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July 2009
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-- John Dyer Article in Lapidary Journal... We bring to your attention.
-- A Note of Sadness
-- ARGENTINA. Ruben Lianza
-- PORTUGAL. Rui Sousa Roza
-- YEMEN. Hamed Ettehadi
-- A message from Joe


Welcome to the July 2009 copy of the Some Times Newsletter

John Dyer Article in Lapidary Journal... We bring to your attention.
Better indexing thumbnail The June 2009 Issue of Lapidary Journal / Jewelry Artist featured an article by renowned designer and gemcutter John Dyer. The article, "Better Indexing", offers tips and techniques for improving the way that you think about indexing-understanding the symmetry of the stone. Very valuable to novices, it is probably not "news" to you more experienced cutters, but John's clear exposition is a pleasure in itself. The many diagrams are excellent.

You can also find out all about John Dyers work at

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A Note of Sadness
More than a note of sadness - most of you probably know by now that Jeff Graham passed away in June. It was unexpected - it happened during his sleep - he was only 50 years old. It was a shock. Jeff was an exceptional faceter who shared his knowledge freely- his website was probably the most visited of any faceting website. His loss is both professional and personal for all of us at Ultra Tec, and I know that many of you share the sadness.

We are happy to introduce three new International Representatives for Ultra Tec - actually, from three different continents.

There seems to be an awakening of interest in gem faceting around the World-we've seen the growth of Ultra Tec's international team. That the "faceting gene" is a worldwide phenomenon is no surprise.

See our list of International Reps...

ARGENTINA. Ruben Lianza
Lianza with gold Ruben Lianza was in Dallas Texas in the early 1990's, working as a test pilot, when news was released that he had discovered a field of oblong meteor craters in Argentina, spotted from the air. That resulted in his lecture to the Arlington Gem and Mineral Club, where soon he became a member and met JE Carroll, who taught him faceting. He has been an Ultra Tec faceter ever since.

He returned to Argentina to complete his career in the Air Force, including a year as commander of an Argentine Antarctic Station - he retired as a Colonel about two years ago.

Ruben writes: "Now I have time to develop my hobbies with more dedication, among them... faceting... of course."

If you google "ruben esteban lianza" you will find interesting information relating to his experiences- including Antarctica, and the meteor craters - and his major activity now - - his "gold museum".

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PORTUGAL. Rui Sousa Roza
Roza Rui Sousa Roza, who now lives in Oporto, Portugal, lived and worked in Mozambique for 7 years and, of course, it was there that Rui became interested in faceting. It was hard not to--Mozambique is a source of high quality gem rough--excellent garnets and exceptional tourmalines-right there. He reports that he started faceting on a German machine, as a hobby.

It wasn't long before he met an experienced cutter who provided him with lessons on the Ultra Tec--and he appreciated the Ultra Tec's precision and repeatability. From then on, it was Ultra Tec for him. Now, back home in Portugal, he is happy to have become an Ultra Tec Representative-and we are happy to welcome him to the team.

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YEMEN. Hamed Ettehadi
hamed-yemen Hamed Ettehadi lives in an area of the Mid East where there is an intense interest in precious and semi precious cut stones-from the country of Yemen, with its long tradition of artistic production. Hamed honed his faceting skills in Switzerland, with lessons from Hubert Heldner, and he is ready to offer similar learning to his customers. Representing other companies in the lapidary field, he said he particularly wants to represent Ultra Tec for faceting-for the same reasons that he has chosen Ultra Tec for his own personal use.

His enthusiasm for the Ultra Tec and his excitement about faceting makes us eager to welcome him as our representative.

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A message from Joe
In preparing this SomeTimes, I realize that we are already half-way through 2009! - getting closer to the anticipated worldwide economic recovery. Of course, we are indeed "closer" to whenever that happens, but we're all hoping that the prognosticators who were looking to an economic turn-up in the latter part of 2009 are right.

With all of it, Ultra Tec is doing "OK" - not fabulous, but not bad - perhaps "solidly OK" is the way to say it. I remember in school (how many years ago!), getting a final grade of B+, and the smiling teacher told me "It's a good solid B+." I told her "I'd rather you gave me a shaky A-". Well. we'd rather report an "almost fabulous" grade for Ultra Tec, but we're happy to settle for a "solid OK."

In a way, we've taken advantage of the situation to direct attention to some design ideas - some improvements to existing design and some new ideas. We're not too far off from telling you about them, but as is our way, we want to complete thorough testing so that you are assured of reliability when we do release something new.

So-with it's 45th birthday in sight, Ultra Tec is healthy and is continuing to move forward.

I trust you are well-I'm writing this on July 3rd, so- Happy Birthday Uncle Sam.

Keep in touch.

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