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Wishing you all a safe and happy summer! 


Don't forget to remember and honor our veterans this Memorial Day.   


Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while serving in the American military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer. 


Are you utilizing your liberties and freedom?


What might be possible in your life TODAY if you truly believed that you had the power and potential to create a life you love?  


I firmly believe it all begins with a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.  Scroll below for sections on each. 


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   For Healthy Spirit  

 Allowing Emotion & Logic to Co-exist:  

A foundation for effectiveness, peace & fulfillment 


Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion. ~  Richard Bach

Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

~ Murphy's law


When the subconscious mind must choose between deeply rooted emotions or logic, emotions will almost always win.  ~ T. Harv Eker


My intention is not to debate these quotes. My intention is to create a larger context for the complexity of making choices as I explore the gap between emotion & logic. I am trusting that as I  reflect, observe, learn and integrate the wisdom from this exploration, I will have a stronger foundation towards allowing emotion and logic to co-exist as I enhance my effectiveness, peace and fulfillment.  


With that, I am stepping into another level of personal responsibility that will intervene on old programming, limited choices and undesired results. 


For the sake of this conversation, let's just say that at one time or another, we have all done or said something that went against reason or logic. Maybe we over reacted or under reacted to a situation. Maybe we rushed in with a response or stepped back and did nothing. I am going to claim that what we did is not the issue.  We could argue, justify, defend, excuse, blame and be a victim about it till the cows come home and still be no better equipped to do anything different than when we entered into this conversation.   


Personal growth, transformation and responsibility require a deeper examination. I am inviting you to join me in examining the root of our actions, not the fruit of our actions. The issue is that our reactions to our emotions usually make sense at the time. Even if that time frame is a split second.      


Some of the choices we make take us further away from our desired results, have consequences, or both. So, where is the logic in thinking we made a rational, right or perfect decision in the current state of our emotions? If logic were really in charge, do you think you would have made that same choice? Maybe, but probably not always. Yet, in the moment, your emotions sent you signals of what seemed like the only choice you could have made. Therefore, you acted on what you describe as logical or with full choice as though you were removed from emotion. 


I'll use some of my examples that have had consequences as a place to start.   

  • In the emotion of excitement, I tried to get through a traffic light knowing it would probably turn red before I cleared it.   
  • In the emotion of frustration, I have eaten food that did not support my health goals.  
  • In the emotion of compassion, I did not uphold a boundary with a friend.
  • In the emotion of anger, I have said and done things that I regretted.
  • In the emotion of sadness, I have pushed people away.

Getting the idea? So what was I thinking? That question only serves to make me wrong or beat myself up for something in the past that I cannot change in the present.  If I want different results then it might serve me to ask a different question before I take action.  My new question is What am I feeling?   


How can I use what I am feeling in each moment to better understand what I am likely to do in that moment or in the future? The better I know myself, the more likely I am to make choices in alignment with what I want vs. what I don't want. The golden nugget here is to use emotions as a bridge to learning instead of a road to repeating what isn't working.   


I can use insight and understanding of the role my emotions play in making choices and be proactive. Or I can use suffering, consequences and hindsight to beat myself up.  


This awareness will allow me to intervene on the ways I might sabotage, jeopardize, destroy, damage or diminish my health, well-being, relationships, finances, friendships, career or possibilities in any area of my life?  


Honoring and understanding how my emotions and logic can work together towards me becoming more effective, peaceful and fulfilled is crucial in becoming better equipped to handle a world quite different than the one I was born into.    


I claim that you can make choices that are more in alignment with your desired results in the midst of your emotions. That is, if you are willing to examine the roots of emotions specific to you. I say to you because not everyone thinks, feels or believes the way you do. That in itself may give rise to some of your reactions and how you view your life and the people in your life. 


Your reality and what has you act or not is a lump sum and result of your personal and deeply held beliefs, attachments, interpretations and programming. You can certainly unlearn whatever part of that is not working and respond differently. The trap and suffering is when we take the road of least resistance and are a victim about it or blame others for our reactions or our life situations. You respond based on your personal and internal, hard-wired programming. That is about you, not the other person or any situation you may find yourself in.  


I am your partner in possibilities!  Contact me to take the next step in creating a life you love.

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  For Healthy Mind - 
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Be The Light: Choose It - Create It - Claim It   

Telephone conference calls, 8 consecutive Thursday nights - May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, July 7, 14 (accepting registrations through Tuesday, May 24)     



Awakening Your Untapped Energy & Potential:  Exploring the Wisdom in Your Shadows-  

June 25 & 26 - Iowa City, IA - A weekend workshop


Female & Fabulous: A weekend of fun, discovery & rejuvenation -  

July 16 & 17 - Lafayette, LA  - A weekend workshop 


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What is TSFLFor Healthy Body

Practice Habits Of Health 


Our habits determine our health

Habits are those things we do regularly without thinking. These patterns are set up and reinforced in the brain through repetition, day after day. Small, simple things you do every day can either lead you toward disease, or toward optimal well-being and longevity. Eating unhealthily can literally be habit-forming.


Habits are set in motion by triggers:

  • We arrive at a familiar intersection - and we automatically turn left.
  • We come home from work - and instinctively reach into the mailbox.
  • The dog is waiting by his bowl - and we unconsciously reach to get his food out of the cabinet.
  • We sit down for the big game on Sunday - and the chips and dips appear whether we're hungry or not. 

Changing your habits, step by step:

  1. Incorporate choices that support Optimal Health into your daily routine.
  2. Make yourself aware of your daily choices that do not support health-without using negative self-talk or blame.
  3. Break the habit of nutritional pollution and give your body and brain a break by eating according to the 5 & 1 program. Go to www.denisepalmisano.tsfl.com  for more information. 
  4. Think long term-make choices now that support health now and in the future.
  5. Create a microenvironment of health by decreasing your exposure to potential triggers.
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