I do apologize, the link in the email I sent out earlier is faulty and may not take you to the right place.

Please use the link below to
to gain access to a 25 minute recording where Doug Hoyt, Founder of Net Worthy Media interviewed me about the emotional programming associated with weight loss.  Here is what Doug has to say.

Have you ever tried to lose weight and given up because you
didn't achieve the results you were looking for...quickly? I can assure you I have been in that same situation.

However, I believe you have to look at the mindset behind the commitment to losing weight. Thats why I have partnered with an amazing Life Coach Denise Palmisano. She has a weight loss system that addresses the core issues of how you need to approach weight loss.

Denise and I have recorded a call that will help you begin to create a system to accomplish your weight loss goals. The call is FR*EE. All you have to do is click the link below, and listen to this powerful tele-seminar.

The link is:

So, If you've ever been interested in losing weight, or haven't had the success you want you'll want to listen to this call with Denise.

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Doug Hoyt