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New Year...New WorldIssue 9    Winter  2012  
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues,
2012 promises to be exciting and challenging.  Globalization and technology are just two of the many factors that will have an impact on our lives and our futures, as detailed below.  We can help you navigate this ever-changing world, ensuring your family enjoys success, prosperity, and calm.

We at Inspirica have always resolved to stay on top of trends affecting your child's educational future and provide the guidance and information you need to stay one step ahead in the world.  We look forward to working with you and your family in 2012!


Lisa Jacobson
Founder and CEO
NY:  212.245.3888      Boston: 617.243.9015       Philadelphia:  610.520.7800
The Inside Track
A World of Difference in Education
Excel locally...think globally!  Preparing for the future now involves  international experiences. The number of American students studying abroad rose last year.  In this video, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stresses the importance of international education and urges even more American students to consider it.
International Education Week: Video Remarks by Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
Graduate education is going global too, as
Asian business schools are actively wooing
some of the brightest U.S.
candidates, according to this Wall Street Journal article.
International education works both ways, as 723,000 foreign students came to the U.S. in 2010/2011, an increase over previous years.
New Year, New Grad School Trends
Map out life after college.
Preparing for the "real world"
after receiving a PhD (or other graduate degree) can be challenging, and many students are not adequately preparing for the years ahead. A professor/author offers pragmatic advice here.
Remember that Inspirica offers a full range of GMAT, LSAT, and GRE preparation strategies and customized programs for students nationally and internationally. Plus, "Inspirica Anywhere," provides a computer-based tutoring program where students can meet with their tutors online. 

The Extra Point

New Lifestyle Habits 


Resolve to succeed.  Encourage your child to adopt tried-and-true best studying practices to kick off the new year! Find out which foods Studyprovide maximum brain energy, learn exercises that boost test confidence and tips to conquer test-day jitters!  
Worrier Parent Meets Mellow Child

Kid technologyRelax!  Are you considered "Type A" but have a "Type B" child?  Lisa Jacobson was featured in  this groundbreaking Wall Street Journal piece that reveals what happens when a Type A parent raises a Type B child. 
Pop Quiz    
What are the Chances?

Score!  Schools are now using sports examples to teach probability, according to the New York Times.  Here's an example:


FootballAfter scoring a touchdown, football teams can choose between attempting an easy kick for 1 point or going for a more difficult play for 2 points. You are the coach and your kicker makes the extra-point kick 99 percent of the time, while your offense succeeds on a two-point conversion 50 percent of the time. Over time, which strategy will result in more points?


A) Extra point

B) Two point conversion

C) Each results in the same number of points


Visit our Facebook page to learn the correct answer!

Upcoming Dates 

Calendar Reminder 
January 28th: SAT/Subject Tests
February 4th: SSAT
February 11th or 13th: LSAT
March 3rd: SSAT
March 10th: SAT
April 14th: ACT
April 21st: SSAT 

Head of the Class 
What's New at Inspirica 
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Education Next
Technology Transforming Learning  
Stay in touch with technology...but don't lose your humanity. Is the classroom now your family room?  Home study via technology is becoming prevalent in public schools from K-12.   Learn more here.   


Cell phonesDevices and apps are playing a broader role in education.  Cell phones are being used to teach. And lessons are now being brought to life with Animoto, a video slideshow site that utilizes images and music to educate and inspire.  
Is Facebook having an impact on your child's grades?  Read this insightful article. 
But some schools oppose computers in the classroom. Even executives at companies like Google, eBay and Apple are sending their children to tech-free schools, says this New York Times article!
We at Inspirica believe that technology combined with human interaction can have a powerful role in improving test results.  "Inspirica Anywhere" offers a new level of convenience in online tutoring. Consider it for a leg up on standardized tests as well as a wide range of academic subjects.
Breathe Easy
Your 2012 Agenda   
9th Graders:   
If your child excels in science, consider the SAT Subject Test in Biology. Academic tutoring in any subject can help increase grades and prepare students for midterms and finals.
10th Graders:   Chemistry, Math, and History are all good SAT Subject Tests to take this year. Please call to set up SAT preparation, starting this summer. 
11th Graders:
We can help you prepare for the March and May SAT tests, as well as every SAT Subject Test. And, be sure to look to Inspirica for academic tutoring too.

Parents of students can schedule a complimentary Educational Audit. We create a personalized standardized testing calendar for each student.  
12th Graders:   Most likely, college applications are in!  Enjoy the rest of the year, consider internships for the spring, and keep those grades up.  (And catch up on your sleep.)
Remember that Inspirica tutoring is available from the suburbs to the city, and everywhere in-between.
Subject Test Roundtables
Choosing the Right Test


Please join the conversation. Many colleges require applicants to submit at least two SAT Subject Test scores in addition to SAT or ACT results. However, with all of the Subject Test options, knowing where to begin can be difficult. 

Families come to us with all sorts of questions, such as: 
  • What is a Subject Test?  
  • How many subjects can my child choose from?
  • Do certain Subject Tests "look better" than others on a student's application?
Inspirica's Subject Test Roundtables will help explain this complicated process. We'll provide an overview of each Subject Test, explain the quirks of each exam and discuss factors that may affect your child's testing timeline. There'll be plenty of time to ask questions and you'll leave with a personalized testing calendar.

New York City
January 17th, 11am-12pm
January 25th, 11am-12pm

850 Seventh Ave, Suite 403
New York, NY 10019
January 19th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm 
January 24th, 11am - 12pm

1320 Centre St., Suite 206

Newton Centre, MA 02459



January 12th, 11am - 12pm
January 17th, 1pm - 2pm

945 Haverford Road

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Space is limited, so please call or email to RSVP. If you cannot attend but are interested in the topic, please contact one of our Educational Consultants.
Kids raising handClick...Clip...and Share 
The Hidden Meaning of Hand-Raising  

Ooh...ooh...ooh.  Pick me!  Click through this whimsical slide show by CollegeHumor to discover what your hand-raising style might mean!