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The New York City Lighting Council is an information source and champion for issues involving the use of lighting in and about the New York Cityscape. The Council provides web-based resources for the public, and serves as a forum and reference for lighting professionals.

NYCLC is founded and managed by the New York City Section of the IES.
Issue: 4 9 Nov2009

The Fall brings change to NYC - learn, see, comment, and follow change this month.
The NYCLC is interested in hearing from you.  Send any comments or suggestions on how to improve our Lighting311 website to info@nyclc.info
Energy Code Changes: What the Design Team needs to Know - A five part series
AIANYSession 2: Quality Lighting Design and the Energy Code
Wednesday, Dec 2
The NYC Department of Buildings now requires all projects submitted for approval include calculations to demonstrate compliance with the NYS Energy Code.
AIANY is offering an all day event occurring in two main parts - a morning portion and an afternoon portion - on new compliance requirements.  The morning portion features Hayden McKay and Shoshanna Segal on their knowledge and understanding of the NYS Energy Code and to make clear the Energy Code submittal requirements for all projects in NYC. More Information
ASHRAE 90.1 Addenda for Public Review 
Title, Purpose, and Scope of Standard 90.1-2007, 30 Day Public Reviews November 6 thru December 6, 2009 
The following addenda are currently out for public review....
Addendum bs- Second Public Review - ISC - This wording change clarifies the operation of occupancy sensor control and restricts the exemption of receptacles aimed at 24 hour intended to use to just those receptacles instead of entire  containing control dampers to vary airflow to individual  
Addendum cd - First Public Review - These additions 1) strengthen the language to actually require exterior control rather than just require the control capability; 2) add bi-level control for general all-night applications such as parking lots to reduce lighting when not needed; 3) add control for facade and landscaping lighting not needed after midnight. 
Addendum ce - First Public Review - This additional control requires that all spaces (unless exempted) have multilevel control capability (also commonly known as bi-level switching). 
Addendum cf - First Public Review - Stairwell lighting represents the "Emergence Egress Light Level" with stairwell occupancy. However the occupancy percentage of a stairwell is only 10%, thus offering savings.  Various case studies and demonstrations have shown significant energy savings for this strategy. 

For the November 6th Standards Action go here: http://www.ashrae.org/technology/page/331

For the page with instructions to view/download/comment on these public review drafts please go to this page: http://www.ashrae.org/publicreviews
NYC Department of Transportation (DOT)
LEDDOT unveils LED installation in NYC as part of global pilot program to improve energy efficiency. 
Designed to test and measure LED-technology in real-world, urban settings, the installations include 13 LED fixtures in Central Park from East 67th Street to East 72nd Street and 24 along the FDR Drive's center median between 18th and 24th Streets.   More Information 
The DOT publishes a New York City Street Design Manual providing policies and design guidelines to city agencies, design professionals, private developers and community groups for the improvement of streets and sidewalks throughout the five boroughs. It is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for promoting higher quality street designs and more efficient project implementation.  More Information 
Chapter 4: Lighting Street and pedestrian lights that meet energy-efficiency, technical and visual quality criteria. View Chapter Four Only

Community Calender Highlights

LightMapping NYC is a multi-part program intended to provide the New York City lighting design community with a forum to consider the current, past and future conditions of their urban environment at night.  By combining the local / national interest in this topic generated by the IESNY/DLFNY Lights Camera Walk map with the global scope of PLDA's LightMapping Initiative, this program will underscore the vital role of lighting design in making of New York City after dark.

Visit www.iesnyc.org/LightMappingNYC for additional program information and to register for events.
NYSIDLED Lighting Trade Show and Lectures
Saturday, Nov 14, 10am to 4pm
Ann Schiffers: Bringing Materials to Light, The Secrets of the Professional Lighting Designer  
Wednesday, Dec 2, 6pm to 7pm
The events are free to the NYSID community and the general public. rsvp@nysid.edu or call 212.472.1500, ext. 405
DLFNYAnnual Theater Benefit at Radio City Music Hall
Friday, Dec 4
Enjoy the legendary holiday show, then go behind the scenes to see how lighting makes live entertainment come to life. Proceeds to the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education. More Information