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July - August 2012
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V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...
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V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad

FFF5 !!


FFF5 link


Ifs Franklin Faceters' Frolic Time. FFF5 is scheduled for July 27th and 28th (Friday and Saturday).  


FFF5's website is 



Franklin is a historic town located in the beautiful Smokey Mountains - you will love the visit.  Two full days of focusing on Faceting !


V-50 Head Close-up
V5 Mast

It's a chance to see the V5 Faceting machine, introduced this past January.  If you didn't get to Tucson, this is a chance to see the V5 - and feel it.  It will get you thinking. And...


See the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine - in action - a type of faceting, as you will

Tom Maxwell
see, you can do too.  
Talk to Tom Maxwell of Beckham's Barn about it - he'll be showing and explaining.








Not new to Fantasy cutting...


Gene Flanigan, who became an Ultra Tec Representative a few months ago (Millersburg PA), is a professional cutter of exceptional artistry.  Check him out on the Web at  - beautiful and inventive work. (And, incidentally, if you are looking...very nice gem rough is also available).


Gene is not new to Fantasy/Concave cutting - but the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine is new to him.  The pictures are first stones off the new Ultra Tec Fantasy machine...


Gene writes:  " The Fantasy machine is much faster and more accurate ..."

CONCAVE Cut: Peridot from Pakistan



We thank Gene for his complimentary words - and pictures of his exceptional work..


Fantasy Cut -- Sunset Tourmaline from Kenya



 New to Fantasy cutting...


Very much new to Fantasy/Concave cutting is Gary Stratton.  Gary, a long-standing Ultra Tec faceter with a yen for the exotic, recently acquired an Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine - and immediately got to work on it - starting out, and learning on yellow glass marbles.


Gary Stratton
Fantasy Yellow Marble
Gary was pleased with the speed of his progress on the Fantasy Machine.  His wife Kathy sent along pictures of Gary, happy at his new machine - and pictures of his first cut. 
Fantasy Yellow Marble - by Gary Stratton


Faceting Techniques - a V5 "detail" - tabling at 0




Stephen KIn reviewing the V5 configuration, Stephen Kotlowski of Phenomenal Facets  commented on a particular design "detail" of the V5 that he  likes:  


The position of the Leadscrew (as compared to the V2) is moved forward, toward the Lap, about an inch, and so, the V5 allows another inch of reach over the Lap surface, which allows utilizing the entire surface of the lap for very steep angles.  At 0, the V5 accesses 90% of the Lap surface (without measuring exactly). 


Now, that's significant for Stephen, who, as a professional cutter, is interested in speed - and when it is time to work on the Table of a small stone, does not always use the Tabling Adapter.  


Rather, he sets the Quill axial position to 0, and "plunges" (actually, he points out, he sets the DAD to 00.01).   He comments that not only does the geometry of the V5 enhance this no-adapter technique, but the V5's firmness pitches in as well.Finished Spessartite Garnet


Stephen is far from being alone in using this technique - in conversation, John Dyer said he does that too.  


And, of course, many of you have tried it.  Stephen cautions - and those of you who have tried this technique have learned - that before raising the stone to inspect the Table, remember to raise the vertical position a bit.  If you just swing up the Quill, you would cut a radius on the edge of your Table. 


Kowlowski v5 tabling
Tabling a 3.8 ct. Spessartite Garnet



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