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Progress and Progressions Issue 8   Autumn 2011 
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues,
Lisa Jacobson, CEO, Founder & CEOAs you and your family ease back into the school year, we are taking time to reflect on the significant changes that are happening within our educational system and how technology is evolving teaching, youth behaviors, communications and just about everything in our world.
And yet, despite this progress, Inspirica believes that great study habits, preparation and planning, and responsible knowledgeable parenting are "constants" that will define your children's academic success and future career path.  Let's work together to define and achieve this success -- now and throughout the 2011/2012 school season and for years to come -- and we will keep you abreast of educational trends that will help your children thrive in a changing world. 
Lisa Jacobson
Founder and CEO
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The Inside Track

Change for the Better?


Could the race to the top begin at age four? According to this Washington Post Article it can, as the Obama Administration pushes standardized assessments for preschoolers. Critics say this is mad! What do you think?


Is handwriting obsolete? kids on keyboards  

School systems nationally no longer require teaching cursive, according to this article. Instead, students are expected to become proficient keyboarders.

Google + is Google's fully-integrated online community and may be poised to overtake Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media and communication platforms.  Educators are discovering great ways it will affect education and transform the way  teachers and students engage.


Degrees of Progress
The economy and social trends are having a significant impact on graduate education.

The Master's is the new Bachelor's!  A tough job market has forced record-setting numbers of students to pursue graduate education to remain competitive.

And here is what's happening inside graduate programs:

This Fall, Harvard Business School will see its largest female enrollment in its history!
Aspiring doctors must now pay extra attention to their bedside manner. According to this  New York Times article, many medical schools now require candidates go through a series of interviews that assess people skills.
The Extra Point
To Learn or Not to Learn...
That is the question! 
San Diego Student Shakespeare Festival
San Diego Student Shakespeare Festival
Watch this video to see how educators are teaching Shakespeare in quirky ways! 
Some Skills are Timeless


As kids start high school and college, financial literacy becomes even more important.  Money Magazine offers guidance here on when (and what) to teach your children about practical economics.

Upcoming Dates 

Calendar Reminder 
SSAT: 10/15 (US/Canada sites only),

 11/12, 12/10


PSAT/NMSQT: 10/12, 10/15  


SAT/Subject Tests: 10/1, 11/5, 12/3  


ACT: 9/10, 10/22, 12/10  


LSAT: 10/1, 10/4, 12/3, 12/5   


Breathe Easy
Your 2011/2012 Agenda   
Standardized Test9th Graders:  This fall is clearly a big transition time. Students need to work on getting organized and focused to meet the challenges of high school. Developing relationships with teachers and advocating for themselves are also critical skills.
10th Graders:  

The focus needs to be on grades and
pursuing passions like sports and other extracurricular activities.


11th Graders:
Now is the time to choose between the SAT and ACT and create a long-term calendar for upcoming standardized tests.   Visiting colleges should become an important weekend and vacation activity.


12th Graders: It's all about finalizing college applications, taking remaining standardized tests, scheduling final college visits and interviews, and keeping those grades up!

Parents of students 9th through 12th grade can schedule a meeting with their Educational Consultant to create a complimentary Educational Audit.  This is a custom-designed testing timeline for each student.  


To request an educational audit, email us at 
Remember that Inspirica tutoring is available in the suburbs, the city, and places in-between -- even around the world. 
"Inspirica Anywhere" offers a new level of convenience in online tutoring. Consider it for a leg up on standardized tests as well as a wide range of academic subjects.

Head of the Class   

What's New at Inspirica? 


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Pop Quiz
A Fun, Fast Fact

Which is the first museum in the U.S accredited to offer a doctorate in its own name?
A. The Smithsonian
B. The American Museum of Natural History
C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
D. The National Air and Space Museum  


The correct answer is B. Learn more about the museum that is venturing into academia.

Complimentary Roundtables 

Choosing the Right Test
RoundtableAre you confused by which test is right for your child?  Is your child test-phobic?  Hearing too many myths and horror stories from friends and neighbors?


Gain insights, as well as expert and up-to-date answers about the SAT and ACT. You will also have an opportunity to speak with us, one-on-one, about your specific concerns and needs.
New York City  

September 21st, 23rd, 26th, 28th, 11am-12pm
September 27th or 28th, 12pm-1pm
Space is limited. To reserve a complimentary session, RSVP to 

Click...Clip...and Share 
iPhone App Turns a New Page in Textbook Shopping 


iPhoneStudents shopping for textbooks have three options: buy new, used or digital. To help them save money, Amazon released a free iPhone app for comparison shopping called Amazon Student.  Students use the device's camera to shoot the book's bar code and get price options.  One reviewer called it "easy peasy and really useful!"