Happy Holidays!  As you go about finalizing plans, details and schedules for the holidays, know that I am wishing you and your family a very safe and happy holiday season.

I look forward to co-creating and partnering with you in 2010.

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The Many Costs of the Holidays


Yes, it's the holidays.  Whoo hoo!  will quickly fade into Oh! Oh! I can't believe I did that again. 

Are you finding yourself in the cycle of repeated frustration and temptation to eat or drink more than you know is necessary or healthy?   

You are not alone!!!  For most people it is open season to eat and drink knowing all along that we are sabotaging our health and emotional well-being.  We are often caught up in the emotional stress of the season and it can cloud our decision making process.

We get caught up in the holiday frenzy, commercialization, looking good, feeling good, people pleasing antics that have us nose dive into more food, spending and guilt trip socializing to make it all go away.   Are you getting the picture?  The cycle will repeat itself until you choose to look at the costs of this behavior. 

What we fail to realize at the time is that we are putting ourselves at risk for other weight and disease related issues from our indulgence.  Nutritional pollution is costing us in more ways than just weight gain.  Diseases of the body like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes and cancer have been linked to obesity.   Obesity and the diseases created by this epidemic cause more deaths annually than cancer.  Not to mention the financial costs associated with these self-imposed diseases.

What will be the costs of your 2009 holidays, Emotionally, Spiritually, Intellectually, Financially and Physically?

You are a decision away from a healthier holiday.  Here is a holiday tip to intervene on the seasonal and emotional indulgence cycle. 

Healthy Mind Articles

Behavior Cycles

Three steps occur in a behavior cycle that leads to the development of a habit: 
The cue (trigger), the behavior (action) and the reinforcement (payoff).


Here are a few examples of behavior cycles. In order to change a behavior, it is important to understand its complexities.





What happened?
What were the circumstances?

What I did because of the situation, event or circumstances.

Why I believe what I did was a good thing to do given the situation.
Why I will probably do the same thing again.


I was nervous.

I drank a beer.

I felt more at ease.

I was tired.

I ate some chocolate.

I felt more alert.

She called me foolish.

I went out to get some ice cream.

I felt soothed.

I was hungry

I ate a sandwich.

My hunger was ended.

I thought about how sore I would be

I went to home instead of to the gym

I avoided the anticipated pain

I became angry

I ate a big meal

My anger was quieted


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