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The Finn Financial Group is committed to helping you make informed choices on matters important to your pocketbooks.


Part of that commitment extends to our decision to begin offering FREE educational webinars that you can watch from the comfort of your own computer where you'll have . . . 

  • No travel costs
  • No registration fees
  • No traffic jams or downtime traveling to and fro 
  • No gas or parking costs
  • No airport hassles  

Not only do you save money and time and get to watch a popular, professional presentation, you don't even have to take notes.  Just sit back, relax and learn!    


Bar Associations, Claims Departments, Homeowner and Landowner Groups, Business Brokers, the CPCU Society, and a variety other organizations have all sought us out over the years for featured speaking opportunities to share our expertise in structured settlements and related financial offerings.  


We decided to finally start converting some of those presentations to video so we can share our expertise with a broader audience.  We hope you find this effort useful.


First Up  


Our first "News You Can Use" segment is a re-creation of a popular session we designed to help claims and legal professionals better understand the choices available when settling a claim for a minor:


Structured Settlements v Blocked Accounts


(Click title above to view webinar on our YouTube Channel)


This session takes a little more than 30 minutes to watch and is perfectly suited for claims professionals, attorneys, mediators, judges, paralegals, parents, guardians and anyone interested in better understanding the distinction between the only two options generally available for a minor's court-ordered settlement.


Video Viewing Tip:  If you are pressed for time and feel you already know the primary differences between structured settlements and blocked accounts, just watch the second half to see the actual case analyses!    


If you "LIKE" what you see, tell your Facebook friends and feel free to share with anyone you think might find this information helpful.  


Please let us know what you think.  If you have ideas for future webinar offerings, we welcome your input.  We're here to serve YOU so be sure to let us know how we can help.


We hope you enjoy this session.  Don't forget to ask permission before watching anything at work!  We're respectful of your time and your office's rules.  


Thank you for the continued opportunity to be of service and best wishes for continued Struccess in your practice and your life!   


Dan Finn, CPCU, CSSC

Certified Structured Settlement Consultant

[email protected]   

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The Finn Financial Group is a full-service, specialty planning firm with a commitment to ensuring the long-term financial stability of its clients. We believe this can best be achieved through a stream of guaranteed, tax-advantaged payments carefully tailored to each individual's specific needs. Our diligent work has resulted in a long list of satisfied clients across all lines of advocacy and a high degree of trust. 

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