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June 2012
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Lapidary Journal - May / June Edition
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V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...
Introducing.... A New Representative...
Another Great Video from John Dyer.


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
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- at the San Diego County Fair



San Diego-2012
San Diego Mineral and
 Gem Society

The Del Mar Fairgrounds will be the location of the San Diego County Fair.  The Fair  runs from June 8th through July 4th. - open every day except Mondays.  The fair will open its doors at 11:00 AM Daily.


At the Gems and Minerals Building, there will be faceting demonstrations - on the Ultra Tec V5 -  presented by the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society.  


These faceting demonstrations will be held on weekdays, Tuesday through Friday (note: not on the weekends), commencing at 11:00 AM and running until 4:00 PM on each scheduled week day.  So, a chance to see the V5 in action - and a chance to talk to the club member, or teacher, who is using it.



>>Faceting Lessons...The San Diego Mineral and Gem Society operates out of Balboa Park in San Diego.  The club has a classroom set up, equipped with faceting machines, and offers faceting lessons on a regular basis.  If you are interested, check the club's






 If you are planning ahead - well, now it's not so far ahead - the FFF5 (Franklin Faceters Frolic - 5th annual) is scheduled for next month, July 27th and 28th (Friday and Saturday).  


FFF5's website is Tom Maxwell of Beckham's Barn will be there, demonstrating the Ultra Tec V5 Classic Faceting Machine as well as the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine - ready and able to show those machines and answer questions you may have.


FFF5 link  


Lapidary Journal - May / June Edition  




Clay Zava's 65th Anniversary Design
Clay Zava's 65th Anniversary Gem Design

Don't miss David Clay Zava's "65th Anniversary" Design in the June / July Special Issue of LAPIDARY JOURNAL / JEWELRY ARTIST.


Its a 65-facet stone of great beauty!    


                             Lapidary Journal Anniversary Edition  

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V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad

Introducing.... A New Representative...

Sayed Adelshah Alawi

 We Welcome....Sayed Adelshah Alawi 


 ... Afghanistan


Sayed Adelshah Alawi is Ultra Tec's new representative in Afghanistan.  He is located in the capital city, Kabul.  Sayed is a businessman in Afghanistan, and an experienced Ultra Tec user himself.  With this interest, Sayed has been aware of the attention that the gem community has focused on Afghanistan, a result of the extensive gemstone  findings there. The very significant deposits of emerald, ruby, kunzite, tourmaline and aquamarine - and other gemstone materials - which in the past were smuggled into neighboring countries and sold as rough - now represent an outstanding opportunity for domestic development in Afghanistan, and, of course, a source of employment and livelihood for its people.    We welcome Sayed to the Ultra Tec team - and join him in supporting Afghanistan's rise in the gem world.   


 Another Great New Video from John Dyer    
Good VS Bad Gemstone Faceting



Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 



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