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March 2012
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V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...
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Video Slideshow from Tucson 2012
USFG Seminar
Introducing.... New Representatives..


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
Welcome to the latest edition of the Sometimes! We back of Tucson and well into full
production of the V5 -- We continue to thank you for the overwhelmingly positive comments and interest we have been receiving on the new equipment! All your comments and suggestions are welcome.





V5 Faceting Machine
The V5 Classic Faceting Machine

It has a very short name: V5. Released a month ago, the V5 is a super-upgrade of the Ultra Tec Classic Faceting Machine design - bringing ultra-sturdy no-flex construction - double speed position settings.


We tested for a year - our testing confirmed we had something specially good. We had it right.



John Dyer, an award winner who we 

know to be very demanding when it
comes to his Faceting equipment, was
involved in early evaluation - his report
started with a single word:"Fantastic!!!!!!"


Now, reviews from users around the world are coming in ... 


Ron Johnson of Raceland, Kentucky wrote "Amazing." Jean-Noel Soni, of San Francisco posted on his facebook page "I love this machine!". Perfectionist Harry Neumaier of Munich Germany wrote: "...the V5 Mast is fantastic".  Dalan Hargrave, using the V5 for Fantasy cutting said "it's perfect."  


UPGRADING from a V2 to a V5?


 It's a good idea if the "front end" of your Mast is in good condition. 


* Stephan Kotlowski, of Sedona, Arizona, upgraded his early '90's V2 to the V5 configuration. After cutting a few stones using the V5, he called and said: "You guys nailed it!." (for you people outside of the USA, that's an Americanism for "you made it perfect")


* Sue Critz of El Paso, Texas, upgraded her fairly recent machine to the V5 configuration and she writes " I'm not a professional, so for me it's the accuracy that matters more than the speed, but I must say, the V5 is incredibly accurate - and incredibly fast. The facet is right - right now! 


In the Upgrade all parts behind the Yoke are replaced - the V5 vertical-positioning configuration is installed (your upgraded Mast will be returned with its own angle display - your prior vertical- positioning configuration is "traded-in). The Upgrade Process ? 1). Make an "appointment" so that we schedule it in a way to assure that it reships to you within a day or two 2) send your Mast  to the Factory 3) Ultra Tec completes the installation - your Mast is returned to you with the back-end V5 configuration - and the Mast is calibrated.  


V-50 Head Close-up
V5 Mast Close-up



V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad

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The Ultra Tec booth, at the TGMS in the Convention Center, was buzzing with interest.  Not a small part of it was that several days before we opened the USFG Seminar had been held, at which Dalan Hargrave had been one of the speakers. Dalan had spoken about the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine, in combination with the new V5 Mast - and attendees, with a few days to think about it, came to the Ultra Tec booth eager to see, touch, and ask questions.

It was reported to us that Dalan had been, as always, entertaining and informative.
One of the new 'Fireworks Cut' Range from Dalan Hargrave
He is an acknowledged Master designer and a master of technique. This recent stone - from from his 
Fireworks series, bears testimony to the excellence of his work. 

Larry Mattos of Ashton Gems
Larry Mattos of Ashton Gems
Helping field questions at the booth, and even providing impromptu 
lessons, was Larry Mattos, of Ashton Gems. Larry is an inventive designer - see his Guernsey Maze Cut .
Guernsey Maze Cut by Larry Mattos
 Larry was visiting, and sort of "jumped ito the breach" and we owe him our thanks.
See our Video Slideshow below...
Slideshow from Tucson 2012
ULTRA TEC at TUCSON 2012 -- Slideshow
ULTRA TEC at TUCSON 2012 -- Slideshow

USFG Seminar 

Lisa Elser gave a very informative talk on gem treatments. Heat treatments have nearly become as important as the actual cutting itself since it plays an important role in presenting gemstones in their best possible way.

Wayne Emery was in his usual "walking encyclopedia of gem cutting" mode and gave a very encouraging talk on cutting gemstones profitably. His practical advice on marketing, shipping and management was valuable - something the gem cutter can take "straight to the bank". 

Dalan Hargrave had his audience  spellbound - and busy jotting down notes.  He explained and demonstrated fantasy cutting and the new Ultra Tec V5.  There was a clamor for more demonstrating - and the possibility of a four hour session with Dalan next year is being considered. (I'd guess there's no reason to be shy - you might contact the US Faceters' Guild [USFG] and cast your vote on the matter).

Jim Rentfrow's talk was inspirational as he shared how he teachesfaceting in some very dangerous foreign lands in an effort to improve the lives of many.  Especially touching was the story of a young lady who had originally been sold as a wife, who was now learning to facet to hopefully improve her conditions and begin a new life. The image is Jim at a museum in Afghanistan. Jim is on the right.





Introducing.... New Representatives...


We have two "new" representatives to introduce.  New is in quotes because these people aren't really new to us - we knew them alright - but, we had not actually met face to face until the recent Tucson Show.  The result of meeting - new Reps - experienced Ultra Tec Reps.


Tom Maxwell of Beckham's Barn

 We Welcome Beckham's Barn 



 ... Columbia, South Carolina 













We welcome back - Beckham's Barn, of Columbia South  Carolina. Tom Maxwell and Joan Beckham of Beckham's Barn were at the Show and, since Beckham's Barn had represented Ultra Tec as early as the 1980's, we enjoyed  reminiscing.  And, most importantly, we decided to renew  that relationship now.  Active in the World of Faceting, the folks of Beckham's Barn will be showing Ultra Tec  equipment - the V5 Faceting Machine and The Fantasy Machine - at the Franklin Faceters' Frolic 5 - the'FFF5' - in North Carolina, in July (right around the corner).



Joan Beckham of Beckham's Barn





Find out more at















We Welcome Noreen Masaki 



 ... Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



Noreen Masaki


















We welcome new Ultra Tec Representative -  Noreen Masaki of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  Noreen was originally  trained in the SEAMIC program by Hubert Heldner, and went on to teach and now, since 2006, has been running that program.  This ambitious program has trained gem cutters from many African nations - who can return to their homelands with their acquired skills and train others, stimulating growth of the gem cutting industry in Eastern African countries.  The faceting classes are open to all comers (the training, incidentally, is in English, which Noreen, a native Tanzanian, speaks perfectly).  Tourists who come to Tanzania for the Gemstone Safari have taken advantage of the classes - yes, Ultra Tec, to be sure.



We welcome Noreen to the Ultra Tec team!




Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll  be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. 



Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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