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Hats off...thinking caps on!Issue 7    Summer  2011  
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues, 
Congratulations to Inspirica graduates, their families and to all the students who are successfully completing another semester!  Hats off to you for finishing the 2011 school year. 
The thinking caps of summer are baseball hats and sun visors, but remember that the relaxed days of summer can be a great time to consider the future.  From remote tutoring to fun ways to stay challenged, Inspirica is available all summer long to help you "heat up" for academic and career success.
Lisa Jacobson
Founder and CEO
NY:  212.245.3888      Boston: 617.243.9015       Philadelphia:  610.520.7800
The Inside Track    
Summer Dreams Spark College Essays



Aside from barbecues and beaches, summer is a great time to reflect on life experiences. High school students entering their senior year should use the relaxing days of summer to get a head start on their college essays. Serenity  provides the perfect backdrop for creating an engaging and thought-provoking essay.

Staying One Step Ahead

Even when wearing flip-flops, you can prepare for the future.  The summer is a great time to think about graduate school.  After eight years in development, the revised Graduate Record Examination will be introduced on August 1st. The test will be 30 minutes longer, focus on comprehensive reasoning, and allow test-takers to use calculators.  

The Extra Point

Unplug or Power-up?


Although we hope you will put your electronic devices aside for awhile this summer, technology is having a big impact on education. 


Educators in Maine have recently 

childipad introduced Apple iPads into the classroom for students as young as five years old. This technology is "truly redefining how we're going to teach and learn." Watch this CNN report to see the children in action.


Technology is also connecting teachers worldwide, who connect with and inspire each other and share content with Skype in the Classroom.  The global community has already engaged 4,000 teachers in 99 countries.


 Doldrums are Not Cool

While college students should use the summer break as an opportunity to relax, rest and "refuel," many engaging activities can prepare them well for the coming semester and keep their minds active according to this article.

Upcoming Dates   
Calendar Reminder  

Sept 10th: ACT 

Oct 1st: SAT or Subject Tests 

Oct 1st or 4th: LSAT
Oct 12th or 15th: PSAT
Oct 22nd: ACT
Nov 5th: SAT or Subject Tests

Dec 3rd: SAT or Subject Tests
Dec 3rd or 5th: LSAT
Dec 10th: ACT  

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Breathe Easy
Your Summer Agenda  

Rising 9th Graders:  boyreadinggrass

The transition to high school requires new skills.  Read, read, read during summer break!

Rising 10th Graders: 
Engage in activities that really interest you this summer and start thinking about what electives you might want to take in the years ahead. 
Rising 11th Graders:

Take ACT and SAT diagnostic tests to see where you stand before tutoring starts.
Rising 12th Graders: Begin working on your college essays and any tests you need to take in the Fall.

Remember that Inspirica tutoring is available in the suburbs, the city, and places in-between -- even around the world.

Take a tutor with you over the summer. "Inspirica Anywhere" offers a new level of convenience in online tutoring. Consider it for a leg up on standardized tests as well as a wide range of academic subjects.
Head of the Class Complimentary Roundtables about the SAT and ACT
RoundtableDuring these informative sessions, you will gain insights, as well as expert and up-to-date answers to questions such as:
  • What is the difference between the SAT and the ACT?
  • Do colleges view one exam more favorably than the other?
  • Do students perform better on the SAT or the ACT? 
  • How do I know which test is right for my child?

You will also have an opportunity to speak with us, one-on-one, about your specific concerns and needs.

New York City
  • Wednesday July 20th: 11am-12pm
  • Friday July 22nd: 11am-12pm 
  • Wednesday July 27th: 11am-12pm 
  • Friday July 29th: 11am-12pm
  • Friday July 22nd: 11am-12pm 
  • Tuesday July 26th: 6pm-7pm 
  • Wednesday July 27th: 11am-12pm  
  • Wednesday July 27th: 12pm-1pm
  • Thursday July 28th: 12pm-1pm 

Space is limited. To reserve a complimentary session, RSVP to  

PopQuizPop Quiz
A Fun, Fast Fact


Which of the following universities are ranked #1 in global reputation by the Times Higher Education?


A.) Princeton

B.) Cambridge

C.) Harvard

D.) University of Tokyo


The answer is C, Harvard. MIT and harvardCambridge were ranked #2 and #3, respectively, in

these recently released Top 100 rankings   

abbotandcostelloClick...Clip...and Share 
Extra Credit    

Why watch videos of silly pet tricks or Glee re-runs when 

you can get a refresher in American history, set to a Billy Joel song? 

Teacher Tube is like YouTube, but it's packed with content provided by educators!.  You can even take a math lesson from Abbott & Costello!