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Hope you are well.  I invite you to imagine the peace and calm of watching fish swim.  As you open up to this perfection in action, imagine that your life has the potential to have the same flow if you are willing to open to the possibility.  


Today, I feel like these fish, swimming in possibilities. Life is abundant and flowing.  Everything in it is  perfection in action.  I ask that you consider that it is your time to also step into the natural flow of the universe with spring around the corner and feel the new life, change, growth, color and possibilities waiting to bloom and flow in your life.  


Regardless what "state" as in geography or what "state" as in mental, emotional, spiritual or physical situation this message finds you, ask yourself the following question.


What might be possible in your life TODAY if you truly believed that you had the power and potential to create a life you love? An abundance of possibilities is available as you move through transition, change and challenges. 


Love & hugs,





  Your Mindset Matters!!! 

Mindset - a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations


Given this definition, you can see that your mindset is the filter of incoming information that has your response or reaction to a situation make sense.  It makes sense because you have been practicing it for a long time.  It seems natural, automatic and absolute.   You can't believe that others don't see it this way.  This is merely your personal reality. It is not the absolute truth for everyone else. 


I am inviting you to be open to the possibility that your current mindset about a particular situation or circumstance is only as effective as your willingness to let it go. Being attached to a mindset can be limiting. Especially when others have different mindsets or when you are not open to seeing things from a different perspective.  


Left unquestioned, a limited mindset will leave you little room to grow, move, navigate, coordinate and relate with others.  When we bring our unwillingness to see a different perspective to a relationship or situation, there is often conflict.  There is no right or wrong here.  It either works or doesn't work. 


Only seeing reality through a fixed mindset will diminish your capacity to move forward in times of change, transition or desired outcomes.  


Here is another way to look at this concept. 


Process of Manifestation


Your programming creates your thoughts. 

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Your feelings create your actions.

Your actions create your results.   


Regardless of how logical you think your response or reaction to a situation might be, I propose that your emotions have the final say and you are merely responding from your programming. You are on automatic pilot and are not the captain of your ship here.   


You can examine, reflect, observe and be curious about the programming that created your mindset yet you will continue to recreate your current situations as long as you do not update your programming.  That is where transformation happens.  When you are willing to let go of who you are for who you can become you free yourself of the old programming that keeps you stuck repeating old habits and patterns. 


Your mindset is possibly the one constraint between where you are now and where you say you want to be in life.  If you are open and willing to learn more about this or other constraints in your life, contact me @ 985-860-8861 or denise@empoweringpotential.com.


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Awakening Your Untapped Energy & Potential:  Exploring the Wisdom in Your Shadows-  

TBA - Iowa City, IA - A weekend workshop


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You cannot create a solution from the same mindset that created the problem.

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