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Now that the holidays and the anticipation of the new year is behind us we can breathe a sigh of relief. Or can we?


If there is anything from 2011 that is still gnawing at you, write it down.  Make a commitment to yourself to clean it up, take care of it, let it go or do it differently in 2012.  Your past does not have to determine your future.  The energy you free up from taking responsibility for the situation will open the door to what's possible in 2012. Remember, everything is energy.  All of your thoughts, words and actions either enhance or diminish your life force, self-esteem, self-trust, confidence and power.     


YOU HAVE THE POWER  to reinvent yourself moment by moment. ARE YOU READY to experience how good it could really be - TO BE YOU? 

I would love to  partner with you in 2012 to co-create a life you love!!! I have extended the Holiday Specials in the left hand column. contact me to get started with living the Best Year of Your Life.

Also, if you are in the Houma area, get your hard copy of  the current issue of FitLife Magazine. An interview with me was featured on page 15. 

Love & hugs,
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Resistance or Reality           
Hope the entry into the new year is being met with energy, optimism and opportunity.  If that is not your experience, breathe, you are not alone.

It is not uncommon to experience a low, a sense of confusion or lack of clarity at the beginning of a new year.  So many choices! 

Weeks prior to the new year, you were swept along in the hustle and bustle of planning, shopping, parties, vacationing, visiting, time off from work, over eating, indulging at every angle, etc. It is easy to get caught up in the myriad of activity whether it be of a social, religious or family nature. For some of us, it is one of the few times during the year that we relax, give ourselves permission to not be so structured and on task, have a little fun or take a little time off of work.

Now that it is all over, you are being called to snap out of it and adjust your thoughts, plans, actions, energy and focus to what's next.  Not an easy task to switch gears even for a very practiced person. Instead of resisting the fact that the holidays can knock us off center or focus or bring out our desire to  play or connect with people, how can you use where you are to truly design more of what you want in life. Maybe a little taste of fun, connection or relaxation throughout the year would really make your heart sing. Use the information wisely. You might want to add a little more of that to your 2012 plans.

In other words, what ever you did for the last several weeks doesn't have to mean anything negative, permanent or personal. Surrender and choose peace, acceptance and compassion for the past and for being human.

We are social beings. We were designed to live and thrive in communities. The holidays seem to bring that out in us even if at other times of the year we are perfectly okay spending time alone or not being so involved.

So what if your resistance to what you originally intended for the new year is more about your inner knowing that what you are focusing on is not authentic. What if your lack of energy, clarity, focus or direction is telling you that where you were heading wasn't going to fulfill or satisfy you!  How can you use your current reality and what you are feeling to dig a little deeper to get to what will really make 2012 the Best Year of Your Life.

It's not too late to bring in the new year and all that you visioned it could be!  Having a plan to get your thoughts, words and actions in alignment will support the necessary momentum needed to move forward in your chosen endeavors. I suggest you let go of any Holiday Hangovers of the addictions you indulged in or Resolution Remorse from not being 100% on task and start anew!  Here are a few tips. 
  • Take a deep breath and let it go.
  • Identify what motivates you. Do you focus on the  results of what you want or the consequences of what you don't want? WHAT YOU FOCUS ON WILL EXPAND! Do not focus on what you do not want or you will surely create more of that for yourself.    
  • What do you really want to experience, accomplish or bring to fruition in 2012? 
  • Ask yourself these questions. Who or what am I giving my energy and power to?  Is that working or not working? 
  • What would I have to accept, let go of or do to take responsibility for what I really want? Being willing to expose what you really want at the risk of disappointment and disapproval from others can be a huge step in interrupting the limiting beliefs and stories of what has kept you stuck in the past.  
  • Tell the truth about your excuses, the ways you avoid, deny, play small, blame or resist what you really want.  
  • Identify at least 3 action steps that would be in alignment with moving toward what you really want.
  • Claim the renewed energy, focus and clarity as you begin to move forward while creating the momentum for what is next.  
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