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The Finn Financial Group is a full-service, specialty planning firm with a commitment to ensuring the long-term financial stability of its clients.  We believe this can best be achieved through a stream of guaranteed , tax-advantaged payments carefully tailored to each individual's specific needs.  Our diligent work has resulted in a long list of satisfied clients and a high degree of trust.
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Please  Welcome:
 Tim Leary 
 to Finn Financial Group's Rotation!
It is with great pride that we announce the addition of World Series Champion Tim Leary to our team of success-oriented professionals committed to helping improve the lives of others and with whom we are honored to affiliate.  Playing a key role for the 1988 World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers, Tim brings his passion for success and his unique perspective to his new role with The Finn Financial Group. 
1988 Dodger Pitcher of the Year
More about all that in a minute.  First a little bit more about Tim.
After a stellar athletic career at UCLA where he was a complete game machine, the New York Mets made Tim Leary their No. 1 selection (No. 2 overall) in the 1979 Draft.  After a year in the minors where he was named MVP of the Texas League, Tim was called up to the bigs for his major league debut.  In his first MLB start against the Cubs, he struck out three in two scoreless innings before a pain in his elbow necessitated his early departure from the mound.  Regrettably, the pain turned out to be a more serious injury which would keep him off the Mets roster for another two-and-a-half years after which point he posted a respectable, if not spectacular, 3-3 record and 4.04 ERA.
As is often the case with many injury-plagued athletes, Tim and
all the promise he brought with him to the Mets was involved in a series of trades around the league and many wondered if he would ever fulfill his destiny.  Despite his challenges, he never quit working, never quit fighting and never quit believing in himself.  His dedication paid off in 1988 when, as a member of the World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers, he was named the National League Comeback Player of the Year (17-11 Record; 2.19 ERA) by The Sporting News and also won the NL's Silver Slugger Award with a .269 batting average.
Since his playing days ended in 1993, Tim has been active as a pitching coach for both UCLA and Loyola Marymount University.  He also provides private baseball instruction to the youth of Greater Los Angeles while serving on the Advisory Board of, a company dedicated to helping develop and showcase college-bound baseball players.  And if that's not enough to keep him busy, he's working on developing a documentary of the 1988 World Championship season with his pal, Kirk Gibson, in his spare time.  He was only the third baseball player ever elected into the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame following Jackie Robinson and former AL President Dr. Bobby Brown into this elite fraternity. 
So what's the deal?  Is Finn Financial starting a baseball team?  No.  But stick with me on this.
Because the Finn Financial Group was founded with the core belief that everyone desires long-term financial security, we are always on the lookout for new applications of the fixed-term solutions we already offer.  That's where Tim comes in.  Far from being "just" a baseball star, Tim was an Academic All-American at UCLA where he majored in Economics and has been in the private sector since his playing days ended.  It is this combination top-shelf education, business acumen, and personal insight into the financial interworkings of professional athletes which uniquely qualifies him to provide the requisite perspective to the solutions we now offer to a niche group of prospective clients:  Professional athletes and celebrities.
A frequent visitor on the Spring Training circuit, Tim maintains close ties with many athletes and agents around the league.  And because he understands the highs and lows of the game, he is the perfect person to introduce them to the concept of "Structured Celebrity Endorsements," a subject we featured a recent newsletter.
[Click Here] to view our Structured Celebrity Endorsements newsletter
In a nutshell, Structured Celebrity Endorsements enable celebrity "pitch men" (pun intended) to defer their endorsement fees through a nonqualified assignment process similar to many Taxable Claim Settlements and Structured Attorney Fees.  Attorneys and their clients have been enjoying these many benefits for years.  Why not let other non-attorneys capitalize on this terrific opportunity? 
Because we want to dedicate this newsletter to our new partnership with Tim Leary and because this one is already on the verge of going into extra innings, we'll end our conversation about the subject at this time.  For now, I just want to say how extremely proud I am to have this opportunity to partner with Tim on this exciting new annuity application.  If you have an immediate need for or questions about Structured Celebrity Endorsements and would like to schedule an appointment with Tim, let us know.  We're eager to help and we're ready for you next time you shout . . .  
"Let's play ball!"  After all, Opening Day's just around the corner.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!
Dan Finn, CPCU, CSSC
Certified Structured Settlement Consultant
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Finn Financial ServicesThe Finn Financial Group provides customized, guaranteed future income options and ancillary services to a variety of clients throughout the United States.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to the overall financial well-being of the individual. For a greater understanding of the services we provide, click on your area of interest.

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