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December 2010
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To all of you in the Ultra Tec family.

Our Product Line.

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charles flynn This "article" could be all-pictures - no words - and it would tell the story. As you've guessed, the picture on the left is Charles Flynn, and the pictures below are of his fantasy Ametrine.

Charles, a Montana beet farmer during the growing season, is a research chemist with Montana State University. He's a hobbyist gem cutter all year round. John conferred with us about the Fantasy machine's design in its early days.

Below are photos of an Amatrine that he recently completed on his Fantasy machine. The front and rear views of the stone, shown below, tell the story, and are almost all the instructions one would need. It is impressive to see the optical effect of the relatively few precisely stepped rear radius cuts.

flynn stone 1 Charles sent us this cutting information: "The flat pavilion cuts are at 44.7 degrees and prepolished with 3000 Batt followed by polishing with 14k Voodoo polish on a Darkside flat lap. [On the pavilion] the center grooves were cut with 3000 Voodoo polish on a 3/8 copper mandrel, followed by 14k Voodoo polish, on bamboo. The angle used was approximately 47.2 degrees. The two side grooves were done at approximately 49.2 degrees. The distance between the middle of the center groove and the middle of the side grooves was 2 mm. For polishing, the rotational speed of the mandrels was a setting of 2.5 on the Fantasy machine. The oscillation speed was a little above half speed.

Flynn stone 2 Also, on the pavilion, cuts were made at 37.5 degrees between each of the five flat sides - very thin and shallow. A flat cut was made at 65 degrees on the pavilion to provide for an even girdle. The diameter of the stone is 15 mm.

Wichman Construction Another interesting design from John Wichman - a construction, enhanced by faceting. It's something modern and interesting -- for the display shelf - with some nice lighting, of course

John explains that it's a construction of 6 pieces of glass with dichroic glass cemented between each piece. The bottom 2 pieces are horizontal, the top 3 are vertical. To get the multiple reflections he wanted, he faceted several angled planes. The entire faceted construction is 2" x 2" x 3" high

NEW Lapidary Representatives
We welcome these new representatives to Ultra Tec!

John Moe, Noblesville, Indiana
John Moe John Moe, of Noblesville, is every bit as enthusiastic and gregarious as his picture suggests. Long involved with jewelry crafts, John has added faceting to his skills - a natural progression.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with interested people, and, of course, can provide guidance to people thinking about Ultra Tec faceting. You'd enjoy a visit.

John Moe's Pentaluna Web Store

Dalan Hargrave, San Antonio area, Texas
Dalan Hargrave Well known as a master craftsman of artistic jewelry designs, we're pleased to have Dalan representing Ultra Tec. Dalan is a "perfectionist", and, as a result, is a frequent award-winner. Dalan lectures widely - happy to pass along his skills and techniques. Along that line, Dalan has written articles, and now books, of methods for gem cutting - down-to-earth and easy to understand - but, at the same time, inspired.

You'd enjoy checking out his website:

Elayne Luer,Willits California.
Eleaine Luer Elayne Luer is a long-time devoted and highly knowledgeable faceter. She has rejoined us as Ultra Tec's representative "up north" - Willits is about 150 miles north of San Francisco.

Many of you have probably spoken to Elayne in Tucson, where she shows equipment and, in particular, offers a broad range of faceting laps. When you are in Tucson, see her "About Lapidary" display at Electric Park.

facebook link inage Ultra Tec Faceting has a thriving little community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates.

We welcome all our Ultra Tec cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, experineces, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Ultra Tec's FACEBOOK Page

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Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.

Bye for now

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