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April 2011
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COMING!...Mothers Day and Fathers Day:..
an expensive gift....Digital Angle Display (DAD)..
A not Expensive....but nice Gift...the New Edition of 'Faceting History'...
More about an interesting application of faceting -...
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INTRODUCING -- New Representatives
PS... Another Great Gift... Secrets of the Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available...


Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter!

Thank you for your continued interest in Ultra Tec's lapidary products. WE hope you are getting the best out of your faceting equipment.

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COMING!  Mothers Day and Fathers Day:


You know -- you could print out this page--and leave it around, perhaps on the coffee table, or taped inconspicuously to the bathroom mirror... it could serve to remind someone (maybe even yourself), that Mothers Day and then Fathers Day is right around the corner -- and that you, MOM or DAD, deserve to be properly remembered;

an expensive gift....Digital Angle Display (DAD)




DAD on mast
DAD (Order code 1314.1)'s easy to remember.  DAD goes with Mom and rhymes with Dad. 


Every time that angle gets set so exactly and so easily the giver will be remembered - and blessed.


Mom or Dad deserves it.


Order code 1314.1   price $780. (specify right-side or left-side Mast).  It's an easy-to-install kit.



A not Expensive....but nice Gift...the New Edition of 'Faceting History'


MORE text, more pictures than the earlier edition - there are 100 more pages - 100 more pictures!! 60 in color.

Glenn Klein Book
Faceting History, now in an expanded 2nd Edition


 Glenn Klein is an award winning faceter - a perfectionist in his gem cutting, he brings the same attentiveness to the interesting history of faceting diamonds and colored stones.


Glenn has been someone who is always willing to share faceting knowledge and he continues here in this well-researched book - stripping away the "secrecy" that surrounded faceting for so many years.


330 pages, 260 pictures, hardcover.  Price $35.

Order from Glenn on his website

glenn klein  

More about an interesting application of faceting - 


Jack Hanshaw 1
One of Jack Hanshaw's Creations

And, again wandering away from usual faceting, here's an interesting group of faceted handblown glass "reef" scenes

 - the work of Jack Hanshaw.. 


Jack Hanshaw, from Trinidad, in northern California - in the Redwoods--writes to us: "I bought an Ultra Tec V2 has

 an analog mast. I am using it to facet crystals out of 

handblown "Reef" scenes I make out of borosilicate glass. 

What a nice machine! ...I just thought I'd share a

 couple of pics with you."


Look interesting?  It is.  It is all glass - all created by Jack, including the realistic and beautiful "plant life" trapped 

in the clear glass.


  Jack Hanshaw


A range of Jack's Creations can be seen and purchased here...  


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 INTRODUCING--New Representatives

Binod Tamrakar
Binod Tamrakar with Joe Rubin

We Welcome Binod Tamrakar




Welcome to Binod Tamrakar.  Binod is Ultra Tec's new representative in Nepal.  We met Binod, in February, at the gem show in Tucson, where he had a booth.  


Home for Binod is Kathmandu, where its spectacular surrounding view is of the Himalayas.  Those mountains are a source of exceptional gem material - Ruby, Sapphire.  Gem material is most often found in high locations - and, of course, in Nepal, home of Mt. Everest, high means HIGH,



We Welcome Matthias Zacke




Matthias Zacke
Matthias Zacke

Welcome to Matthias Zacke of Seattle.  Matthias is originally from Germany.  After training in Idar Oberstein in the 1980's - as rigorous a training in the lapidary arts as one could imagine -  he set up shop in his hometown of Stuttgart where he was a successful gem cutter for the next 30 years.  Now, after 5 years in the USA, he's gotten back into the craft he loves - he's faceting - he's teaching.


We Welcome Homer Schmitz


Homer Schmitz
Homer Schmitz




We welcome Homer Schmitz to the Ultra Tec team.  Homer is Dean of  the School of Public Health at the University of St. Louis and has led a most distinguished career in his field.  Master faceter, the late Reg Thompson introduced him to Ultra Tec faceting about 15 years ago, and he's been an avid faceter since.  He is active in revitalizing the St. Louis Pegboarders, a  group of faceters (once led by Reg Thompson)that now again meets once a month, renewing the tradition -- sharing their insights - and, most importantly, having fun.


Zephaniah Ndaja


We Welcome Zephaniah Ndaja




Welcome to Zephaniah Ndaja, Ultra Tec's representative in Nigeria.  Zeph is a gemologist and gem cutter who is helping to bring the faceting craft to his nation,   Nigeria has long been the source of extraordinary gem rough, and Zeph has spoken about the opportunity that this resource represents for his nation -- an opportunity to develop skills and "know-how" that translates to badly needed jobs.  He has pioneered in setting up training, and is excited about the possibilities that "high quality" cutting offers.



For a full listing of all our Domestic & World Wide Representatives click here...


PS... Another Great Gift... Secrets of the Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available


Secrets Of The Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available
Secrets Of The Hope Diamond -- DVD Now Available

 The Headline says it all... the Wonderful National Geographic Special featuring Scott Sucher, Ultra Tec's New Mexico Representative, is now available at the NATGEO STORE

Sucher French Blue Replica
French Blue Replica, by Scott Sucher



Our Product Line...


Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.


Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team


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