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Hope all is well.  I was hoping I could open up this newsletter excited about the cool weather but Mother Nature has a different plan for those of us in south Louisiana. For those of you that actually have a fall, ENJOY!!!  I'll catch the fall foliage as my heavy travel schedule for business and pleasure unfolds in the midwest. Things are moving and shaking at Empowering Potential!

As my activity increases, I will be making changes in the business. Over time, one of those changes will be this newsletter. I receive numerous acknowledgments after each newsletter and I appreciate your feedback.  I am committed to continuing them however, from time to time, I will be sharing writings from other sources that are in alignment with the integrity of my teachings. 

I am extending an invitation to guest writers to network with me to keep this source of education and learning available.  If you have something that you would like to share, drop me a line at denise@empoweringpotential.com or click here to be directed to the main page on my website to complete a contact form.

Even if you don't want your story or article published, I am still interested in hearing
from you.  What's unfolding for you?  What's on your plate? What are you learning, noticing and experiencing? 

Love & hugs,




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PathThe Path
Least Resistance

Seems like we have created a culture that demands us to hurry up or get out of the way. Everything from fast foods, drive through windows, technology that is outdated before it reaches the public, remote access, virtual connections, online banking, online shopping, online business, debit cards, automatic bank drafts, social media reaching millions in split seconds, email and text messages, instead of phone calls or heaven forbid a handwritten note, etc.  We live in a world of more, faster, bigger, better deal.

With all of that in place, at some level we don't have to think, plan, communicate, coordinate or organize. Our lives happen without us ever being present in it. Is this really working? It seems as though we are creating a deep sleep for ourselves.  The actions, thoughts, words and choices of today are creating our tomorrows.  Everything you are resisting or avoiding today will come back around for you to deal with in the future.  If you stay on the path you are on right now, where will you be in 5 yrs., 10 yrs., 20 yrs.? Moment by moment you have the capacity to slow down and choose intention and purpose.

Think of the other shortcuts we take in our lives. We don't want to be uncomfortable, uneasy, provoked, stimulated or stirred.  When we feel the slightest tinge of awakening with our learning, life situations, emotions, feelings, or recognition that we are being called to a higher existence, we want to make it go away.  We medicate it, make up excuses, dream up dramatic stories, blame others, we justify why we need to rip it out or project it on others, we turn to addictions and the list goes on of how we have made it okay to take the path of least resistance.  What happened to taking responsibility for ourselves and quit making it about our external world?  Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. 

Maybe you have avoided conflict, been a people pleaser, been inauthentic, or settled for less than a satisfying result in your life to stay safe or comfortable.  The structures we have fallen into have had us stop paying attention to the things that matter most, our health, family, relationships, careers, friends, finances, heart intelligence, emotions and environment to name a few.  Is this working for you?

Your humanness has not evolved to the point that you can disregard your emotions, rip out your past experiences or have drive through relationships.  If you are serious about what matters to you, it will take time, patience, practice, courage and rigor to integrate new programming. Trying to do it the easy way will have you be on a very shallow foundation for growth, evolvement, enlightenment peace and possibilities. The path of least resistance is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Quit rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

When we resist or avoid we miss out on opportunities, lessons, growth, learning, experiences, people, etc.  We lose in the sense that we don't get to experience ourselves and others fully alive, awake, engaged, adventurous, passionate, yearning for learning and curious about our abundant universe and complex humanness.  It's like missing your child's first steps or first words, or your best friend's wedding.  Each moment is precious.  Seize the opportunity to show up fully present in your life.

I am not surprised so many clients show up in my office, on the phone or in courses, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, stuck, resentful, fearful, angry, disconnected and very sad or depressed. That's what happens when you delegate your life to the path of least resistance. 

There are no shortcuts on the path of human awakening.  I have been studying and teaching for 20 plus years and I am still peeling layers, taking risks, falling down and picking myself up again.  There is nowhere to get.  The reward is in the journey.

In what area of your life have you taken the path of least resistance?

Contact me to explore what might be next for you on your journey towards  a more peaceful today and a much brighter tomorrow!

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