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From Our President -
Chef  Jim DiMarzio CEC
top  Greetings!

       The May Meeting of the E.C.B. was held on May 9th at Ironox USA in Easton. It was a combined chapter meeting of the ACF Epicurean Club of Boston, The ACF Rhode Island Chapter and The ACF Cape Cod Chapter. Our host for the evening was Ira Kaplan of Irinox along with his staff of Christine Poland and Chef Tim Murray. John Kreminski and Karen Whitney of C R Peterson Associates also partnered with them. We were treated to an incredible buffet prepared by Chef Tim using of course every aspect of blast chillers and cooking equipment that Ironox manufactures. Not only was the meal superb and completely over the top, it was just as much educational on the quality and savings cooking with this equipment provides. We were taken through every aspect of the savings not only in quality food, but also on labor and convenience. It was a culinary event at its best.


"Thank you Ira, for your hospitality and one of the most enjoyable meetings of the year."


Let me also thank my fellow presidents Chef Gloria Cabral, of the Rhode Island Chapter who got the ball rolling on this joint meeting and Chef Peter Hyde, of the Cape Cod Chapter.


     We also had the honor of a special guest for the evening. Our National President of the American Culinary Federation Chef Michael Ty CEC, AAC flew out to join us. Michael spoke about what the ACF has done since he took office and his vision of where he sees its future. He also answered any and all questions from the membership. Michael also handed out his own special "Presidential Recognition Gold Coins" to members of all three chapters recognizing their contributions in the past year. Two of our members, Jeffrey Barr and Jimmy Young were awarded Presidential Coins for their contributions to the club. It was a sold out meeting and we had to turn members away who didn't register early. It was a terrific meeting and again an honor to have him join us that night.

    Our next meeting will be held at the Cape Ann Brewing Company in Gloucester on Monday June 20th. We are so looking forward to our last meeting before our summer break. What better place to be than on the water in Gloucester on a summer night. It should be a spectacular meeting and again, please make your reservations early. We don't want to shut anybody out. I want to thank our board member David Gauvin for his hard work booking this meeting. This should be another can't miss meeting.

         My final announcement is to thank everyone who worked tirelessly on our Golf Fundraiser. It was an incredibly successful event held during very tough economic times. Our final figures aren't complete, but we look like we have raised close to $7000.00. I want to thank my committee, Douglas Patten, Douglas Corrigan, Paul Hartz, Sean Gallagher, Steve Sharad, Jeffrey Barr, Rico DiFronzo, Jim Connolly, Mike Kaloyanides and Tim Foley who not only worked that day for me wherever they were needed, but also recruited golfers, sponsors, gifts and food donations for the tournament. I also want to thank my great chef's who manned the kitchen that day. Chef Steve Sharad took control of the kitchen and he had about the best collection of sous chef's you could have. Chef Tony Graffeo, Chef Sean Gallagher and Chef Jimmy Young. I also have to thank Chef Jeff Mushin of Le Cordon Bleu who provided two of his chefs and eight of his students to help in the kitchen, on the chowder hole and at the registration desk. The school also provided over 600 mini pastries for the event. Finally I want to thank all the companies that sponsored holes, played golf, provided gifts and provided all the food for the event. I don't have enough room to name them all. But Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!  We cannot do this without you!

Warmest Regards,   

 Jim DiMarzio CEC

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Next Meeting
Monday June 20th 6pm  
cape ann brewing

Brew Pub Hours:
Sun-Thurs 11am-10:30pm
Fri & Sat 11am-12am



 Make a Reservation OnLine at www.acfecb.com and use PayPal to pay by Secure Credit Card or call (781) 231-1115 BEFORE June 17th

Members 20, non 25 Jr/Sr 10 


Last Meeting
 Irinox logo
May Meeting Collage 


Epicurean Club
Golf Fund Raiser
Monday May 23rd 
Sandy Burr Counrty Club
Wayland, Ma
 2011 Golf Collage 


Members News
Congratulation  Chef Connolly
To James Connolly CEC ACE

Subject: ACF Certification Scholarship Subcommittee 


Good afternoon Chef Connolly - Thank you for your interest in serving on the ACF Certification Scholarship Subcommittee.  Chair Karl Guggenmos has asked that I extend an invitation for you to serve on this subcommittee and represent the Northeast Region. The term of office is three years.  No travel would be required. All activities would be handled via conference calls.  There will be a total of six people on the subcommittee; one chair, one chef from each region and a board of directors liaison.  This is a new subcommittee so the first task will be to design the program and then will include implementing the scholarship program.  The Certification Commission has already developed some general guidelines and criteria for the group to consider.  This is a great opportunity for chefs to receive support with recertification if they are having financial struggles.  You would be part of the team developing a fair and equitable program and application process.  The goal is to introduce program details at the ACF National Convention in Dallas this year.


Chef, please confirm your desire to participate.  Chef Guggenmos would like to schedule an initial conference call for either Tues or Wed., May 3 or 4, at 6:00 EDT.  Please share your availability on these dates as well. Prior to the conference call, agenda and call instructions will be sent. Please feel free to contact Chef  Guggenmos or me if you have any questions about your role or commitment to this subcommittee.


Thank you again for your consideration.  Your time and expertise would be greatly appreciated.  We look forward to receiving your confirmation.


Sandy Friend

Director of Certification | American Culinary Federation

180 Center Place Way | St. Augustine, FL 32095


- Chef Rico DiFronzo CEC, AAC has just completed CCA (Certified Culinary Administrator™)

 Doug Key Note

- Chef Doug Patton CEC, CCA wil be inducted into the

American Academy of Chefs this year.  Chef Patton recently was the Key Note Speaker at the Le Cordon Bleu Class of 2011 Commencement.




Natalyn And Mushin

Natalyn Santos and Le Cordon Bleu's Culinary Chair Chef Jeff Mushin


- Chef Natalyn Santos,  Junior Member Graduated Le Cordon Bleu  Class of 2011 with High Honors, Natalyn was given a great opportunity, She has joined the crew at The Country Club, Chestnut Hill under Chef Robert Mancuso, CMC.    




- May 20th there was a career Day at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.  The Epicurean Club of Boston had a Booth, run by Chef Jeffrey D. Barr and Rico DiFronzo CEC, CCA, AAC . Chef Jeffrey D. Barr signed up 7 Junior Members, also Chef James Connolly CEC, ACE Signed 1 Regular Member.  New Members were asked to join us at the June Meeting to be sworn in to the Club. 


- Congratulations goes out to Chef Jim Young, and Chef JeJeff and Jimmy Youngffrey D. Barr. Both were awarded the Presidential Recognition Coin from ACF National   President Michael Ty CEC, AAC at the Multi Chapter Meeting  last month.  Chef  Barr was given Coin # 4, that Chef Ty had been holding for him for two years.

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Purveyor of the Month 
Jacquilnes Cookie Card  

Thank you for all the delicious Cookies
at the Golf Fund Raiser, Great !!!

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Brian Ray CEC, ACE


Featured Chef

Chef Tony Graffeo CEC, AAC

Chef Anthony Graffeo CEC, AAC


Congratulations is in order For Chef Graffeo (Tony) Who will be Inducted into the "Chef's Hall of Fame" at the ACF National Convention in Texas this Year.  Tony has celebrated a long and prestigious career. Currently retired formally the Executive Chef of  Victoria Diner, and Polcari's, in Boston. Tony still spends every meeting of The Epicurean Club of Boston at the front door during the cocktail hour selling 50/50 tickets to raise money for scholarships. This year moneys from the "Anthony Graffeo Scholarship Fund" will be awarded at the 2011 Massachusetts Restaurant Association Education Foundation Awards Dinner June 9th.

    Tony is a long time Board Member and former President and Vice President of The Epicurean Club.   


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The Epicurean Club board will be off for July and August. There will be no newsletters and our next meeting will be in September.


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