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October 2010
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To all of you in the Ultra Tec family.

Our Product Line.

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dyer green stone John Dyer is not a new name to readers of the SomeTimes. Usually, when we talk about him, it is to announce his winning of some award. That's a pretty frequent opportunity, John's having won 30 awards since 2002 (that 2002 first-award stone shown here).

Are you just thinking about faceting? Are you an experienced faceter? Check this out!
dyer face 10-10 John's appearance here this time, however, is to alert you to his informative website, . Check it out. In it, John offers valuable "tips" - information about the Laps that he likes, dopping techniques, indexing tips. product reviews - good stuff - on a very nice website.

John Dyer's Ultra Tec Faceting Machine Website

scott at work "It never ceases to amaze me where the Ultra Tec has taken me; last year to New Zealand and Australia; this year, London, Paris."

Those were the words of Scott Sucher, Ultra Tec representative in New Mexico. And this last trip wasn't any old trip to Paris -- it was an adventure - you can read the entire story on this website:

Museum Diamonds Website

Sucher French Blue Replica Scott created a beautiful replica of the 69 carat "French Blue (shown here) - a diamond that vanished at the time of the French Revolution. It is thought that the French Blue was later recut into the famous Hope Diamond. Scott was able to recreate the French Blue by working from a lead mold of the stone that itself was lost for many years, and that finally turned up almost miraculously in 2008.

There's a lot to this interesting success story - detective work, mystery. It will be part of a National Geographic documentary on the Discovery channel.

ANOTHER Faceting GRAND MASTER - and a grand FRIEND to faceters
glein klein with his V2 TEN YEARS AGO GLENN KLEIN RETIRED FROM FACETING COMPETITION! He had been a very successful competitor over a string of many years, and he thought it was time to give it up. Anyhow, that's what he thought.

Well, guess what - this past summer the 2010 AFMS Show was in Whittier, California, not very far from Glenn's home, and he couldn't resist. After ten years he jumped back into competition. We almost don't have to tell you what happened -- Glenn won the award for the Best Case of Faceted Stones. Congratulations Glenn!!

Glenn Klein Book Glenn has written many articles about faceting, and if you google "Glenn Klein faceting" you will find many references. Glenn has always been very willing to share his faceting knowledge and experience - something for which we faceters are grateful. And, when you find his website - some of you will want to buy his book "Faceting History", available on his site.

Glenn Klein's Website

facebook link inage Ultra Tec Faceting has a thriving little community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates.

We welcome all our Ultra Tec cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, experineces, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Ultra Tec's FACEBOOK Page

CONCAVE AND FANTASY MACHINES - Why do these pictures look "different"?
LH Machines Ah - they are "Left-handers". We stopped making LH faceting machines quite a few years ago.

Out in the World, however, are many older LH machines, and several people, interested in Concave or Fantasy cutting were concerned about being "left out". Well, they're not.

You can get either machine, aligned to the left, accepting LH Masts.

Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.

Bye for now.

small ut faceting logo The Ultra Tec Team

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