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Hope you didn't wait until this weekend to do your taxes.  The weather is too beautiful to be inside crunching numbers.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I am going to invite you to take some time to get some rest and have a little fun! Your overall well-being and health are craving rejuvenation.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  Let's co-create the future!!!  I want to be your partner in possibilities in Your Next Step!

Love & hugs,

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Female & Fabulous
Empowering Women through Choice and Voice!

Janet Shepherd of the Iowa City Learning Foundation recently interviewed me on the upcoming Female & Fabulous course being held in Iowa City, Iowa April 17 & 18. 
Click here to listen to the interview or to find out more information about the course.

If the date or location doesn't work for you, consider hosting this course through your workplace, church or organization.  This is an ideal course for a retreat setting.

Contact me for a proposal or more information. 

Be sure to share this with a friend. 

Save the Date:
The next Female & Fabulous course in Louisiana is
July 17 & 18, 2010. 

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Relationships  - Part 6 of 6
By Denise Palmisano

This is the final part in this series.  I am facilitating a more extensive course on relationships June 26 & 27.  This is a 2 day, on-site course that will connect the dots of the conversations that have been started in these weekly reflections.  If you are ready to take responsibility for the quality of your relationships, Click here to register for this course.

If you missed any of the other emails on Relationships, Click here.
Week 1 - I introduced the concept that your destiny as a human being is to be in relationship with other human beings.  You were born into the basic human need to experience love, acceptance and connection with other human beings.  To resist this inherent truth will have you suffer on many levels.  We are incapable of reaching our potential without being in human relationships.  Therefore, relationships could be said to be crucial to our human evolution. 

Week 2- I expanded on suggesting that each of the many types of relationships support us in authentically knowing ourselves. I claimed that each and every relationship has a purpose, a role and a reason for being what it is at this time in our life. Our actions or lack of actions in our current relationships are a result of our past associations, and prior programming of relationships in general.  The mere mentioning of someone's name whether we know them or not, generates an experience and energy in us.  Those experiences and that energy either opens or closes possibilities for the relationships in our lives.  Knowing what opens and closes possibilities in any and all relationships will be a crucial step in co-creating, designing and sustaining relationships. I hope you had an opportunity to do the exercise.

Week 3 - We took an external and internal look at the many filters we bring to a relationship.  Those perspectives expanded your awareness to show you how filters further impact how we experience, enhance, or limit our many relationships.  I talked about filters being a form of protection vs. a form of knowing or wisdom.   Most of your suffering and limitations in relationships have more to do with filters, old programming, ego and interpretations than the TRUTH!  Hanging onto filters that are not working for you are self-imposed disconnections, walls and limitations.  

I invited you to find your breath and that place inside of you where your internal stillness and wisdom reside. The exercise invited you to focus on your breathing without judgment as you asked yourself various questions about your current relationships. Overall, these exercises are intended to show you more about yourself and how you relate to others.

Week 4- I invited you to end the repeated cycles in your relationships by clearing the chaos and clutter. This is the next step in making room for new and different relationships to show up even if that new and different relationship is with a person already in your life.

I asked you to embrace that you have co-created your relationships with your filters, boundaries, stories, habits and beliefs. By taking on the exercise, you were able to notice the "What was working and what wasn't working in each relationship". This information and observation allowed you to take responsibility for integrating a support structure and practices that will allow for overall, healthier relationships.

Week 5 - The invitation was to practice self-care, compassion and non-judgment for your process of integrating the practices outlined in previous weeks.  I also suggested that you create a support structure to be with you in this process.  The practices of revealing and moving through your filters and limitations to authentically knowing yourself and what is really important to you in relationships can be quite a daunting task if you try to do it alone.  Letting go of the old programming might stir up new layers of fears or limitations.  Trust that you can handle whatever comes up.

This week
, I invite you to welcome all that comes into your awareness.  Again, without judgment, allow your observations to flow without making up a limiting story or interpretation of yourself or your relationships.  Use what is emerging for you as information for what is next. 
  • Practice listening to what would be available to you by taking the next step to move through, not around what you are feeling.
  • Honor your feelings and emotions. They are a bridge to learning. You cannot heal what you cannot feel. You are being called to a higher expression of yourself. Trust that what is available to you on the other side of your evolution is more love, acceptance, peace and joy than you have ever experienced.
  • Acknowledge who you are becoming.What additional qualities, skills or competencies have emerged for you as a result of your commitment to the quality of your relationships?
  • Authenticity, taking responsibility and integrity are the key elements in building and sustaining relationships. 
  • Take the Next Step!
         Ask yourself these questions.

        What is next for me to reveal?
        What is next for me to heal?
        What is next for me to experience?

Wishing you love, light, peace and joy as you practice, integrate and evolve into your authenticity, wholeness and potential in all of your Relationships.

Please share what you learned or what you saw possible as you practiced authenticity, taking responsibility and integrity in your relationships. To leave a comment on my blog at the end of this article, Click here.  Once on the blog page, click comment, located above this week's article.

If you would like to schedule a 30 minute complimentary session to discuss this process or anything that came up for you, Clicking here.

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  Empowering Potential Partners with The Red Shoes
Save the Date:  June 12 & 13
A Course for Men and Women

The Red Shoes, located in Baton Rouge, LA is a Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth. 

I am very excited for the opportunity to partner with The Red Shoes on the upcoming course, Awaken to Your Energy and Untapped Potential: Exploring the Wisdom in Your Shadows.
Click here for more details
In Addition to the above mentioned course;

I will also be hosting a monthly support and share group at The Red Shoes, on the first Wednesday of the month beginning May 5th, 2010 from 7:00pm-9:00pmAt this time, there is no charge for this meeting.

This is a facilitated meeting. It is open to people interested in being in conversation with others that are currently experiencing challenge or difficulty moving through limitations and blocks in their lives. It is also for people that have a strong desire to enhance a particular area of life.
 Your participation in this meeting implies that you are committed to moving forward and taking the next step in a particular area of your life.

Some common areas of concern are health and well-being, relationship with self, relationship with others, money, intimacy, spiritual awareness, moods and emotional well-being, dignity, self-trust, wholeness and career.

Cost: An open heart and open mind
  • be open to learning
  • be coachable
  • be open to being supported and held accountable
  • be committed to transformation
An application is required for your participation.  Additional details will be given once your application has been reviewed and accepted.
Space is limited. Click hereto complete a contact form to be considered for this group. I will email the application privately to those of you who express interest by completing the contact form.
Act quickly to guarantee your seat in this series.

If you would prefer individual or private access to this series, Click hereto complete a contact form and let me know your interest. These slots are limited and may require a fee. I only have a few slots left for a one-on-one seat.

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Visit my website, www.empoweringpotential.com for additional partnership, coaching and consulting opportunities.

Denise Palmisano, CICP
Empowering and Inspiring People to Reclaim Their Potential, Authenticity and Wholeness.

Denise Palmisano
Certified Integrative Coach Professional

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