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Happy Spring!!!  I am so excited that the magnolias are blooming.  I am one happy camper driving around seeing this magnificent flower. Some things just make the heart sing and this is one of them for me.   


What makes your heart sing? What is your heart wanting to say, do or experience?  Listen closely, there is wisdom to be mined!


Starting with, what might be possible in your life TODAY if you truly believed that you had the power and potential to create a life you love? I firmly believe it all begins with a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.  Scroll below for sections on each. 


Looking forward to being your partner in possibilities!

Love & hugs,




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For Healthy Spirit -    

Praise and Celebrate  Your Life!!!  


"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

~Oprah Winfrey


I believe that the more we practice something, the better we get at it.  Yes or yes?  


I have an assignment for you.  This assignment is to see how good you can get at practicing acknowledgment, gratitude and celebration for yourself and your life. 




When was the last time you took a deep breath and just soaked up a personal acknowledgment or patted yourself on the back for a job well done? It has probably been way too long. It is too easy at the end of the day to view our value, worth or abilities from what we checked off of our list to do. For some of you, it might be automatic to interpret that as you failed or didn't measure up.   


I am going to suggest that what you give your attention to will magnify. Let's practice.


Find your checked off to do list or calendar page.  One at a time, for all the items you checked off, take a deep breath, close your eyes and acknowledge what you accomplished, acknowledge how proud you are of yourself for doing that, acknowledge the many possibilities that were opened up as a result of taking that action or how good it feels to have kept your word to yourself. Really let it soak into every cell of your body.  Notice how you feel.  You may even want to take a few notes to claim this moment.

It is all a matter of perspective.  If you focus on what you did do, you can begin to establish a mindset of pride, contribution, value and worth.  If you only focus on what you didn't accomplish, you will likely feel bad, guilty or shameful about yourself. That probably won't work in establishing praise and celebration for your life.  


For those things you didn't do, either recommit to another date if they are still important to you or check them off and consider them complete.  Don't carry forward those things that you know you are not committed to doing.  Don't practice burdening yourself with shoulds or have to's day after day.


Practice acknowledging yourself for each and every action, thought or word that was in alignment with the person you say you want to become. 




When was the last time you were overflowing with joy and gratitude?  There is a lot to be grateful and joyful about.  Again, in our fast paced, get it done lifestyle, we may take not take time to note our gratitude for who we are, who we have become through our life situations and the contribution we are in the lives of others.


Make a list of at least 10 things qualities that you practice and the difference they make in the lives of others and in your own life.  One at a time, allow the gifts that you are and that you contribute bring a smile to your face and open your heart. Allow yourself to experience joy or gratitude when calling them to mind one at a time.  Breathe that in.  Keep adding to your list as you think of additional qualities.  I suggest you make this a daily practice. If you want to take it a step further, if others share their gratitude for you being in their lives, LET IT IN!!! 




You and your life are magnificent!  Yes, regardless of what is currently going on, you are a unique and gifted human being with the capacity to be, do and have great things.  Breathe that in.    


You are magnificent beyond your wildest imagination. Celebrate the contribution you are in your life and the lives of others.   


What additional actions or practices could you put in place this week that would be a celebration of your magnificence?


I am your partner in possibilities!  Contact me to take the next step in creating a life you love.

denise@empoweringpotential.com or (985) 860-8861 

  For Healthy Mind - 
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