the areas of growth which are open to me.  With Denise's encouragement I have made significant changes in my life incorporating a healthier lifestyle and a life which incorporates others more inclusively.  Denise is dynamic, organized, and very funny.  I will always be on the look out for opportunities to hang out with Denise and to accept her guidance.  

Very sincerely, 
Donna Hirst 
Project Coordinator, Library Information Technology 
University of Iowa

I speak and act with greater assurance, even knowing that sometimes I may do or say something that is less than perfect.

My coaching experiences with Denise have helped me achieve a joyous sense of wholeness and trust in myself.  The jewel of becoming whole is that I feel like celebrating my kaleidoscope nature and appreciate my weaker aspects along with my stronger ones, my serious side as well as my whimsy, my shortcomings as well as my talents.  I experience more sides of myself - both the dark and the light-and welcome them all with greater understanding for their many gifts.   

I have a greater appreciation of how my choices lead me toward or away from my long-term goals or visions.  I have anchored some of my choices in daily practices, freeing me to live more in the now.


I look forward to participating in other coaching experiences with Denise. 
-Gail McLure, Iowa City, IA


2012 Calendar of Events  

Click here for the 2012 Calendar of Events

I am also available for interviews, articles, joint ventures, public speaking, networking and target audience facilitation.

If you are looking for programs or educational messages to share with your workplace teams, social organizations or church groups. Check out the possibilities on my speaker sheet. If there is a topic that is not listed and you would like to have a conversation about me designing a program for your special interest group, don't hesitate to contact me.

Speaker Sheet - http://bit.ly/GPunjv

Contact me at 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com

Proposals for groups or organizations available!

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