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Welcome back.  While the photo on the right is not really me, this is a reflection of what I am currently experiencing.  The waters are calm, the scenery is fabulous and I am feeling all warm and cozy.  Wow, and I didn't even have to leave home to have that experience.  I hope you are experiencing peaceful and calm waters also.

I do practice what I teach. I intentionally and purposefully use my inner reality to show me what's next.  When things are unsettled on the inside, chances are that is what I will see reflected from my outer world.  In a recent check in with my inner experience, I noticed that I had set myself up for some unnecessary angst about the remainder of my 2010 work calendar. 

With an intention to be fully present in the course I am facilitating this weekend and with the remainder of my calendar, I intentionally made some shifts in schedules and commitments.  These shifts have allowed me to be more in alignment with what I say is important to me in all areas of my life.  As a result, I am experiencing peace and gratitude for my internal integrity compass to guide me and keep my actions in alignment with what I say is important to me. 

Have a phenomenal week! 

Love & hugs,


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Chrysalis Who Are You


by Denise Palmisano

Who Are You Becoming?
  • Take a moment to reflect and connect with each phase of this Monarch Butterfly's evolution. Notice what each photo brings up for you. 
  • Identify a situation, circumstance, conversation or relationship that is calling for your attention.  Can you connect to the phase you are currently experiencing?  No right or wrong.  Allow one phase to stick out more than the others, even if it doesn't make sense right now.
  • What is your experience of yourself in that situation?
          1. safe and protected, in a cocoon
          2. beginning the struggle or challenge of moving out of the safety and
              confronting or taking care of what's next
          3. taking consistent actions that will have you experience a breakthrough
              and shift in possibilities
          4. Forever changed, evolved and experiencing more of your authenticity
              and wholeness because of the situation

You know what's next.  What are you wanting to experience? What could you do this week to move into the next phase of growth and evolution in this situation? What risks or action would you have to take to move into your next phase of evolution?  What experience and possibilities will be available to you on the other side of taking action?  Would you become more joyful, peaceful, courageous, confident or forgiving? Would you experience deeper relationships?  Take a moment to really check in to what is available on the other side of this situation or conversation.

In today's world, change has become a permanent feature in our lives.  Everything as we know it could change in any moment. We cannot escape the necessity to continue to be in the world as students.  Our survival depends on it.  If you do not expose yourself to new learning, you are limited in your thoughts, words and actions.  It is not likely you will find solutions to a problem from the same mindset that created the problem.

Your Next Step is a calling to be better equipped and prepared to navigate, innovate, accept and embrace your ongoing, natural, imposed and designed transformation, evolution and potential.  Why wait around and let things happen to you?  What would be available if you accepted that your Next Step is to become master of your own destiny as you create the experiences and outcomes that feed your heart, body, mind and soulThe time is now to create an intention and purpose filled life.

I invite you to experience your wings.

I would love to hear what risk you took or what action you put in place to move into your next phase of evolution! 

Drop me a line at denise@empoweringpotential.com

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I Ain't Settlin: Awakening & co-creating authentic, dynamic
  and lasting relationships

Join us for 2 days of conversations and exercises that will allow you to:
  • Update & enhance your listening, communication and relationship skills 
  • Discover what your heart longs to experience in your relationships
  • Trust yourself to make choices and take actions in alignment with your heart's desire
  • Declare standards and boundaries
  • Clear the clutter and energy from past relationships
  • Open the space for new relationships to evolve
  • Design new life, energy and passion into existing relationships
If you are serious about experiencing peace, joy, love, acceptance, passion and fulfillment in your relationships then you won't want to miss this exploration into the HEART and its basic human need to experience love. 

This course is for singles and couples.

Click Here for the June 26 & 27 course details. Register by June 18 to receive $50 discount.

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In person, individual and group coaching: Houma, LA
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YOU HAVE THE POWER to reinvent yourself moment by moment. ARE YOU READY to experience how good it could really be - TO BE YOU?

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