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April 2012
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Upcoming event:...ARUSHA MINERAL FAIR
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...
Introducing.... A New Representative...
Congratulations Libby and Kevin!


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
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Quotes about the V5 - more V5 "Adjectives" 




V-50 Head Close-up
V5 Mast Close-up

Skyler Hawk, of Colorado opted for a new V5 machine in 

February - here's what he has to say: 


"...this is far and away the best machine I have ever cut on. I have probably test driven or owned over 10 faceting machines over the past 25 years and nothing even comes close to the accuracy of this machine. The Portuguese cut has 177 facets and is really showing me what this machine
can do. Accuracy? Phenomenal."


Arya Akhavan, of Arizona) is a medical student - and is captivated by an interest in gem faceting. His comment was short and to the point:
"The V5 is awesome!"






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Upcoming event:  ARUSHA MINERAL FAIR -- Tanzania

V5 Gaceting Machine
Noreen Masaki will be at the 
Arusha Mineral Fair April 26th - 29th

Ms Masaki is an expert faceter and teacher of faceting at the

SEAMIC school.  She will have Ultra Tec equipment on hand

and will demonstrate its use.  

V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad

Introducing.... A New Representative...

 We Welcome...... Gene Flannigan  



 ... Millerburg, Pennsylvania



We welcome Gene Flannigan of Millerburg, Pennsylvania, as a new Ultra

Tec Rep. Gene has been faceting for 10 years - he reports that he started faceting after a trip to Gem Mountain in NC - a trip that "got me hooked on gem rough", His background as a mechanical engineer allowed Gene to

learn quickly - he's completely self taught.. 


 Gene travels frequently, in search of gem rough - this picture of Gene is

 from a trip to Tanzania. His website includes illustrated write-ups on his

 gem safaris.

You will enjoy a visit to his website, where he offers classic cuts and concave cuts as well. The website is


flanagan garnet 

Cut by Gene - an Umbalite Garnet cut in a cushion shape.

Gene shows gem rough on a separate website - he is offering golden tourmaline from Kenya

 (a sample here), 




CONCAVE AND FANTASY DESIGNS.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  


ULTRA TEC Rep. Larry Mattos, of Ashton Gems in Petaluma California

Larry Mattos has posted cutting diagrams and instructions for a group of fantasy

and concave cuts on his website, 

It's easy to click your way there - click on Fantasy/Concave Cut Designs. Interesting in themselves, they are a big step forward for people starting
out, and, if your are someone who is thinking about fantasy cutting but 
you are hesitant to just "dive right in", check out these designs. Would
 Larry say : "Dive right in"? I think he would - and shows you how. 


These two are among the designs included: 


"Guernsey Maze" design, cut in Amethyst (above)
"Mad for Me" design, cut in Lemon Citrine.  




Congratulations Libby and Kevin! 


The ULTRA TEC dealers in Hiddenite, NC, recently found a little something to celebrate.


50 Ct. Emerald -- Rockhounds Libby and Kevin Barrieault
50 Ct. Emerald -- Rockhounds Libby and Kevin Barrieault


The short  video from the famous ABC World News Broadcast explains it all -- but we wanted to add

our congratulations. Have a look around the internet for much more coverage on Libby and Kevin's

great find.






Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 



Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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