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October 2012
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V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...
Introducing.... Some Top Notch Faceting
John Dyers Review of the V5 Faceting Machine
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Introducing.... A New Representative... Doug Augspurger
Introducing.... A New Representative...Marc Oros
V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad



Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
Back with the latest edition of the news, from the Lapidary World of Ultra Tec. We thank you for all your interesting comments and the feedback on the products we make!
  mac mccuen
The Ultra Tec headliner for the month is Elbert McCuen.  He is 95 years young, and is affectionately known as "Mac" by his students in the faceting classes of the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society.  Mac, a long-time member of the SDMGS, teaches faceting classes regularly.  He says his faceting and his students keep him, "Young."


Here's Mac, standing by his recently purchased new birthday present, a V5 Ultra Tec Faceting machine  He's proudly displaying two test stones he completed after receiving his V5.  


He's a former V2 owner ... his words about his new V5? "highly

McCuen's Stones




San Diego Calss

In their own building in famous Balboa Park, the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society offers 5 faceting classes per week - all conducted by skilled and devoted instructors.  In their classroom they have 9 Ultra Tec machines - all in top notch condition. To find out more - the website is 


San Diego-2012  

You can upgrade a V2 to a V5.  If you are thinking about it, and have questions - contact   Your V2 does have to be sent to the factory for the V5 Upgrade, but we can turn it around in a day or two.  

You won't notice it was gone.  You will notice, as Daniel Andersson, a professional cutter from Sweden said in his email: "...the V5 performance is fantastic."


V-50 Head Close-up
The V5 - firmer - faster!




When professional cutter Jean-Noel Soni, sent in this photo  of an Umba Valley Garnet he said:  Because of the V5, I never have a day where I do not love my job.






Larry Mattos of Ashton Gems sent in his V2 and had it converted to a V5 - his reaction?  This is what Larry wrote:  "The upgraded mast is absolutely unbelievable.  I sent you down a corvette for a tune-up and you sent me back a lamborghini! "  



Larry does a lot of Fantasy work - see it on his website.  Of interest to you folks with  a fantasy machine (or thinking about it), Larry has placed a number of fantasy diagrams on his website - uncomplicated instructions:











Whatever the age of your machine THE V5 UPGRADE will make it "young again" - and will provide you with greater precision and repeatability and double-fast operation. (It's a factory installation, with a 2-day turn around). 


Click here for more details...

John Dyers Review of the V5 Faceting Machine


John Dyer's Comparison Review of the V5 to the V2 Faceting Machines.








roy brain

Roy Brain,of Durban, South Africa is shown here - justifiably proud - showing his stone, a 12 mm cubic zirconia, which won the 2012 United States Faceting Guild Master's competition with a score of 98.3315.  


As you can see. It is an absolute dazzler.






duncan miller class   


Duncan Miller is Ultra Tec's representative in South Africa - he's active in the Cape Town Gem and Mineral Club.  In July, Duncan, shown in the photo, demonstrated faceting for club members as an introduction to a two-day faceting class that the club offered.  The SomeTimes apologizes for being late with this information - the classes were in July and August - but if you are interested, in the club, in faceting, in faceting equipment -get in touch with Duncan (his email address is


Duncan works with a 1970's Ultra Tec machine that has been in his possession all that time, and he has carefully kept in good condition.  In 2009 he upgraded his machine with a Digital Angle Display (the "DAD") - with excellent results.  It was his machine that we used in illustrating that you can install a DAD on any Ultra Tec Mast - however old.


Duncan's cutting?  Here's an example - a suite of Morganites. 





There's an old Ultra Tec saying, that "Ultra Tec makes perfectionists."  Duncan is a perfectionist.  But, we have a suspicion that he was a perfectionist starting out.  



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FACETING DEMO BY A MASTER... MARTIN GUPTILL at the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society Show

guptill at work
Martin Guptill

The Annual show of the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society will be on October 20-21 at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson CA. 


you can get information HERE:


Ther is no admission charge for the show, incidentally.


Long-time Ultra Tec Faceter, Martin Guptill, is introduced (below) as Ultra Tec's new representative in Northern California.  


Marty will be demonstrating faceting at the show - a good chance to talk to him, watch him in action - ask questions.



Introducing.... New Representative...

Martin Guptill

 We Welcome Martin Guptill 



 ... Cottonwood, California 












In Cottonwood, California - Ultra Tec's new representative is Marti Guptill, an expert professional faceter.  It was almost 30 years ago that Marty, living in Syracuse, NY, and working as a machinist, found that he had a passion for gems - and a passion for knowledge about them.  He enrolled in GIA distance learning, gaining a GG, and followed up with FGA.  


He moved to Los Angeles and put his knowledge to work at EGL Labs, grading diamonds, identifying gemstones and doing research.  The next step was to purchase an Ultra Tec faceting machine, and as they say, the rest is history.   He moved to the beauty of far northern California - Cottonwood - and, continuing to follow his passion - he works as a professional gem cutter.



Martin's Facebook Page


Introducing.... New Representative...

Chris Byron
Chris Byron

 We Welcome Chris Byron 



 ... Tucson, Arizona 




In Tucson, Arizona - Ultra Tec's new representative is Chris Byron (Koala-t cut gems).  Having experimented with various faceting machines, 20 years ago, Chris determined that Ultra Tec was the one.  




Shortly after that, he met Jeff Graham - the hit it off, and Chris worked with Jeff for years, virtually on an apprentice basis -  literally, polishing his skills.


As a professional cutter over those years, Chris feels that he has confirmed and reconfirmed the precision and value of his Ultra Tec machine.  Chris is an aspiring competition cutter, participating in the AGTA competition - he hasn't won - yet.  Chris says that he is looking forward to guiding new and old cutters in their machine selection - basing his recommendations on his own extensive experience.





Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 



Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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