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Issue 4    Summer 2010
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues, 
Your head may be spinning with proms, graduations, teen trips, family vacations, and other key events of the season. Seniors have, for the most part, made their college decisions and are looking forward to the next step with excitement and a bit of nervousness (although they may not always admit it).  Simply put, we could all use a little summer right now!
Inspirica wants to ensure that your family can breathe easy and relax throughout this time and enjoy it to its fullest. 
Lisa Jacobson
Founder and CEO
NY:  212.245.3888      Boston: 617.243.9015       Philadelphia:  610.520.7800
The Inside Track
From Mortarboard to Keyboard
Social media and technology are having a huge impact on academics and teen development. Here are some examples:
Many students established "alternate identities" on Facebook this year to maintain their privacy when being reviewed by college admissions officers.
iTouchThe average child (ages 8-18) spends 11 hours of media consumption in only 7.5 hours per day, because they multi-task with different technologies (TV, smartphone or computer).
Are our children losing social interaction skills? Research found that 54% of American teenagers (ages 12-17) said they text their friends once a day, but only 33% said they talk to their friends face-to-face on a daily basis.
College students who quit social media cold turkey report symptoms similar to drug and alcohol withdrawal.
The New York Times just ran this thought-provoking cover story which explores the impact of technology on brain function and on family life.
Global Intelligence
The recession has led to an increase in graduate school applications, according to this article. International graduate school applications were up 7% this year.  Most of these increases were in doctoral programs, and the most significant was a 19% increase in applications from China. And, a third of all PhD's are now held by immigrants.
If your student's dream career requires a graduate degree, call or e-mail us for a consultation. Inspirica offers a full range of GMAT, LSAT, and GRE preparation strategies and customized programs for students nationally and internationally (and through "Inspirica Anywhere" too).
We don't stop at the graduate level though. Inspirica now also offers tutoring for parents! Call us for language help for that summer trip to Europe, preparation for that later-in-life degree, or private lessons in art history, math, or any other subject you've been meaning to explore.
The Extra Point
Virtual Intelligence
According to this 2009 study from the Department of Education, students involved in online learning outperform their peers.
VoteYesRaise your hand, please!  We would like to know what Inspirica families and colleagues think about this trend. Take our poll here.  Results will be reported in an upcoming issue.
Practice, Practice, Practice
ScrabbleThe summer is an ideal time to encourage your teen to practice reading and writing, and to work on expanding his or her vocabulary.  Encourage reading by investing in an e-book reader for your child.  (Did you know that 35% of book sales are now online or through e-readers?) Integrate fun word games into family car trips. Or, contact Inspirica regarding custom-designed vocabulary programs.
Breathe Easy
Summer Schooling
Rising 9th and 10th Graders: 
Summer ReadingNow is the time to read, read and read even more. Time spent reading can improve vocabulary, performance in school, and standardized test results.
Rising 11th Graders:
Which test is right for your student, the ACT or the SAT? Allow Inspirica to guide you in the right direction; bring your student in for a complimentary consultation and diagnostic test. And, if you are visiting our New York office, explore the area with help from Inspirica's "Guide to Enjoying Our Fine City."
Rising 12th Graders:
Get a head start on college essays. It will ease back-to-school stress.
Take a tutor with you over the summer. "Inspirica Anywhere" offers a new level of convenience in online tutoring. Consider it for a leg up on standardized tests as well as a wide range of academic subjects.
Head of the Class
What's New at Inspirica?
NEW!  SAT/ACT Roundtables.  This is an exclusive benefit for our readers.  Receive reassurance, information, and insider tips on the most pressing questions parents have today. Limited attendance (12 per session), so RSVP today. Sessions are all held at Inspirica locations on these dates:
New York
7/20, 7/22, 8/3, 8/5: 11:00am-12:00pm
7/22: 10:00-11:00am; 7/27: 6:00-7:00pm
7/27, 7/28: 12:00-1:00pm 
Smart Money Mag MayLisa Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Inspirica, was featured in Smart Money magazine in this article about information not always known about tutoring services. For instance, she mentions that many tutoring services, including Inspirica, offer financial aid or scholarships to those in need.
Pop Quiz
A Fun, Fast Fact
Which of these four reward models, used to bribe students to perform better in school, was not successful?
A. $2 reward for reading
     and comprehending a book
B. Payment for five different metrics,
    including behavior and attendance
C. Payment for better test scores
D. Payment based upon letter grade
MoneyThe correct answer is C, according to this Time magazine article. 
In an experiment run by a Harvard economist, incentives tested in Dallas (A), Washington, D.C. (B) and Chicago (D) had significant success rates, but rewards for better test performances had no effect on New York City students.
Upcoming Dates
Calendar Reminder
September 11: ACT
October 9: SAT/Subject Tests
October 9 or 12: LSAT
October 13 or 16: PSAT/NMSQT
October 23: ACT
November 6: SAT/Subject Tests
December 4: SAT/Subject Tests
December 11: ACT
December 11 or 13: LSAT
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Yale RecruitsAutumn Leaves
A group of Yale students produced this recruiting video (now posted on YouTube) as an alternative to the same old talking head videos and lectures.  A "Glee"-like musical, it has attracted notice from the media internationally (including some controversial blog posts).  Reviews range from accolades to razzes.  What do YOU think?