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Tucson 2013 -- Fantasy and Concave Faceting Workshop with Dalan Hargrave...

We wanted to let you know about an important event in the Lapidary Calender, that would benefit from your early show of hands.


   dalan at tuscon2012


Roger Dery of the US Faceters Guild (USFG) recently posted the following communication on the Guild's forum.....




2013 USFG Tucson Seminars for faceters



Faceters and Lapidarists!


 Dalan Hargrave has offered to put together a 3 to 4 hours session on behalf of the USFG whereby participants will review first hand how it is that he does what he does oh-so-well. I am no expert on the concave style technique, but am interested to know how many of you would be interested in sitting in a session with Dalan.

So my questions are:

1 - if you are coming to Tucson 2013, would you be interested in one of the seats available for Dalan's session?

2 - at present, the USFG seminar is set for daytime Friday the 8th of February. If you are interested in Dalan's extended session, would you prefer to have it daytime on Thursday the 7th? Or, Saturday the 9th? (Keeping in mind that the HobNob will take place also on the same Saturday.)

I'm asking now as we must plan far enough ahead to put everything in place. What do you think?



Warm regards,
Roger Dery
Royal Oak, Michigan US  



>>>> The original post is at:



 Dalan Lecture



So, to echo Roger's request.....  if you are interested, please do contact Roger @ 




Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the 'regular' Sometimes Bulletin.


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