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October 2009
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-- The V2 Faceting Machine
-- A Visit from Dae Lee
-- NEW LOCATION -- Andy Gulij, Ultra Tec's Rep in San Diego
-- A "Mineral Calendar" with a "Plus"


Welcome to the October 2009 copy of the Some Times Newsletter.

We hope you enjoy catching up with the updates from the Wrold of Ultra Tec each month!

The V2 Faceting Machine
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A Visit from Dae Lee
dae-lee at ultra tec We hadn't seen Dae Lee for a number of years-and then, one day last month he came by the factory- toting two old Ultra Tec machines. For many years, he operated a custom cutting operation in Cerritos California. He explained to Joe that he and his wife had moved to a new home in Southern California, to be near his grandkids--they had retired from their business.

They did the typical California thing-they had a "moving sale" in their front yard -everything was sold, but, when someone offered to buy the faceting equipment, he said that he "just couldn't let it go -- to a stranger". So, he brought them "home" to Ultra Tec.

Dae Lee and Joe enjoyed reminiscing about the days when Dae Lee and his wife Jae Lee, would go to the "Faceters Fairs", back in the '70's and '80's, where Jai Lee would demonstrate faceting on the Ultra Tec. She was a super fast high quality faceter-she could take a piece of rough, not yet dopped, and 45 minutes later, hand back a completed gem. Watching her was a pleasure-every motion precise-not a wasted second-super yield.

When Joe introduced Dae Lee to some of the younger people in the company, Joe pointed to the machines and said they had cut many hundreds of stones-Dai Lee corrected him, saying "many thousands - many many thousands".

NEW LOCATION -- Andy Gulij, Ultra Tec's Rep in San Diego
Andrew Gulij sat at his Ultra Tec V2 Andy Gulij is not a new name among Ultra Tec representatives, but he is in a new location. For years, Andy was located in Big Bear, a mountain top town in Southern California-and now he's returned to "civilization"-San Diego, where he's located in the Jewelry Building, downtown (check our Representative Listing for contact information).

Always a creative guy, Andy has developed unique fantasy designs, and has placed first in AGTA gem cutting competition.


gulik pink stone Tak a look at Andy's website :

A "Mineral Calendar" with a "Plus"
mineral calendar You've seen Mineral Calendars before-they always display natural-uncut-minerals (Now, "mineral people" don't always look kindly at faceting. They are concerned that faceters are about to break up some mineral specimen into facetable sizes).

This beautiful calendar, from France, is no exception- that is, its illustrations are all mineral specimens-- EXCEPT for the page shown - the September Aquamarine page.

Is that a faceted stone you see!

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jose guiu The man who puts this calendar together visited Jos� Guiu, Ultra Tec's representative in Barcelona, and looked at his cut stones. He was "swept away" by the Aquamarine - and with a little urging from Jos� he arranged to have it shown on the calendar page you see. JOSE GUIU

Needless to say-this reduced size version doesn't do it justice-but we wanted to show it to you. It might be a first.

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