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The official newsletter of  "The Epicurean Club of Boston"  America's Oldest Professional Chef's Association 
From Our President's Table
Our recent "opening" meeting of ECB was held at Jacob Wirth's Restaurant, and our member chef Dan Oscella treated us to a great time, with three educational points, German food and FREE parking, how can you beat that!  Thanks to the staff at Jacob Wirth's.  Also thanks to our guest speaker Norman Hass please visit his website
October 19th, 2009
Our next regular meeting of the Epicurean Club of Boston  at six o'clock, at Southern New Hampshire University, our host will be long time member J. Desmond Keefe.  We will issue educational points for this meeting.   
Please contact our Chairman of the Board, Americo DiFronzo, CEC, AAC at DIFRONZOA@AOL.COM,  let him know if you would like to run for the board of directors for the ACF / Epicurean Club of Boston.  Elections will be held in December of 2009.  The Election Committee is Rico DiFronzo, Al McPhee, David Gauvin, James Young and Frank Trecarichi.
October 4th
Culinary Competition at  Boston University. 
 Our Board Member Chef Jeff Cincotta,, and Doug Patten, CEC, CCA, Secretary of ECB;  are Co-Chairs for the Eighth ACF/ECB Culinary Salon (Hot food Competition)  to be held on October 4th at Boston University at 800 Commonwealth Avenue.  The Application is on our Website at 
Hosted by member Chef Nicholas Calias, CEC, This years event will be held at  The Colonnade Hotel.  Festivities start at six o'clock, the menu will be an outstanding tribute to "autumn", Chef Nick has been working on the menu for months. Also, we have booked the ever popular band "Flashback" for this auspicious occasion.  Reserve Here
Chef of the Year  2009  
The board of the ECB just voted for
and the nominees are:
Jeffrey D. Barr -  US Food Service
Jeffrey Cincotta- Charles River Country Club
Doug Pattern, CEC, CCA - Compass, USA
All three of these members have done outstanding work for our club this year and are continuing to do great work!  Please join us at the ball to congratulate them all.
Wow, now that you have seen what the new editor of our newsletter Jeffrey D. Barr can do, we hope you will contribute too!  

Send any submissions you have to us at emailACFECB@GMAIL.COM    The last Thursday of each month will be the deadline for submissions.  If you have any member news, please send it along!
Our Webmaster, Warren Frank, is working to give our website a new look take a visit their soon, also next meetings etc. are posted on the website first. 
 Please click on the links provided and you will see other ways to amass certification points; we have been working with Heather Carneiro, Ed coordinator of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and the ACF to bring you more educational opportunities.  The link will provide you with other interesting things to do this September and October all while garnering educational points. Info Link

November 16th Meeting
Will be sponsored by a new member:  Chef Sandy Oulton,  of Trademark Equipment, it will be held in conjunction with Trademark Equipment, Rational, and Irinox Blast Chillers.  More to come on this meeting soon.

January 18th, 2010
We are planning a very exciting evening at the newest Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts,  Boston.....more to come...The facility is not to be believed.
February, March, April, May and June we are seeking venues!
Our new ACF President Michael Ty, CEC, ACC has just appointed Denise S. Graffeo, CEC, AAC to the ACF Retirement Committee, more to come on this.
Our member James Young, CWC; daughter was just married and the reception was held at the Radisson Plymouth Hotel where Chef Young has worked for over 25 years!  Congratulations!
Our retired member Frank Terecarichi is becoming a great golfer, he just made a BIRDIE!
Chef Americio DiFronzo, just finished opening a brand new "Grassfield's restaurant on route 114 in Peabody.  Link to restaurant here?
Associate Member Spotlight
Our Associate Member purveyors are really important to all of us; we are asking you our purveyor members to send in a bio of your company with links etc., so we can showcase your products. Also through our NEW "Enewsletter" and our REVAMPED "website" hope to add a value added section.  The value added section would be available to only members using their ACF member number. Then you the purveyor could put a discount or any other promotion you want in that section and the promotion would only be available to ECB members.  Please let us hear from you about this.  I already talked to a few Associate Members about this and they seem excited about it.  Call me 781 231 0074 or email at me with your input, thanks.  
Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Epicurean Club of Boston - President 
Denise S. Graffeo, CEC, AAC
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acf Micheal TyMeet ACF President Executive Chef Micheal Ty CEC, AAC at the 
115th President's
Ball Sunday
November 8, 2009           Reserve Now Click Here
Featured Recipe  
This recipe will be the

Fish Course for the upcoming

115th President's Ball

Olive Oil Poached Black Cod Celery Root, Pipérade 
Black Cod
This Months Recipe 

Executive Chef Nicholas Calias, C.E.C.
Black Cod
4 each 3 oz black cod
3 cups olive oil
4 each whole cloves garlic
3 sprigs  fresh thyme
6 each bay leaves
4 each whole star anise
1 each julienne shallot
10 each whole black peppercorn
Place herbs, spices & pepper in oil.
Slow bring up to 160F degrees, turn off
stove and allow too steep for 20 minutes.
Reheat oil to 160F degrees, add fish and
poach for 10-13 minutes. Remove from heat,
season with salt and serve.

1 ea julienne red pepper
1 each julienne green pepper
1 each julienne white onion
2 each julienne tomatoes
2 oz raisins
˝ cup red wine vinegar
1 cup white wine
3 oz sugar
2 TBSP  orange zest
1 each sprig fresh thyme
Sweat peppers & onions; add tomatoes, raisins,
thyme & white win. Simmer for 10-15 minutes;
add vinegar & sugar reduce by half. Season with
orange zest, S&P set aside to plate.
Celery Root Puree  Ingredients:
2 #  small diced celery root
3 ea cloves garlic
3 oz julienne fennel
1 cups heavy cream    
3 oz soften butter
4 cups chicken stock
Place fennel, celery root & garlic in sauce pot,
cover with stock and cook until tender. Strain and puree adding cream & butter,
 season with salt & pepper.
Put puree on bottom of the bowl, place fish on top of
puree, add pipérade and serve
The115th Presidents Ball will feature a  
Cocktail Reception and a Six Course Menu
Reserve Now  
(We are looking for submissions for this slot for up coming news letter
and an email with a recipe in a "Word' file or type the recipe in the
body of your email.  Include some information about the recipe
and a photo. of the dish.  Submit to 
Put "Featured Recipe Entry" in the subject line.  Deadline for  Recipe's
for the  Next Issue is Friday of the 3rd week of the month. Maybe
you and your Recipe will be Featured.  Good luck ! ) 
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Next Meeting     snhu logo
 Our next meeting will be October 19th with another member of ECB, Chef J. Desmond Keefe, CCE, CEC,  will be hosting an educational meeting for us  at Southern New Hampshire University where Chef Keefe is the Culinary Director he is arranging an exciting Sausage making demonstration for us all. 
  "Laws are like sausages.  Its better not to see them made" --Otto Von Bismarck
The Meaning of Farce:                   
1. A satirical comedy.
2. The result of eating lots of soluble fiber.
3. Sausage Stuffing.
Both 1 & 3.
If you doubt the wisdom of Bismarck's statement, you'll want to attend the next meeting of the Epicurean Club of Boston. Stefan Ryll, Chef-Instructor of Culinary Arts at Southern New Hampshire University will be presenting a seminar on sausage making at the October meeting. 
Chef Ryll is a Certified Executive Chef, former Chapter Chef of the Year, and a long time member of the Professional Chefs of New Hampshire chapter.  October's meeting will be at Southern New Hampshire University's Hospitality Building on North River Road, at the Manchester-Hooksett city line.  The seminar will follow a meal prepared by the culinary students at the University, served at 6:30 PM.   
Call the reservation line (781) 231-1114 or book on line at .
This Meeting will have 3 educational Points. So please reserve Early!
Chef Osella made the danial at jacob wirthmeeting  "Wirth" it! 
 Our last meeting was on September 14th in Boston at Jacob Wirth Restaurant, hosted by Chef Danial Osella. Jacob Wirth arranged for free parking in the lot j Wirthlocated right next to the restaurant. The menu was :
FIRST Imported Meat and Cheese Tray With House Made Pickled Beets and Eggs
Fresh Baked Pretzels and Pumpernickel Rolls.   NEXT was a Choice of Jacob Wirth's Classics:
German Mixed Grill
Grilled Smoked Bratwurst and Weisswurstboard
German Potato Salad, Red Cabbage, and Sauerkraut
Jakes Special
Beer Steamed Bratwurst and Knockwurst
Bitter Beer Sauce
German Potato Salad and Sauerkraut101
 Wiener Schnitzel
Breaded Veal Cutlet
Lemon Butter Sauce and Dill Spaetzle
Jager Schnitzel
Breaded Veal Cutletguests wirth
Mushroom Sauce and Spaetzle with Peas and Mushrooms
Sweet and Sour Braised Beef Round
Gingersnap Gravy, Dill Spaetzle and Red Cabbage
Chocolate Buffet
Chocolate Spaetzle with Cherries and Almonds
Assorted Chocolate Bark
HOT Chocolate with Chipotle, Chocolate with Bacon, Chocolate with Citrus and Coconut
31-37 Stuart Street, Boston, Ma 02116
Guest Speaker Norman C. Haas Foodlinks, inc. FOOD LINKS
Spoke on...norman
"The Colombian Chocolate
ecb logoACF / ECB
Stimulus Plan
Any professional or culinarian member who brings in two acf logonew professional or culinarian members will receive a one-year national membership extension on receipt of their local chapter membership dues. Both the sponsoring member and the new members will receive this one-year free national membership extension benefit.
Login to the ACF Web site and review the program guidelines and additional information under the Members Only section.

   Our Associate Members 
Visit there websites below
101         101                   
101         101            
101     Kinnealey #2               
What Cooking This Month
Featured Recipe
Next Meeting
Osella made it Wirth it!
The Board
Presidents Ball
ECB Election Information
Featured Chef
Upcoming Events
Associate Member of The Month
ecb logo
 Epicurean Club 
of Boston 

Denise Graffeo, CEC, AAC
 Vice President

Jim DiMarzio, CEC

Chairperson Board of Directors  
Americo DiFronzo, CEC, AAC
  Jeffrey D. Barr
Doug Patten, CEC, CCA

Financial Secretary
Sean "Rory" Gallagher

    Board of Directors
         Jeffrey Cincotta  
Anthony Graffeo, CEC, AAC
David Gauvin
Al McPhee
Steve Sharad, CEC
       Jim Sautter, CEC 
     Academy Chair
Anthony Graffeo, CEC, AAC
Certification Chair
Despina Makredes, CCE, AAC


Pres ball 
115th President's  Ball
November 8, 2009
Colonade Hotel
125.00 Per Person 
 Make your Reservations Early.  Tickets can be reserved by credit card. 
The Menu  
Chef Nick Calais
has put together is unbelievable!! 
  Reserve Here
(Book tables of 10 in advance)
It's Time to Vote for Epicurean Club Officers & Board Members

 The ballot for officers and members of the board nominations will be officially opened at the September membership meeting.  At this same meeting, all incumbent officers seeking an additional term made their intentions known and received a place on the ballot without nomination. 
Additional Nominations where made by an ECB active, or retired member. 
The slate as it stands from the September Membership meeting on the Ballot is:
James DiMarzio, CEC 
Vice President 
Doug Patten, CEC, CCA
Jeffrey D. Barr
Financial Secretary 
Rory Gallagher 
Jeffrey Cincotta
Board of Directors
 Doug Corrigan
Rico DiFronzo, CEC, AAC
David Gauvin
Anthony Graffeo, CEC, AAC
Al McPhee
Steven Sharad
The nominees were present before the body and accepted this nomination on the floor.  The ballot shall remain open until the October membership meeting, where the Nominations and Elections Chairperson will make the last request for nominees.  From this point forward and up until the November membership meeting, further nominations will only be accepted in the following manner:
a) The nominator must be an ECB active or retired member in good standing. 
b) The nominee must be an active or retired member in good standing. Ten signatures of ECB active, retired in good standing must accompany the nomination. They are subject to approval by the Nomination & Election Committee.
c) Nominees are expected to be present at the November members meeting to accept the nomination.  After the last call for nominees at the November membership meeting, the slate will then be officially closed and presented to the body by the Nominations and Elections Chairperson.
d) Nominees will prepare a mission statement for the newsletter that explains their commitment and vision as to how they will execute the duties of the office they are nominated for.
Section 4) The Chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall present a slate of nominees for publication in the notice for the October membership meeting, and orally present that slate at said meeting, then an updated slate at subsequent meetings.
If you
have a non-member
colleague,  friend, employee, or maybe your boss
that you want to forward this newsletter  to, Do it!
They can click below
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Featured Chef 

Chef Nick

 The Colonnade Hotel's

Executive Chef  

Nicholas Calias,  C.E.C.

 In November on Sunday  the 8th,  Chef Calias will Host the Epicurean Club of Boston's 115th Presidents Ball.  He will be creating a seven course menu for not only our ECB President Denise Graffeo CEC, AAC,  but also,  ACF President Michael Ty CEC, AAC.  Join our new ACF President at the Ball and enjoy Chef Calias's talent.  
(click here to reserve)
Nicholas Calias, an ACF Certified Executive Chef with over 16 years of culinary experience, coupled with a passion for his craft, creative and artistic talent and his strong leadership roles, Nicholas Calias leads the culinary operation at The Colonnade Hotel and Brasserie Jo.
Nicholas is a seasoned Corporate Executive Chef, having spent the better part of the last 8 years with Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Merritt Hospitality. Previously, Nicholas was an Executive Chef of the Westin Stamford Hotel with Merritt Hospitality, where he also was a member of the Corporate Task Force team that facilitated property acquisitions to the company portfolio. Nicholas has also been an Executive Chef with Starwood, where in addition to his daily responsibilities; he was a member of the Starwood Regional Chef's Task Force.  Nicholas had his initial role as an Executive Chef at The Beach House Restaurant in Hampton, New Hampshire.
Nicholas holds an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Newbury College.

Upcoming  Events

Oct 19
Monthly meeting at Southern New Hampshire University 
Oct 24
The Greater Boston Food Bank -
Open House 10:00 - 2:00
Oct 29
Last Day For ECB Newsletter Submissions to
Nov 8
115th Pres. Ball Colonade Hotel
Nov 16
General Meeting at Trademark Equipment, Ashland Ma. 
Elections  ( watch for more info)
Forms     101    

Membership Application

Presidents Medallion Application

Education Grants Application


 N E Coffee
N.E. Coffee # 2Associate Member of the Month 
New England Coffee (N.E.C.) has filled the cup once again.   Not only were they a Silver Medal Sponsor for the ACF N.E. Regional  Conference this past February, they once again sponsored The Epicurean Club, Culinary Competition at BU on October 4th.   Mike K. and his staff of professionals service there customers all over New England for all there Beverage needs. N.E.C. has a warehouse of equipment and a 101Maintenance and Sales staff second to none.  If your in the market for used Equipment you may want to find out what in the for sale category from N.E.C. Either large or small, what ever your coffee needs are New England Coffee can take care of yor needs.  They carry the most modern up to date equipment and supply all your coffee, tea, beverage needs. 
Thank You, New England Coffee and Congratulations for being the First Epicurean Club of Boston,  Associate Member of The Month
   Visit there website   back to top
E-NewsLetter News
      The first issue of the E-newsletter acording to the recipidnts was overwwelmingly successful.  The open rate was about 80% of the people that recieved it.  A lot of  you have found the interative links.  If the type is highlighted in blue or red it is a link to the web or email.  Just click and your on your way there.  No need to cut and paste.
I am looking for computer savey members that would like to be on the Newsletter committee.  If you are interested,  go to the email address just below and submit what you can bring to the table.
Please comment on the newsletter using our responce survey below.  It is only one question.  Comments are excepted and welcomed. 
Unlike the past, We will be happy to include your submissions in future issues.  It's "Easy", all you have to do is email us at our new newsletter email address, with your content.  the deadline for all submission will be the last Thursday of the month. 
Submissions will be brought to the board for review the first week of the month.  (Submission suggestions are your favorite recipe from your kitchen with a "Photo", Event Photo's, Upcoming events, or announcements.)  We are liberal, but to a point. Advertising requires a fee so be careful. But let the games begin, send all and hope we can include your submission.

Jeffrey D. Barr
ACF / Epicurean Club of Boston

This Month's
Header Picture: Biker Chef displayed at ACF National Convention in Orlando 
Submitted By:  Jeff Barr  (Go figure, A Motorcycle?)
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Save Time
If you are coming to a Monthly Meeting and or Upcoming Special Event, like the Culinary Competition as a competitor at BU, or the 115th President's Ball.  Please make a reservation on line Click Here or by phone. 
You can Use your Credit Card to Pay. Mastercharge, Visa, or American Express. Swipe sign and enjoy. If you do though, Please fulfill your obligation and come to the meeting or event. 
Many times there are only limited space and we have to stop taking reservations due to volume.  Avoid a bill for a meeting that you reserved for and didn't attend.  Call at least 24 hours before the meeting to cancel.