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I am feeling a wave of momentum as I write to you today.  I am so excited to have an opportunity and a structure to be able to engage in conversations with you. 

As always, my intention is to connect through the most authentic methods possible at any given time.  So, while I continue to do my own work of creating a life I love, I invite you to sit back, relax and open your heart to being moved as you listen for your own possibilities. 

Today's Matters of the Heart column might be a lot to digest in one sitting.  I invite and encourage you to read and practice at your own pace.  There is nowhere to get.  Life is a process.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  Let's co-create the future!!!  I want to be your partner in Your Next Step!

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Matters of the Heart - part 3 of 4

by Denise Palmisano
In part one of this series, I talked about awakening to your yearnings and what matters to you as well as authentically knowing and expressing yourself.  I also talked about how our programming has disconnected us from our authentic self and often to the degree of sleepwalking or being on auto-pilot.

In part two, I shared my thoughts on being an observer and having compassion for the complexity of filters that often limit our awakening and keeps the programming, recurring breakdowns and similar outcomes in place. I also claimed that you have all you need to create a life you love.  I also invited you to be open to the fact that the world may not be exactly the way you see it.

In part three, I will share my observations of taking action, clearing the clutter and integrating practices that will support you in your overall well-being as well as increasing your capacity to design and create a life you love.   This is my version of Heart-Healthy Conscious Living.

Last week I invited you to to practice observing the filters and programming that limit  the interpretations of your reality and your possibilities.  I encourage you to be gentle with your observations and your practice.  Over time, your awareness will get more transparent and will replace the old programming.  You will be seeing the world through much different eyes and expanded possibilities.  You will also notice you are not as quick to judge, be attached or resist what is being shown to you.  Life will seem to slow down and flow. 

For now, just notice what your tendency is to do with your observations.  Pause and breathe often as we move forward. Practice digesting this information and your experience of it, moment by moment.  Continue to observe yourself in thought, word and action.

Let's spend a little time sorting through what we are learning.  In the midst of your observing, you probably noticed some loose ends.  For the sake of this conversation those loose ends might best be categorized as, incompletions, old grudges, resentments, unspoken conversations, boundaries not set or unresolved situations. 

Are you judging those loose ends?  Does it bring up anxiety for you as you observe?  Are you making yourself wrong about what you are observing?  Did you experience glimmers of excitement as new possibilities are emerging and more is available to you?  Notice if you can, how your mood shifts as you step out of the limited beliefs and paradigms into new possibilities and greater potential.

Keeping all of that in the background, let's say that everything is energy or that everything has a certain energy associated with it.  Given that, consider that anything left undone carries with it a certain amount of weight and space that will manifest negatively or heavily in your thoughts, emotions, feelings and body.  This energy has to go somewhere and when you refuse to let it go, or don't take action on it, that energy finds a place to live.  It usually shows up in the body as stress, dis-ease, anxiety, confusion, fear, worry, overwhelm and the list goes on.  Does that sound familiar?

What would be available to you on the other side of choosing to take action on those things that are currently draining your energy or keeping you stuck?  Would you have more peace, fulfillment, joy, love, intimacy, courage, connection?  What are the costs of avoiding conversations and not taking action on what is limiting you from experiencing what is important to you?

You may have already felt your energy depleted or compromised from the awareness of these loose ends.  The energy it takes to carry that around day to day adds another layer of limitations on your already limiting interpretations, stories, judgments, beliefs, moods, attachments, concerns, righteous positions and ego.  In other words you might say incompletions, loose ends and non action keep the old programming anchored in place.  Not only is the programming and blueprint for repeated action in place, we have projected all of it into the future and have created additional layers of "things will never change, why bother, I am helpless here".  Once again, we settle for a life of mediocrity and status quo.  Time to be honest, where did you settle in life?  Is your current life anything like you thought it would be?  Are you ready to take responsibility to take the necessary actions to get in alignment with your integrity and what matters to you. 

Your old programming has created walls, masks and layers of what seemed like protection, safety and security along the way.  I am going to claim that in actuality your programming has put in place a blueprint of resistance to letting go and an avoidance of taking responsibility for these incompletions, loose ends or energy drains.  For all practical purposes and what we think is logical at the time, we continue to make choices that further take us away from the relationship with ourselves and what matters to us.  That is no longer working. 

All of this unexpressed, unprocessed energy becomes a ticking time bomb in your health and well-being.  I am going to suggest you are still making emotional choices rooted in the past as you gather more loose ends to validate your experience, beliefs and results.  Hence, the chaos and clutter that you experience in your life.  This is an example of how the experience of your inner world can shape how you see your outer world.  Can you see how all of that limits your capacity to move forward?

Let's see if we can shift that.  This is the week we bust through the limitations and reclaim our potential and possibilities.  You can do something about every situation you currently see as limiting.  Keep in mind that some of what was previously weighing you down will suddenly go away when you are open to a new perspective and a new action.  Letting go of the hold all of this has had on you will allow an abundance of energy to emerge and it will create a heightened sense of well-being.  Isn't that interesting?

I invite you to look at anything that you are currently suffering about as a sign of something that you are holding on, not letting go of or not surrendering to.  That suffering is pointing you to what is next for you to clean up or clear up.  It is your call to action.  There is wisdom and healing in being able to observe that.

One action step in moving forward is to take some time to put it all down on paper and get it out of your head.  That simple act will allow you to see everything that is taking up space and energy in your thoughts, words and actions.  Make a list of your loose ends and incompletions.  That could be everything that is keeping you away from experiencing a life you love or taking up time & energy from you doing what really matters to you.

In other words, what are the loose ends or people that keep you separated or disconnected with what matters in your heart?  What actions or lack of actions have you continue to sacrifice the relationship with yourself and what matters to you?  What actions or lack of actions have contributed to your life being more about your outer world than your inner world?  In other words are you hunting, searching, reaching and grabbing for a false sense of security by seeking approval & attention, trying to fit in or trying to belong.  How much of your energy is taken up with people pleasing, avoiding conflict & love tests? 

It might be time to take off the masks that you wear to juggle that false sense of security and finally be authentic.  Who do you really want to become?  What qualities would you need to practice to become that person?  What kind of a person would you become as a result of your authenticity?  Is the image of the person you can become and the increased well-being you will experience as a result of taking action inspiring enough to have you tie up loose ends?

When you add new learning and new actions, you will get new results.  So, this is the week to get into ACTION. 
This week is about conscious choice.  Choice is action.  Even not choosing is choosing. 
Ask yourself if your current choices are taking you further away from living a life you love.  Are you making choices that temporarily take you out of the anxiety, stress and overwhelm or are you making choices that are in alignment with what matters to you?  Unconscious choices usually make sense at the time.  Down the road, we find out it was a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  You can stop the crazy making.  Choose again.

You have heard the saying that insanity is doing the same things over and over yet expecting results.  Well, that's one way to look at it.  I say that is the difference between a Fantasy and a Reality.

Fantasy is always just out of reach.  It is a distant yet not likely possibility.  We imagine a life when everything is just the way we are attached to it being.  A life where other people and situations line up with our picture of what the universe is supposed to look like.  We delay and put on hold our peace, fulfillment and potential.  We feed ourselves excuses and reasons why we can't have what we want.  We quietly suffer the victim mentality and live in an interpretation that the world and everyone in it is getting what they want and our turn never comes.  So, we settle into occasional daydreams of being in a far away place.  We may even imagine a life when all the conditions will be right for us to put ourselves first sometime in the future.  And day by day, year by year, decade by decade, nothing new happens.  Imagine that!  WAKE UP!!!!  You are sleepwalking again. 

If you really want that future you imagine, then the only way it will happen is if you do something about it.  Reality is taking action on what you say is important to you. All success, growth, transition, change and evolvement involves the risk of disapproval and disappointment.  If you are looking or waiting for a comfortable, convenient and sure thing, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  IT AIN'T OUT THERE!  Make today the day you begin the practice of trusting yourself to handle whatever comes up as you design and create a life you love.

Join me in creating a life you love in 2010! 

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YOU HAVE THE POWER to reinvent yourself moment by moment.  ARE YOU READY to experience how good it could really be - TO BE YOU?

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