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Thank you for stopping by.  Hope your February is getting off to a phenomenal start. 

Are you feeling the wave of energy in the air?  I am claiming it is a collective energy coming from events and happenings all around us.  Whether or not you realize it, your thoughts, words and actions are co-creating that universal energy.  What energy are you contributing to the collective?

People all over are engaged in their lives and moving and shaking through the string of activity and events whether it is working for them or not.  Just because you are moving doesn't mean you are going anywhere.

Where is your ATTENTION and what is your INTENTION?  What would be possible and available to you if you were to get these two choices in conscious and deliberate alignment?  Imagine your life on the other side of choosing to put your ATTENTION on your Matters of the Heart INTENTIONS.  What type of person would you become if your thoughts, words and actions were a testimonial to the fact that you matter and that what is important to you matters?

I don't think there are any accidents that Valentines Day, hearts and love is the context for the month.  I invite you pause for a few moments and listen to your heart calling for your ATTENTION.  What is it telling you?  What is wanting to emerge?  How can you honor your heart as a Valentine's Day gift to yourself?  How can you integrate INTENTION to your thoughts, words and actions?

I invite you to read and integrate this 4 part Heart of the Matter series into your life as you continue to listen to your heart and get re-engaged in your life and what really matters to you.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  Let's co-create the future!!!  I want to be your partner in Your Next Step!

Love & hugs,
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Matters of the Heart - part 4 of 4

by Denise Palmisano
In part one of this series, I talked about awakening to your yearnings and what matters to you as well as authentically knowing and expressing yourself.  I also talked about how our programming has disconnected us from our authentic self and often to the degree of sleepwalking or being on auto-pilot.

In part two, I shared my thoughts on being an observer and having compassion for the complexity of filters that often limit our awakening and keeps the programming, recurring breakdowns and similar outcomes in place. I also claimed that you have all you need to create a life you love.  I also invited you to be open to the fact that the world may not be exactly the way you see it.

In part three, I shared my observations of taking action, clearing the clutter and integrating practices that free up energy, vitality and life force.  All of that will support you in your overall well-being as well as increasing your capacity to design and create a life you love.   This is my version of Heart-Healthy Conscious Living.

Let's recap last week and tie this all together.  I invited you to write down all your loose ends, incompletions, unspoken boundaries, unresolved situations, chaos, clutter, grudges, resentments or anything that was draining your energy or capacity to move forward.   Take note to the fact that holding onto each item, event or person is adding to your limitations and holding you back from experiencing and creating a life you love. 

I invited you to to take action on those things that are draining your energy and well-being.  What results did you notice by writing it all down and beginning to take action?  Did you notice your energy shift?  Were you able to experience more possibilities, freedom, confidence, peace, excitement, fulfillment? 

Part four is about who you are becoming in the midst of your life as you step into taking action and freeing up the energy available to you?  Are you becoming more authentic, self-trusting, confident, courageous, joyful or peaceful?  Are you experiencing more connection and intimacy with yourself and others as some of the filters and layers of unfinished business and loose ends are being taken care of?  How does it feel to take responsibility and make conscious choices out of what is really important to you? 

You get to choose the meaning you grant to your life and your purpose for being here. I honestly don't think you are here because you don't matter.  I believe you are here to experience your potential and magnificence.  By taking that on, you can't help but create a life you love while serving and supporting others to do the same.

It is in walking this journey that you have an opportunity to experience the full range of emotions and qualities available to you.  So, while there are no guarantees, life is really what you make it. It is a matter of who you become in the midst of your life situations. Everything is just as it should be for you to stretch, grow, evolve and become. 

You are like the butterfly enclosed in the cocoon.  It is in your struggles that you will find your wings, freedom and reconnection to your authentic self.  Through those struggles, you inspire and empower others to experience their struggles which are really times of growth and transition.  You are literally serving the world and the collective consciousness as you take responsibility for your own journey.  Change is constant, natural and automatic.   To resist or oppose this natural evolution is futile.  There is perfection in the perceived imperfection.

How would your journey be different if you gave yourself permission to let go of everything that is keeping you from experiencing your magnificence?  How can you take responsibility to embrace and bring forth your totality instead of the limitations in each moment? 

If you are open to taking responsibility to creating a life you love, you will have many life changing and transformational moments as you realize your potential and become aware to the fact that the only real limitations are the ones you place on yourself.  You have the power to reinvent yourself moment by moment.  You get to determine how good are you willing to have it.  Again, because you get to choose moment by moment, there is no one to blame for the ways you keep yourself small or stuck.  You have been given free will. 

My invitation is to be open and willing to fully engage in life and trust that you can handle whatever comes up.  It is in your effort to experience more of what you want that you will be shown your perceived limitations.  Get excited when they are shown to you.  Those are opportunities to push those edges and break out of the cocoon and roadblocks you have put in the way of experiencing a life you love.  If you don't the potential lies for you to be in wonder of, settle for or be resentful that you do not have the life or experiences you want. 

There is no right or wrong, good or bad, only outcomes.  Those outcomes either work or they don't work.  They are either in alignment with your authenticity and integrity or not.  Any judgment of right or wrong, good or bad, is a suffering trap.

Your degree of suffering and your source of potential lie in your interpretation and your willingness to let each moment pass.  If you hold on to the moment that just was, you lose the only moment available to you, the NOW.  Living in the past or projecting into the future will be the source of your unhappiness and unrealized potential.  

Why would you want to stay in moments that don't work?  What's the pay off?  What's the costs?  Who or what do you have to BE so you can Do what you need to do to Have what it is you say you want?

No matter what you choose, at some point you life will have stood for something.  Your eulogy is a testimony to what was important to you in your life and a recap of the choices you made along the way.   It is within your control to become the person that you want others to remember you by.  Are you on track to be remembered as you would want to be remembered?  What meaning have you granted to your life?  What thoughts, words or actions would you have to be willing to let go of or surrender to become the person you were meant to be?  How are you living your purpose and potential?

What do you want to leave behind for future generations?  What will it require of you today to assure that will happen?  What qualities could you integrate today that would be in alignment with your authenticity and integrity?  Live that!  Whatever that is. 

We are both students and teachers in life and in death. Trust that you deserve it and that you can have it all.  You do this, through your ATTENTION and INTENTIONS in life.  It is about what you bring to each moment from the vastness of your wholeness and magnificence.  It is how you take responsibility for getting what you want while leaving behind a world better than the one you woke up in! 


It is about integrating practices that take the place of what gets in the way of you having the life you say you want.  All the stuff that keeps you unavailable to experience, connect and integrate new ways of being.  Don't let this awakening be another  opportunity to beat yourself up 5 ys. down the road when your life has not changed because you did not listen to your heart and follow what matters to you.

I invite you to come on this journey of Heart-Healthy Conscious Living.


This series was a gentle wake-up call and at the same time, there is an urgency to living authentically and from the heart.  I invite you on this journey of authentically knowing yourself while living a fully expressed life.

If not now, WHEN?   


This is the fourth and final week of this series, partner with me in creating a life you love in 2010! 

If you missed Part 1, 2 or 3 and would like to read those, click here.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to reinvent yourself moment by moment.  ARE YOU READY to experience how good it could really be - TO BE YOU?

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Denise Palmisano, CICP
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Denise Palmisano
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