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New Year...New HabitsIssue 6    Winter  2011
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues,
The new year is always a great time to reflect on the many things you have accomplished over the past twelve months and to think about those habits that have resulted in success -- and those that may need some fine-tuning.
We at Inspirica have always resolved to listen to what our families are saying and continuously evolve to meet their needs. Please be sure to consult us in the new year -- and we'll help you develop new productive habits that lead to a great 2011 and help you breathe easier! 
Lisa Jacobson
Founder and CEO
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The Inside Track
Resolve to Re-wire
Kids' use of technology can be harming their ability to focus and may result in lower grades, according to this article in The New York TimesParents need to limit their children's intake of "empty digital calories," and ensure that 50 percent of a child's computer time is spent on activities that teach, according to experts.  

Girl StudyingSome of the common wisdom about study habits (like always working in the same location) is simply wrong, according to this article
What a difference 30 minutes of sleep can make!  Mood and health can improve when adolescents are allowed to start school later, according to this study published in The Wall Street Journal. 
Resolve to Reach the Next Level
The doctor of the future may have a better bedside manner, as many medical schools are now appealing to college graduates who have not majored in hard science.  Some schools may (selectively) not even require the MCAT exam, according to this article.
Women are enrolling in graduate school at a higher rate than men, according to this study.  And women now earn the majority of doctorates, reversing a long-established trend.  
Remember that Inspirica offers a full range of GMAT, LSAT, and GRE preparation strategies and customized programs for students nationally and internationally (and through "Inspirica Anywhere," which provides computer-based tutoring).

The Extra Point

New Eating Habits 

The grilled cheese sandwich may be yesterday's news.  As you tour college campuses, you may spot tandoor ovens and Brazilian-style churrasqueiras Global diningin the cafeteria.  Students crave global options, so dining facilities are adding more exotic features to their food service facilities, as this report reveals.


The "Freshman 15" may be a trend of the past, as colleges offer more healthy choices, according to CBS-TV.

Healthy (and Unhealthy) Habits
Are you driving your children to drink? This Brigham Young study draws a correlation between parenting style and kids' drinking habits.
DoodleTexting in class is the new doodling, according to this national news story, which revealed that 9 out of 10 kids have sent a text message while in class.
Upcoming Dates
Calendar Reminder 
January 22nd: SAT/Subject Tests
February 5th: SSAT
February 12th or 14th: LSAT
February 12th: ACT
March 5th: SSAT
March 12th: SAT
April 9th: ACT
April 9th: SSAT
Breathe Easy
Your 2011 Agenda 
9th Graders:  
If your child excels in science, consider the SAT Subject Test in Biology.  Academic tutoring in any subject can help increase grades and prepare students for midterms and finals.
10th Graders:  
Chemistry, Math, and Literature are all good SAT Subject Tests to take this year.  Please call to set up SAT preparation, starting this summer. 
11th Graders:

We can help you prepare for the March and May SAT tests, as well as every SAT Subject Test.  And, be sure to look to Inspirica for academic tutoring too.
Parents of all age students can schedule a complimentary Educational Audit.  We create a personalized standardized testing calendar for each student.  
12th Graders:
Most likely, college applications are in!  Enjoy the rest of the year, consider internships for the spring, and keep those grades up.  (And catch up on your sleep.)
Remember that Inspirica tutoring is available in the suburbs, the city, and places in-between -- even around the world. 
"Inspirica Anywhere" offers a new level of convenience in online tutoring. Consider it for a leg up on standardized tests as well as a wide range of academic subjects.
Head of the Class
Complimentary Roundtables about the SAT and ACT

At these informative sessions, you will gain insights, as well as expert and up-to-date answers to questions such as:

  • What is the difference between the SAT and the ACT?
  • Do colleges view one exam more favorably than the other?
  • Do students perform better on the SAT or the ACT? 
  • How do I know which test is right for my child?

You will also have an opportunity to speak with us, one-on-one, about your specific concerns and needs.


New York City

January 13th, 11:00am

January 18th, 11:00am


January 13th, 11:00am

January 18th, 6:30pm   


January 13th, 11am

January 18th, 1:00pm


Space is limited. To reserve a complimentary session, RSVP to

PopQuizPop Quiz
A Fun, Fast Fact

What percent of college students would feel relieved if they were disconnected from cell phones and computers?
A. 2%

B. 25%

C. 57%

D. 95%  


TextingThe correct answer is B.  But 57% said they would be more agitated if they lost their technology "lifelines," according to this study.

Click...Clip...and Share 
Extra Credit  
Quack VideoInstead of sitting alone at a desk with textbooks, kids can make school work 24/7 and fun, with this wide range of self-study tools, fueled by technology. Students can watch vocabulary videos, utilize online flash cards or play fun math games! They are even making their own SAT vocabulary videos, like this one. Also, students can donate to world hunger just by answering quiz questions correctly here.
The possibilities are endless, convenient and fun!