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Hope you are well and that you are enjoying all that comes with the fall season.

In my recent work travels I was able to see some of the midwest fall foliage.  It always takes my breath away.  Nothing like cool fall temps and majestic colors to send me right into ahhhhhhhh! Not to mention all of the yummy veggies, fruit and nuts that are available this time of year. 

For those of you that have a sweet tooth, here is a simple recipe.

Microwave Pralines

1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup evaporated milk
1 cup pecan halves or chopped coarse
Cook 6 minutes on high.  Stir twice during this time, once at 2 minutes and once at 4 minutes.  When cooking is completed, add 1/8 teaspoon vanilla and beat by hand 1 minute.  Working quickly, drop by spoonfuls on wax paper that has been layed out on a bed of newspaper.  The newpaper helps dry the pralines quickly.  Allow to dry completely before storing.

Have a great week.

Love & hugs,



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The Power of a Pause

"Learn to pause...or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you"
~Doug King

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy"
~Guillaume Apollinaire

"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden"

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I am noticing how many clients show up in class or in individual sessions with the experience of not enough time, energy or resources for their day to day demands and expectations.

Breathe!  You are not alone.

Think about that for a moment.  What do you notice about yourself when you are busy doing things that don't produce a desired result, arranging and organizing your life and the lives of others, juggling to control life situations, over committed yet taking on more, driven to do or have more, operating on empty, meeting promises, agreements, commitments or deadlines?

What are the consequences of your expectations, standards, beliefs and interpretations of your life situations?

How has all of this increased your level of stress, anxiety, or suffering?  Eventually, this will lead to illness and disease.  STOP IT!!!
There is power in a pause!

Give yourself a break. I promise you can pick it all back up if that works better for you than taking a few moments to pause and become aware of what you are up to.  Unless you have already integrated a pause in your day you are missing out on a valuable tool that will support you in stepping back to observe, rest and rejuvenate.  Things always seem different after a pause.  As you learn to pause you will also be able to see possibilities that you couldn't see while you were in the midst of things.  A pause goes a long way.  

A pause will allow you to;
regroup, reflect, reframe, recharge, reconnect, release, reclaim, reinvent, remind, redirect, regain, respond &  remember to name a few possibilities.

My invitation is for you to ask yourself questions using each one of these verbs to see how you can benefit from a pause or two in a day. In other words, it might sound something like this. Feel free to make up your own questions using the verbs.  These are just examples.  There are several questions for each verb you could practice.

How would a pause allow me to regroup?
If I were to take time to reflect on this situation, what could I learn?
How could I reframe this situation to be empowering?
What thoughts or actions do I need to integrate to recharge my energy?
What skill, competence, talent or person do I need to reconnect with to support me in moving through this situation?
What negative thoughts do I need to release about this situation?
What qualities in me do I need to reclaim?
What would I need to learn or practice to reinvent myself?
What do I need to remind myself of as I move forward in this situation?
How can I redirect my energy to move forward?
What would I need to know to regain my focus and clarity?
How can I respond effectively?
Is there anything I need to remember to practice as I move forward in this situation?

Contact me to explore what might be next for you on your journey towards  a more peaceful today and a much brighter tomorrow!

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The Five Points of Power

The Five Points of Power

1.Pay Attention : Be conscious and awake about the things going on around you. When you're trapped (unconscoius) in your history, doing things in the same old way, you miss the opportunities available to you.

2.Keep Your Agreements : One of the causes of an enormous amount of suffering is the way we break agreements. The costs are trust, self-esteem, dignity, relationships, and success. Don't make them if you are not going to keep them.

3.Be Accountable : What you are accountable for is your own experience; no one else can be. We are not responsible for what other people say or do, but we are accountable for how we respond to our life situations.

4.Speak The Truth :Not part of it, all of it. Every time you speak the truth about what's going on with you, a little more peacefulness drops into your life..."and the truth shall set you free".

5.Ask For What You Want : If you don't ask, you'll never recieve. No! does not mean that people reject you. They are simply declining your request.

Your partner in possibilities.  Contact me to explore what might be next for you on your journey towards a more peaceful today and a much brighter tomorrow!

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