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February 2012
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Tucson Update....
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Introducing.... A New Representative...Daniil Gorbushin
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad...


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!
Welcome to the latest edition of the Sometimes! We are in the midst of Tucson and making the first shipments on the V5 -- thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive comments and interest we have been receiving on the new and upgraded equipment!


Tucson Update...



ULTRA TEC and our colleagues will be available for discussions and demonstrations of our equipment -- including the new V5 Classic Faceting Machine, and the Concave and Fantasy Faceting Machines.


Ultra Tec will be in the TGMS, in the Convention Center, Feb. 9-10-11-12.  We are at Booth 1206.  If you are in town, come and visit.  We will have the new V5 Classic Faceting Machine to show , as well as the Fantasy Machine - come by and speak to Joe Rubin, or Robert Rubin, or Robert Mendoza - or all of them if you like.



Other places in town showing Ultra Tec equipment?  



About Lapidary - at Tucson Electric Park - Elayne Luer.



 Sierra Gems - at the 22nd Street Show - Bruce White








V5 Faceting Machine
The V5 Classic Faceting Machine


Here are some "Quickie" Reviews


 John Dyer -- CORRECTION.  The January Sometimes reported that John Dyer, in his report on the new V5, said "FANTASTIC!!!" - bold print and 3 exclamation points.  That was incorrect.  Actually, John Dyer wrote "FANTASTIC!!!!!!" - bold print and 6 exclamation points.



John's review was accompanied by this photo of his first V5 stone - it is a 19 ct. Morganite beauty.









Stephen Kotlowski --  Stephen telephoned about the V5.  The first words of his conversation were "You guys have nailed it!" - printed bold because Stephan spoke loudly, excitedly, and emphatically (for those readers who are not USA residents,  "You guys have nailed it!" is an American colloquialism that means "You have gotten it perfect").


Stephen also adds on his Phenomenal Facets FACEBOOK page  "The new V5 mast has transformed Stephen Kotlowski's Ultra Tec into a a very speedy set up. The DAD is also a must as it alone has made a very BIG difference in how he does things now...

The new addition of the V5 mast I received recently is icing on the cake!"


Big Smokey -- a 995 Ct. Colorado Crystal on Stephen Kotlowski's V5
Big Smokey -- a 995 Ct. Colorado Crystal on Stephen Kotlowski's V5
Dalan Hargrave --  A few days later, in telephone conversation, Dalan Hargrave
Dalan Lecture said about the V5, in his own soft-spoken, but very direct manner -- "It's perfect".  
Now, "It's perfect " needs no interpretation. And "It's perfect" needs no "translation "  either, but here are some:  perfecto, perfekt, 完美, perfetto, idealny, 完全, puikus, taydellinen, perfecte, مثالي, идеальный, מושלם, perfectum, sempurna, สมบูรณ์.




V-50 Head Close-up
V5 Mast Close-up




 Harry Neumaier at a Show



Tucson is not the only big February MUNICH, GERMANY - The big INHORGENTA Show 2012 takes place on February 10-13. Harry Neumaier, a master faceter, will demonstrate Ultra Tec Faceting, with new V5 equipment, at the Aquarus Booth.  The booth is Hall A2, Booth 553, Corridor E; Aquarus Stone Development & Tools. 


We've written about this before, recently ... but this is a appropriate time for a reminder...


Faceting Clases in Germany

Harry offers faceting classes at the Munich Adult Education Center and offers privateclasses as well.  If you are near Munich, you might want to look into it - the next class is scheduled for April.  See Harry's website -




You are never too old to become interested in faceting  - Harry recently had a student who was a 90 year old woman.  Harry reports that her first effort was successful - "a wonderful 6ct Scapolite" - and she has signed up for the next session.



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Introducing.... A New Representative...

 We Welcome Daniil Gorbushin 



 ... Southeast Russia 


Daniil - a very young 46 year-old grandfather - was born and lives in Cheliabinsk, Russia - in the southern Ural Mountains.  He loves mining expeditions into the nearby Potaninmountains, where he finds sapphire crystals (see the pictures - findings of a recent expedition - Daniil writes that when the snows beak up, allowing a return, he is headed back).  Over the years, Daniil has amassed a good collection of rough sapphires, ready for faceting.  He reports that he shares his love of gems- and shares his gem findings - with a wide circle of friends.  Daniil says: 'My dream is to devote the remainder of my life to gems and gem-cutting.' 


Find out more about Daniil's business at



We welcome Daniil to the Ultra Tec team!


V5 Faceting Machine
V5 Faceting Machine - Intro Video Ad



Useful Gem Design & Software Links...


Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin. We look forward to seeing you in Tucson -- if you can make it.



Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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