February 2010
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Brick by Brick for Tanzania!, Inc. is committed to building preschools throughout Tanzania, East Africa. As a means of keeping all our friends and supporters up to date on current activities, we are initiating this enewsletter to share information, news, and stories of the children, the projects and the people who are so beautifully joining us in this effort.
Each month we will feature:
  • Spotlight on: (wherein we give an update on one or more of our ongoing school projects.)
  • Bricklayers among us: (to point out the efforts of organizations and individuals who have lifted us up in the previous month.)
  • Special event/activity callouts: (Special events in the community that raise awareness/funds for Brick by Brick.)
  • Calendar of planned events : upcoming concerts, speaking engagements, construction milestones, et al.
Mostly Bricklayers is to share, so if you have ideas for future newsletters, please let us know! And thank you as always for being our support, our friends, our inspiration!
John Kenworthy
Executive Director
Brick by Brick for Tanzania!, Inc. 
Spotlight on: the King'ori SchoolSign next to the property where the school is to be built.
At the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the legendary lady of the mist, lies the community of King'ori/Legaruki. In 2008, when Executive Director, John Kenworthy, was doing site visits, he traveled to this region to assess the possibility of lifting up King'ori as one of the causes that Brick by Brick for Tanzania!, Inc. could support.
Capitol Drive Lutheran Church donation!The congregation of Capitol Drive Lutheran Church (CDLC) beautifully accepted this challenge. As a way to honor their 75th anniversary, CDLC did bake sales, fundraising and used an innovative website called 'Project 12 Baskets' to help raise the moneys for this two-room preschool that will serve 30-40 children in this impoverished rural region. Through the efforts of the congregation along with the students of Milwaukee Lutheran High School, they submitted two incredible donations equalling $10250 that put this project over the top.
The location of the King'ori preschool... foreground to the right.In December 2009 thanks to those efforts, the fundraising phase was thus complete and the moneys were transfered to the workers on the ground in King'ori. Though initially set back by a rainy spell - much needed during a time of severe drought! - the groundbreaking took place in January 2010. (Photos of work in progress will be shared here as they are received.)
Pastor Malaki and the children of King'ori send their thanks and love to CDLC and the Milwaukee Lutheran High School students.
Asante marafiki! (Thank you friends!)
Bricklayers among us:
St. Luke's Lutheran ChurchPr. Matthew Short and St. Luke's
In November 2009, Pastor Matthew Short of St. Luke's Lutheran Church invited Brick by Brick to speak to the congregation regarding the need for preschools in Tanzania. The Executive Director was pleased to join Brick board members, Terry and Karen Berg, in two beautiful services and an invigorating question and answer session.
The Director in his talks with the congregation compared an Old Testament telling of Elijah invoking God to fill the meal jar of a poor widow with his own experience with poor HIV widows in Tanzania. "It is easy in contemporary society," he said, "to question where are those miracles now. But we need only look to ourselves to see that WE are the miracle people today." He related that the compassion of good people - like those that support Brick by Brick and other worthy causes so graciously - are indeed the miracle people continuing to fill meal jars for those in need.
One way that St. Luke's helped to fill those meal jars was by having a competition between the adult members of the congregation and the children in Sunday School. For each donation, a real brick was stacked on a palette outside of the church as a visual reminder of the progress. Overall the congregation raised $1,029.86 for Brick by Brick. These funds were enough to put the fundraising efforts for the Young Roses School in rural Arusha over the top. Construction will begin shortly on that one-room preschool.
Thanks to the miracle people of St. Luke's - and to ALL miracle people for helping the youngest children of Tanzania get a headstart to the educational process while allowing their mothers to supplement the family income so that the older siblings don't have to prematurely join the workforce. Your gifts are so gratefully appreciated.
Asante sana!
Coming Soon!Cedar Lake presentation
Events that are currently scheduled:
  • Early February: Groundbreaking for the Young Roses School in rural Arusha.
  • February 11: Executive Director presentation at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, Jackson, WI.
  • Mid February: Discussions begin for the exciting new Ngarenanyuki School with leaders from Fox Point Lutheran Church.
  • February 26th: Executive Director presentation at Doral Middle School in Doral, Florida.
  • May 28-30: DocMiami International Film Festival, featuring three evenings of concerts for Brick by Brick.
  • August 19th: 4th Annual Brick by Brick benefit concert in Kewaskum, Wisconsin. The artists will be announced here in the March enewsletter - very special friends and long time supporters and inspirations for Brick!
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Spotlight on King'ori
Bricklayers among us
Coming Soon!
Doral Middle School! 
Doral Brick sales efforts!
The students of the Doral Middle School in Doral, Florida are raising funds
for the "Siima Ric Ballin Shule" in Maruku (next month we'll share the story of Ric Ballin here). By purchasing paper bricks for the same cost as a real brick in Africa - approximately $1.25, in four weeks they have already raised $883!
Florida is quickly becoming a hot-bed of Brick by Brick activity thanks to our friends, Victor Jiminez, Monica Rosales, and Tito Puente, Jr. at the DocMiami International Film Festival. Check out their website and the concerts that are being planned to help raise awareness and funds for Brick preschools!
Muchas gracias, amigos mio!
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