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Happy Valentine's Day!!!  My heart is overflowing with love, gratitude and abundance.  Thank you for being part of this community.  I am blessed.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I want to dedicate this newsletter to LOVE! 

There is a growing consciousness in the value and significance of heart-work and one's overall health and well-being.  The work I deliver is rooted in an inside-out, heart-centered approach.

My intention is to continue to deliver the most innovative teachings that are in alignment and available to me.  Having said that, I have been the recipient of many love and heart-centered teachings that I support and endorse and I want to share a couple of them with you today.

FYI - I am not being compensated for sharing the work or teachings of others.  My intention today is to deliver like-minded teachings from reliable sources that further promote and endorse my own teachings.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  Let's co-create the future!!!  I want to be your partner in Your Next Step!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey I sent out yesterday.  I want to add that the responses were anonymous so I have no way of knowing who sent what.  For those of you that had specific requests to talk, meet or set up additional learning opportunities, please email me privately so I can follow up with you. 

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Love & hugs,

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From My Heart to Yours, Happy Valentine's Day!!!
by Denise Palmisano
I can't deny my heart's desire and longing to experience giving and receiving love.  I have chosen this natural and priceless process to be my journey in life.  I welcome you into the depths of what drives me daily. 

My personal journey to know myself, my self-imposed limitations as well as my potential does not have an off switch.  I live and breathe for the moment by moment opportunity to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be a human becoming. 

I learned a long time ago that the way to experience more of my own heart and the hearts of others is to be AUTHENTIC.  I have nothing to hide, protect, defend or stuff.  Out of that, I want to share something I wrote that up until now has only been in the hands of my course participants.  It is my personal set of principles for awakening & co-creating authentic, dynamic and lasting relationships.  I can't say I have mastered it all, yet I can say that I am experiencing a life unlike anything I could ever imagine.  

I invite you to choose to experience more love, connection and intimacy in all of your relationships by practicing these principles for the next 30 days. 



 My life flows as I easily and effortlessly create & sustain a space for my authentic self to emerge.  


  • I speak my truth.
  • I trust my natural evolution.
  • I am still.  In my stillness, I allow awakening.
  • I make choices in alignment with my authentic self.
  • I feel what I feel and it is okay to express my emotions.
  • I give voice to my authentic self.
  • I am open to exploring & challenging my beliefs.
  • I am grounded in the fact that my reality is only my interpretation.
  • I am accountable for my own experiences.
  • I don't blame, complain or explain. 
  • I observe and acknowledge my resistance, judgments and attachments.
  • I take responsibility for myself and my life situations.
  • Moment by Moment, I have all that I need to design, create & reinvent myself & my life situations!

I am experiencing the wonder and possibilities of how good it is to be ME!!!

A Valentine's Day Gift to You

  Click Here to Listen

"You Are My Rhythm In Life" was written by my dear friend, mentor and coach, Paul Hoffman.  The video was put together by Danish Ahmed. 

It speaks about how love, support, and encouragement are the key
foundations of any relationship.

Paul Hoffman is a transformational musician, speaker, author, and teacher. He has composed and produced music for internationally acclaimed speakers, best-selling authors, Fortune 500 corporations, films, television, commercials, and radio for over 25 years. Paul is the CEO, Visionary and Chief Creative Officer of Success Creation Institute, LLC, Paul Hoffman Music, Inc., Success Songs, LLC and Blue Music and Sound Design.

For information on Paul and his work, go to www.successsongs.com

The Vibrant Moment:  Feel Your Heart!

By Dr. Doris Jeanette

Valentines's Day is coming up.  Perhaps you don't want to celebrate because you are single, don't have a date or don't feel loving toward your partner right now.  Or Maybe you will celebrate with surface fun and meaningless gestures without fulfilling the deep longing of your soul.

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate all the many different kinds of love, not just romantic love.

So check in with your heart and look around.  Note the colors, flavors, textures, sounds and images in your heart.  What does the energy in your heart tell you?  Feel the truth in your own heart.  How much love is in your heart?  Love is real, honest to goodness energy.  When you look in your heart do you sense dark energy?  Resentment?  Judgment?  Hurt?  Pain?  Love?  Joy?  Dark Clouds?

Love has to do with your ability to love and open your own heart.  When your heart is open, love energy can come in and go out.  When your heart is closed, love energy cannot get out or come in. 

When your heart is open you exchange love energy with others.  When your heart is closed there is no real energy exchange.  When your heart is open, you feel good, warm, strong, healthy and happy.  When your heart is closed you feel alone, empty, dead, unfulfilled.

The best way to increase loving energy in your life is to open your heart.  The best place to start opening your heart is to establish a loving relationship with your emotional self.  You need to recognize the energy of your emotional self and establish a daily, nourishing relationship with her or him in order to clear the energy in your heart so more love can flow between you and others.

If you get started on opening your heart in 2010, you will have the best Valentine's Day ever!

Dr. Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with 33 years of experience teaching people how to unlock and use their human potential. She is author of "Opening the Heart," "Overcoming Anxiety Naturally" and 14 other self help products.

Visit my website, www.empoweringpotential.com for additional partnership, coaching and consulting opportunities.

Denise Palmisano, CICP
Empowering and Inspiring People to Reclaim Their Potential, Authenticity and Wholeness.

Denise Palmisano
Certified Integrative Coach Professional

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