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From Our President -
Chef  Jim DiMarzio CEC
top  Greetings!


            The April E.C.B. Meeting was held April 18th at this month's Associate member of The Month- Multigrain's Bakery , in Lawrence, Ma. Our Host was Vice President Doug Patten, C.E.C, C.C.A. and Multigrain's Vice President Tom Conomacos.  We were treated to an incredible display of Fresh Multigrain's Breads, Cheese, Meats, and wine. Dinner was presented by the famous Joseph's Trattoria in Haverhill, Ma. (Owned by Multigrain's). The Buffet included Several Assorted Italian Meat Sandwiches of course made on Their Multigrain's bread; there was a tossed Caesar salad and their famous Josephs Lobster Ravioli. This was a great dinner for all of us who had just finished the Marathon earlier in the day!

            Our meeting started off with an introduction of all who attended, we were pleased to announce that our new associate member La Marca and sons Bakery was in attendance. Information was given out about our need for golfers and gifts to our 7 Annual scholarship Golf tournament in May. We also shared information about the "New Chef" company on the National Web Site and our web site. Chef Doug Patten was dressed head to toe with the ACF Epicurean Logo clothes and toque. Tom Conomacos gave an impressive presentation on Multigrain's background past and future and was very excited to be a Partner with the ACF Epicurean Club of Boston. Tom was presented a Plaque for our appreciation of hosting the April's meeting. Also a Big thank you to Tom and Multigrain's for donating the proceeds from the night's event to the scholarship fund. Thank You Tom!


          We were then honored to be joined by a special guest, "Master Baker "Chuck Brandano of Multigrain's. Chef Brandano gave us an intense tour with several demonstrations on the how, and the why's of Artesian Baking at Multigrain's. The operation was huge, clean and impressive. It is easy to see why they are as successful as they are. Thank You Chef Brandano!


          I also want to remind you to be aware that we are bringing our golf tournament back on May 23rd. after a five-year absence. This is the clubs most important event. It is now the sole fundraiser for our club. This event funds our charitable endeavors and also the very important funds needed to support the scholarships and competitions we support each year. This is the reason we do what we do. We try to support as many students as possible that want to enter the culinary arts field or participate in a culinary competition. You will be able to not only see it on the web site, but I have started mailing out packets to every member. We need golfers, hole sponsors, raffle prizes including gift certificates, sporting event tickets, gift baskets, overnight stays or anything we can use for raffles and silent auction prizes. Any donation to the event will be greatly appreciated. It is always a terrific day of fun and food. Any questions please feel free to call me on my cell at 1-617-314-2217 anytime. I need you all. Please join us!


   Our next Meeting is on May 9th at Ironox USA in 31 Eastman Street, South Easton, Ma.  This will be a multi chapter meeting with  The Rhode Island and Cape Cod Chapters, Our Special Guest will be ACF President Micheal Ty, CEC.acf Micheal Ty 

Make your reservations early,  We would like the Epicurean Club to have the largest turn out at this meeting.  To reserve go the the website www.acfecb.com or call 781-231-1115. 

Warmest Regards,   

Jim DiMarzio CEC


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It's This Month
Golfers Wanted
Epicurean Club
Golf Fund Raiser
Monday May 23rd 
Sandy Burr Golf Club
Wayland, Ma
We also have a few more opening for Hole Sponsors. 
Sandy Burr golf course
Put your product on on of the 18 holes for exposer to the field of culinary professionals.


All donations are welcome.
Contact our President
Chef James DiMarzio
Golfer Reservations online
May Multi Meeting 



Book on Line

(Click Here) 


Last Meeting
Multigrain Breads

Multigrain Logo Ad

Monday, April 18th

Our Host 
Multigrains Bakery
Chef Doug Patten CEC, CCA
multigrains collage
Important Message
Michael Ty
ACF President, Michael Ty CEC.
 will be Joining us at our May Meeting at
Monday May 9th 2011
Be sure that you make a reservation to the

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Members News

It has come to the Epicurean Board's Attention - that there is a Challenge Out there.  It Seems that one of our Members is bringing his kitchen staff as a foursome to the Golf Fund Raiser. 


Rumor has it that the Chef Boasts:     "His team can wipe out any other Club Staff, Event Staff, Caterer, Hospital Kitchen, Restaurant Kitchen, Manufacturer or Broker". 


We would like to tell you who it is but we don't want to embarrass him before the event.  For those of you "Humble" hard working Chef that want to make our (Rumor Chef) eat humble Pie,  Book a foursome and join the challenge. 


He will reveal his team at the end of the day (if he wins??).  The winner if not (Rumor Chef) can stand up and yell "EAT HUMBLE PIE"   
  Book online at  WWW.ACFECB.COM 


 Just a note to those ASSO. Members that were thinking of donating to the Golf Fund Raiser.


The Epicurean Club of Boston

is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization.

Our board and Committee Members are made up of Good, Honest, Giving, Men and Women that are  Strictly Volunteers. 

There are NO salaries and all funds raised will go to the charity.  You will receive a Donation Letter Verifying your contribution that is 100% tax deductible.


So, now what is your hold up?

Give, Give, Give

Contact Jim DiMarzio by


or call him, at



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James DiMarzio, CEC 
Vice President 
Doug Patten, CEC, CCA
Jeffrey D. Barr

Financial Secretary 
Rico DiFronzo, CEC,

James F. Connolly CEC

Chairman of the Board
Denise Graffeo CEC AAC

Board of Directors
Doug Corrigan
David Gauvin
Anthony Graffeo CEC
Steven Sharad
Sean "Rory" Gallagher
J. Desmond Keefe III
Brian Ray CEC, ACE
ACF President
Michael Ty,  CEC

 Micheal ty at 2009 pres ball













We are heading down the home

stretch for all of us who are

 running to be your future

 leaders.  Attendees at three

regional conferences have had

the opportunity to listen to

 the candidates talk about their accomplishments and what

ACF has to look toward

in the future.


My focus has not wavered

these past five months.  I've

kept my job duties of national

 president in the forefront

and concentrated on why

 you elected me to this

position.  I feel that it

was important to maintain

this direction in the best

interest of our federation

 and I appreciate all those

 who have assisted us along

 the way.


I have had several

opportunities to visit

chapters around the

country. The response

has been great and I

appreciate all of the

 support that members

 have given me to continue

 my vision and move ACF

in the direction that has been

 long overdue.


I have relied on many of you

 to spread the word to your

 fellow constituents to assist

 me in being successfully

re-elected.  I have made many

 telephone calls to seek your

 support in delivering my

 message and I thank all of



One of my noteworthy

 initiatives has been to

 embrace different segments

 of the culinary industry. 

 Each group has worked hard

to bring prestige to their field. 

 The military was recognized

last year with the Freedom

Chef Challenge and I will

 continue to work diligently

 with them to promote and

 work in their best interest.


The healthcare sector is another

 vital segment of our industry

 that is important to our federation. 

 You will see this year at the ACF

 National Championship; five

teams of chefs from the healthcare

 field compete in Dallas, Texas in

 July.  And when re-elected by

 the membership, I will feature

 chefs from college foodservice

and supermarkets.


I would like to share with

you noted supporters for

 my re-election.  First I would

 like to let you know the

following past National

Presidents of ACF have given

me their support, because they

 believe in my performance as

your representative/leader in the

 Culinary World.  They are: 

Willie Rossel, AAC

Ferdinand Metz, CMC, AAC

Keith Keogh, CEC, AAC

John Folse, CEC, AAC

Reimund Pitz, CEC, AAC



Other key ACF members and

Friends that are supporting

my re-election include: 

L. Edwin Brown - Former Executive

Director of ACF

Louis Perrotte, CEC, AAC - WACS Continental Director for the America

Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC - Past

Western Regional Vice President

Raimund Hofmeister, CMC, AAC -

Past Western Regional Vice President

Harry Brockwell, CEC, AAC -

Past Western Regional

Vice President



The list is endless and it includes

many ACF members and chapters

 that support my vision to re-elect

me to the highest position in ACF.

I am humbled by their confidence

and support.


Serving ACF in many capacities

has enhanced my career. 

Therefore, it is my opportunity

to "pay it forward" and build our organization to a world

class federation in the  future.


I ask you to take a few moments

to visit my website to learn more

about me and to see what is in

store for the future.  My website



I seek your vote and sincerely

thank you for the opportunity

for allowing me to serve you

these past 21 months.  I look

forward to continue to be your

humble servant.




Michael Ty, CEC, AAC
Candidate for

ACF National President

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have a non-member
colleague,  friend, employee, or maybe your boss
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Upcoming Events




Northeast Regional Vice President Bill Tillinghast MBA CEC AAC

Announces an ACF Educational Workshop

Johnson and Wales University



Date Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Time: 8:00am - 4:00 pm

Location: Johnson and Wales University, Amphitheatre

Harborside Academic Center

265 Harborside Blvd

Providence, RI 02905



Cost: ACF Members $50

Non-Members $75

(Includes Seminars and Lunch)



Contact: To Attend: Email Chef Ray McCue CEC
at rMcCue@jwu.edu , Symposium Co-Chair

Make all Checks payable to the ACF Rhode Island Chapter

When registered, you will receive payment Instructions



May 9th 2011 -Monday

ECB Monthly Meeting

at IrinoxUSA

Join us an have the chance to meet

ACF President

Micheal TY CEC

Mark your calander now.


May 23rd 2011

ECB Golf Tournament
Sandy Burr Golf Club
Wayland, Ma
Reserve the Date on your calander Now!!


Reviled at the National Convention, One thing that maybe of interest to those of you who enjoy receiving the culinary review in print form, if you let your dues expire, when you renew you will only receive it in the electronic form, so its best not to let that happen, if you like the paper form. 

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 Advertising requires a fee so be careful. But let the games begin, send all and hope we

can include your submission.


Jeffrey D. Barr Newsletter Editor
ACF / Epicurean Club
 of Boston


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Northeast Vice Pres.William Tillinghast CEC, AAC, MBA 


Academy President Tom Macrina CEC,CCE, AAC


National SecretaryDavid Ivey-Soto CEC, CCE, MBA


Western Regional Vice PresidentWilliam Franklin CMC, AAC 


Brad Barnes CMC, CCA, AAC 


Additional officers can submit messages to post by the last Thursday of the Month. for the next "Epicurean Review".


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