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The Finn Financial Group is a full-service, specialty planning firm with a commitment to ensuring the long-term financial stability of its clients.  We believe this can best be achieved through a stream of guaranteed , tax-advantaged payments carefully tailored to each individual's specific needs.  Our diligent work has resulted in a long list of satisfied clients and a high degree of trust.
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Defense and Plaintiff Attorneys Agree:
Structured Settlements Work! 
Just because plaintiff and defense attorneys are legal adversaries doesn't mean they always disagree.  For instance, clearly they agree on their obligation to advocate for the clients who retain their services.  I'm pretty sure both agree it's a good idea to show up for court on time.  And, if two recent videos are any indication, both agree in the value of Structured Settlements!
I'm pleased to announce we have just uploaded two new videos to our website under the "What They're Saying" tab which personifies the mutual respect both sides have for the structured settlement process.
[Click HERE] to visit our web page and watch these videos 
These new segments, produced by the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA), feature two prominent attorneys (one plaintiff, one defense) extolling the benefits of structured settlements in the tort resolution process:
  • Neil Galatz - Past President, Western Trial Lawyers Association and perennial Super Lawyer shares two poignant stories about clients who benefited from structured settlements and why he routinely recommends them.
  • Steven T. Jaffe - Top defense attorney and Martindale-Hubbell A-V rated name partner with Hall, Jaffe & Clayton in Las Vegas explains the value of structured settlement experts at the bargaining table.
I hope you enjoy these videos!  We plan to feature more as they become available so be sure to check back often.
Wishing you continued success in your personal and professional lives, we look forward to assisting you with all your structured settlement and annuity needs.  Please call anytime we can help.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service! 
Dan Finn, CPCU, CSSC
Certified Structured Settlement Consultant
Our Services

Finn Financial ServicesThe Finn Financial Group provides customized, guaranteed future income options and ancillary services to a variety of clients throughout the United States.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to the overall financial well-being of the individual. For a greater understanding of the services we provide, click on your area of interest.

For Injury Victims
We provide structured settlements for victims of personal, physical and non-physical injuries.

For Attorneys
We help attorneys meet their due diligence obligations, create and analyze proposals, conduct educational seminars, attend mediations, and structure fees - without any charge or out-of-pocket expense to the attorney or client.

For Insurance Companies
We assist insurance companies and self-insured clients by providing structured settlement illustrations and present value analyses, helping to present offers, and consulting with claims management.

For Business and Property Owners
We work with business owners, property owners, and those with certain other qualifying appreciated assets to defer capital gains in the selling process.

For Additional Services
We also offer life insurance, non-structured settlement annuities, retirement annuities, and much more.