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November 2010
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To all of you in the Ultra Tec family.

Our Product Line.

Product Index

A question of FACETING SPEED
dyer face 10-10 John Dyer, as an Ultra Tec representative, is an "activist" - not shy with opinions and recommendations. More than a year ago, John talked about wanting faster vertical adjusting - a fast leadscrew (as a professional, speed is important to him). He understood that we needed to be careful, to be sure that vertical precision is retained.

We experimented, and settled on a double speed leadscrew - that is, a full rotation of the Vertical Knob advances 4 mm instead of the "standard" 2 mm. We sent it to John for its "real-world" test -- He tested it. He declared it a success, and had his machines converted.

John Dyer's Website

Andrew Gulij sat at his Ultra Tec V2 Soon after, when Andy Gulij was doing the initial Fantasy testing, we gave him a fast leadscrew Mast to use -- and there was no way Andy was going to give it back. He loves it.

Well, the word is out -- people are asking about it. We've delayed because, doing it "properly" would mean changing the Vertical Scale (a problem - here we are, trying to hold prices steady). But, if you are someone who wants this, here's the story:

Andy Gulij's Website

DAD on mast With immediate effect a FAST LEADSCREW CAN be installed into your machine. You need to understand that the existing Vertical Knob scale remains - and that increments of the Vertical Scale, instead of representing .020 mm, with the fast Leadscrew, will represent .040 mm. For most faceters that's a non-problem. John Dyer reports that repeatability is not at all compromised.

The Leadscrew, and the Mast, looks exactly the same - it just advances twice as fast.

If you are purchasing a new machine - the price of a Fast Leadscrew installation is an added $80.

If you want to change your existing Mast into a Fast Leadscrew version - the price is $385 (includes complete disassembly, rebuilding the Riser Block and installing new follower bushings - reassembly with new leadscrew - replacement of Yoke Bearings (if indicated) -- adjustment and calibration).

(Note: Early machines - we are not sure of the exact date - we think pre-1980 - might need replacement of the Upper Bearing Support. If so, the color of the replacement part would be black, and the price of doing the changeover becomes $460. We would advise you of this condition and get your OK before proceeding).

dad medium close up The DIGITAL ANGLE DIAL is two years old. It's a good time to look at its reliability record. Before we announced DAD's availability, we tested and tested, but there's nothing like real world results -- and, on DAD's second birthday, the two year record is exceptionally good!

There has been only one unit that needed replacement - out of hundreds in the field (and, in accordance with our plan, that replacement was made immediately, with the reserve DAD on the shelf - there to assure minimum down time).

User compliments from people who converted to the DAD from their old analog Angle Dial continue to come in. It's tempting to quote some - but you've seen them before.

More info on the DAD

facebook link inage Ultra Tec Faceting has a thriving little community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates.

We welcome all our Ultra Tec cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, experineces, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Ultra Tec's FACEBOOK Page

John Wichman's interesting works:
wichman works John Wichman called in, to order an Index Gear, and during the conversation we learned that he does unusual and interesting "faceting" - for display - none of it "jewelry". John was kind enough to send in pictures, and tell us about his methods - and here, we pass it along:

Some of his works:

John Wichman John Wichman lives in Hemet, California - almost in the desert - about halfway between LA and San Diego. John is a long time faceter - but he's certainly not a "typical" faceter -- that is to say, you won't find any standard instructions for his interesting creations.

John's equipment is pretty standard, but as you can see, he's done some modifying of the Base. On the Mast, he uses a 2" Base - he needs the extra height for the very large pieces he works on He also uses the Oscillator, with a pretty hefty weight, for the large sized facets that are common in his work - in handling the unavoidably long polish times, the Oscillator/weight combination applies a steady even pressure, and of course, does the work tirelessly.

John's Machine John does use an array of special dops that he's made for the unique shapes.

For any of you interested in the techniques he used, he has provided us with descriptions - we've put them in the Library.

More on John Wichman's Designs

Stephen Kotlowski
Stephen K A few months ago we told you about Stephen's moving from New York to Sedona, Arizona.

There's probably more than a little "culture shock" involved. Arizona is not exactly New York.

His view today, in Sedona, looking out through the back yard (see it on the right), is nothing like the views in New York.

Sedona Of course, Stephen is not a stranger to the West. He had visited Tucson often, taking part in faceting competitions, and winning more than a few awards. Of course, set up in his faceting workshop - New York, Arizona , or wherever - Stephen continues to be the superb faceting craftsman that he's proven to be.

Recently, on his Facebook page, Stephan published pictures of his work -- in a Facebook photo album titled "Memorable Stones Cut By Me"

Stephen's Facebook Page

Stephen Stone Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.

Bye for now

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