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MARCH 2010
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To all of you in the Ultra Tec family.

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TUCSON -- Joe Rubin Reports...
tucson 2010 robert m and pat kelley We want to thank the folks who came by to visit us at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. We were in the Convention Centerthe old time main showa location I still like. We approached it with some trepidation  we hadnt been there the year before, and wed heard the stories of how slow it was in 09  with the economy teetering so badly. This year  Im happy to say, it was busy for us (and most of the dealers around reported much much better than last year). We were introducing the Concave and Fantasy machines, and for many of the Ultra Tec faceters coming by, it was an introduction to the DADand all of that drew pretty constant attention.

Robert Mendoza and I worked the show  Robert demonstrated the mounting of the DAD  thats what he was doing in the photo (hes with professional cutter Pat Kelley in the picture  Robert on the left. Pats an old time Ultra Tec faceter, and now a new DAD owner).

tucson2010 hori and hubert One very nice thing about The Tucson Show is that it gives us a chance to visit with some of our far flung Ultra Tec Representatives. And, you could hardly get more far flung then the two in these pictures  one from about 6000 miles to the west, Hiroki Hori of Japan, the other from about 6000 miles to the east, Hubert Heldner of Switzerland. Nice people  good friends  super faceters.

tucson 2010 kids at the tgms - larger For may years, the Gem and Mineral Show with the cooperation of the Tucson schools, designates a special day for the kids of Tucson. Its an educational event that the kids really enjoy. It means opening an hour early on that day, and some dealers grump about it  but it is something that I really enjoy.

We always set up a faceting machine where we can invite the kids to cut a facet or two. Seeing their faces light up is wonderful. Its nice when some kid sneaks back from his group and says Hey, that was great. Can I do another one? Of course the answer is yes and I let that student know that she (this years most persistant young faceter was a girl) is gooood! When I offer them a steady job at faceting -- skip all that school stuff -- they generally retreat (not always).

Spectra ultra lap Spectra has become the most popular of the Ultra Laps --and if youve been trying to get them recently, youve learned that they are in short supply. That sparked a situation in which people were doubling up on orders (a run on Spectra)  and weve had a short period of being out of stock. But--we do have them in stock right now, and were coping with it (but yes, its moving quickly).

Spectra is a special milling of Cerium Oxide, and is specially good for Quartz materials and Beryls. Now, its hard to take an exciting picture of a lap  but Spectras distinctive blue color identifies it  so heres a pic. We supply Spectra in packages of 10  typically an Ultra Lap will do a number of stones (I used to get rid of them if some of the polish material skived down to the plastic film carrier, but Ive learned that they can be continued in usethe skived edge being quite effective in polishing.

The 10 piece SPECTRA package is item number M8101 and is $25.

While youre at it you may want to consider the Ultra Lap lineup

 these are all packages of 10  all $19/pkg.

Aluminum Oxide item no. M.8111

Tin Oxide item no. M.8104

Chrome Oxide item no. M.8105

CONCAVE FACET  an article by Dalan Hargrave
Dalan Hargeave - book thumbnail This article is from the USFG March newsletter. It is written by Dalan Hargrave, an expert in the world of concave and fantasy gemcutting. . The article provides an overview of the available equipmentincluding Ultra Tecs relatively new entry into the field.

Dalan Hargrave combines exceptional imagination with innate good taste  the results speak for themselves. A goldsmith for 25 years, he says that he became fascinated in watching someone working on an Ultra Tec  it was 12 years ago -- and it turned his attention to faceting. A friend gave him an old faceting machine, and, as they say, the rest is history. He now reports dividing his time about 50-50 between goldsmithing and lapidary.

dalan stone Dalan characterizes himself as a tool guyand he has an array of faceting machines, including a home-made one, and a more recently acquired Ultra Tec.

Link to Dalan's Article

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