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June / July 2011
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New item ...Saw Blade Arbor- and Blades- for Fantasy Cutting
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INTRODUCING -- New Representatives
PS... Don't forget... Secrets of the Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available...


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!

Thank you for your continued interest in Ultra Tec's lapidary products. We hope you are getting the best out of your faceting equipment.

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Ultra Tec has made heavy use use of testimonials.  There's nothing wrong with them - we have a Lew Wackler

bulging file of complimentary statements from Ultra Tec users (in the computer, a "bulging" file is  pretty painless), set aside for use "some day".  But now, one has come along that we truly prize - from award winning gem artist Lew Wackler -- and we offer it, below. Lew Wackler visited the Ultra Tec booth in Tucson.  We hadn't seen him for years.  Somehow, in the busyness of Tucson, our paths hadn't crossed.  But, there he was.


He came over and said "Remember me?".   Joe immediately said "Lew Wackler!"  The conversation quickly turned to reminiscing about earlier days.


Besides the friendly visit, Lew, who had his booth elsewhere in Tucson, said he'd read about the Digital Angle Display (DAD) and he wanted to see it, real world.  He looked at it - tried it - and It resulted in a decision for him to send back his Ultra Tec Mast and have the DAD installed.


The Mast arrived at Ultra Tec a few weeks later, with this letter... 



Dear Joe,


...It was just great to see you again in Tucson. As usual have something to tempt me and other gem cutters. Needless to say your new gem carving machine looks fantastic. ...


I want to ... tell you about this old mast and machine. I bought it the middle 1970s. At that time I had no idea what I was getting as I was just starting to facet. The machine has been a tried and true friend and really doesn't owe me anything any more!


 I've spent literally years in front of it. If I had to estimate, I'd bet that I have produced ...2 million dollars worth of cut ... gems ...


I must admit Joe that through the years I haven't always been true to my Ultra Tec.  Through the years I tried other faceting machines.   But, none of them stayed in my shop for long - they compared poorly to my Ultra Tec, which  offers a great balance of accuracy, ergonomics, and durability. I teach private master gem cutting classes a couple of times a year, and I even have consulted worldwide.  I recommend Ultra Tec, and when asked why I prefer you equipment above others I compare Faceting Machines to cars. Some are like Model A Fords, another is like a Humvee, another like a old 50's Chevy....To me, Ultra Tec is like a Corvette -- fast, responsive, versatile -- easy to use in artistic ways.


And to top it off this will be the first time it's going back to the factory in 35 plus years!  Surprisingly durable. 


So send her back quickly...  

                                                                                      Yours Truly,

                                                                                       Lew Wackler



wackler gemLew Wackler's

A.G.T.A. Spectrum Awards First Place Winner

172 ct. Citrine Fantasy Cut 


Multiple gem cutting techniques




New item...Saw Blade Arbor and Blades - for Fantasy Cutting



Cutting a V groove in a Fantasy cut - is a frequently used feature, often done in a stepped series,  To get those cuts, there are V-groove tools available.  A V-groove cutter "takes a beating" as it plunges in - in particular the tip of the tool.  A sensible thing is to make a "pilot" groove, with a Saw Blade - in preparation for using the V-groove tool.  The Saw depth can be controlled and the tip of the V-groove tool doesn't hit the stone until it is down to the bottom - minimizing wear on the V-groove tool.  Good idea.


So, to enable this, we offer a Saw Blade Arbor and suitable Small diameter Blades.  The Blades have a standard mesh of 300, continuous rim, and �" center holes,  The cutting kerf is .9 mm (035").  The Arbor maintains high degree of rotational accuracy - fitting to the standard .250" tool holder that is supplied with the machine.


1920.70     Saw Blade Arbor for �" center hole   $ 30.


1920.75     Arbor+ 2 Blade Kit (1"+1.5")                 $88.


1921.10     Set of 2 Blades  1" OD,                         $68.  


1921.15     Set of 2 Blades, 1.5" OD                       $68.


1921.20    Set of 2 Blades, one 1" OD, 1.5" OD     $68




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 INTRODUCING--New Representatives

Sue Critz
Sue Critz

We Welcome Sue Critz




Enthusiastic! Is the adjective for Sue Critz. She characterizes herself as a student of faceting - (we have said that a very nice thing about faceting is that the learning process never stops - that's Sue in action, focused on learning).


Besides her faceting, her interest in piloting aircraft has lead her to be a certified flying instructor.  And, she is also a certified Hand Gun instructor, recently participating in small-bore rifle competition.  A "woman of action" she is.




We Welcome Jim Benson




Jim Benson
Jim Benson

A super-practical hands-on guy.  Jim has been creating custom jewelry for 30 years.


Jim writes:  When I first started I apprenticed for a year or so under a Indian Artist (Michael Little Elk) and have continued on my own ever since. I became interested in faceting a few years ago.  I did a lot of research - I did my homework - and learned that Ultra-Tec is the best.  I decided that's what I want.


So I purchased one and the machine has been wonderful and has never let me down. I am currently doing a lot of Faceting and setting the stones in my jewelry.






For a full listing of all our Domestic & World Wide Representatives click here...


PS... Don't Forget ... Secrets of the Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available


Secrets Of The Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available
Secrets Of The Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available

 The Headline says it all... the Wonderful National Geographic Special featuring Scott Sucher, Ultra Tec's New Mexico Representative, is now available at the NATGEO STORE

Sucher French Blue Replica
French Blue Replica, by Scott Sucher



Our Product Line...


Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.


Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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