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July 2011
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Franklin Faceters Frolic
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What's In a Name?
INTRODUCING -- A New Representative


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!

Thank you for your continued interest in Ultra Tec's lapidary products. We hope you are getting the best out of your faceting equipment.

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Franklin Faceters Frolic 


OK - say this fast, four times:  Franklin Faceters Frolic ... a bit of a tongue twister, no?.  Why four times?  To remind you that coming up is Franklin Faceters Frolic 4, the forth annual occurrence of this event...


It happens in Franklin NC onSaturday, July 30, 2011.  Hours will be 9AM to 6PM.


Admission is free, donations to defray expenses are welcome. 

There will be several door prizes donated by our dealers and exhibitors and
raffle tickets for these will be $1 each, available the day of the event.   

FFF4 is in a new location, a bit up the road, at the Trimont Christian School. The school is about 1.5 miles from the Club Show at the Community Center on the Georgia Road. Take a right and go North up the hill from the Club Show, cross over the highway just past the Fun Factory (last year's location) and take the second left past the overpass, onto Golfview Drive. Take a right onto Promise Lane and you will see the school on your left.


Learn about faceting techniques - see the gem rough for sale (...from Nigeria! ... from Tanzania! ...from Columbia!) - most of all, meet your brother and sister faceters and enjoy yourself while learning.  There will be lectures, and time to visit the dealers


GOOD NEWS:  A class in the use of "GemCad for Windows" is scheduled for the preceding Friday, July 29, from noon to 6PM. - at the "Fun Factory" (last year's location).  A modest tuition fee of $25 will offset location expenses.


NOT SO GOOD NEWS. Almost as soon as this was announced - in no time - all of the seats to this class were SOLD OUT.  But, there's always a chance of cancellations.  Get on that waiting list by contacting Roy Kersey,


The Saturday seminar sessions will include:


Lisa Elser on "Buying Gem Rough in Africa;  Gustavo Castelblanco on "Columbian Emeralds;  Roy Meade on "Everything You Wanted to Know About Waxing Dops; John Campbell on Copper Laps and How to Use Them", and, in another session, "What do I Do Now That I Have My Faceting Machine?"; and  George Ellison "Cutting Welo Opal";


Be sure to stop by and say hello to Hal Hume, Ultra Tec's Rep from Hendersonville NC, (he'll have a table there).  Hal says about himself "I started faceting in mid 1980's, initially just as a occasional pastime, it soon became almost an obsession and soon I was faceting in competition with the North Carolina Lapidary Society". You will enjoy talking to him. 


Hal Hume
Hal Hume

This is a photo of Hal peering out from behind his faceting machine.  Hal looks a little somber in this picture, but you'll have him smiling and chatting in no time.  Want to talk about Ultra Tec?  You've come to the right place.


Hal's E-mail: 


GENERAL INFO ABOUT FFF4 - Contact Roy Kersey,


More details





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What's In a Name?


Digital Classic
Ultra Tec Digital Classic Faceting Machine

For over 40 years, it has been Ultra Tec's V2 Faceting Machine.  It got to be the "V2" - we guess V2 means "version 2" - back in 1965 when the first production units were made.  Now, nothing in the machine's name ever needed to be any more descriptive in terms of what the machine did - it does faceting - good old "faceting" - generating flat polished faces at specific intersecting angles - usually in accordance with commonly available designs. Classic.


2009 marked the arrival of Ultra Tec's Concave Faceting Machine, and, Ultra Tec's Fantasy Machine.  These new machines carried proper descriptive names in terms of what they do.  To an extent, they are both modifications of classic faceting, but they are not "Classic" faceting.


It makes things easier - and clearer - particularly in speaking to people new to lapidary gem cutting - to give our old friend a more descriptive name.  So, farewell to "V2 Faceting Machine" -- hello "Classic Faceting Machine".


It will probably take years to complete this change over - "V2" is in so many places - product manuals, all sorts of lists ...but, gradually, you will get used to it.  We're already used to it -  Ultra Tec's CLASSIC FACETING july 2011


 INTRODUCING-- A New Representative

Merrill Dickinson
Merrill Dickinson

We Welcome Merrill Dickinson


... Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania


He's a retired Naval Officer, so you know Merrill is a stickler for doing things right. 


We met him in Tucson last February, where we had long talks about his faceting plans.  Merrill is active in the local clubs of the area - he's "into it".





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Our Product Line...


Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.


Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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