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The Next Decade of Education Issue 3    Winter 2010 
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues, 
We hope your holidays were peaceful and relaxing.  Welcome to 2010 -- the new decade!
Education is one of the trends to watch this year, with a record 12 million people now enrolled in colleges and universities.  We at Inspirica are also watching this trend, with an eye toward helping our students and their families prepare themselves for the many changes that each new semester brings.  Our goal in 2010, as in 2009, is to help you "breathe easy" throughout the admissions process.
Lisa Jacobson
Founder and CEO
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The Inside Track
Clearing Educational Paths
The recession has had an impact on public college application rates, and admission rates to private universities may be on the upswing as a result, according to this Washington Post article.  College applications are expected to reach a record-setting level this year.  And early admissions are also on the rise, especially at elite schools.
Education is becoming highly decentralized, according to Forbes.  One of its 2010 education predictions is that apprenticeships will make a comeback and more colleges will become highly specialized. 
Recruited for New Challenges 
Active duty soldiers  are preparing forMilitary Officer careers after their service and many of them are pursuing admission to elite business and law schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton.  "Inspirica Anywhere," our video tutoring service, has also been called to duty.  We recently had requests from  soldiers  stationed in Dubai, Afghanistan, Iraq, and even a soldier stationed at sea in the Persian Gulf to tutor them remotely via computer and webcam for the GMAT and the LSAT.
Although the GMAT is intended as an admissions requirement for business school, Business Week reports that  some top firms are looking at scores as a way of gauging  candidates' capabilities.  Inside Higher Ed adds that this practice directly contradicts the test maker's intent for the exam.
The Extra Point
Green Genius  

At least 126 colleges have done away with cafeteria trays -- leaving students without sleds this winter, but significantly reducing campus waste.  Read this New York Times article for details. 
Seven out of ten college-bound students prefer green universities, according to this survey.
What's New in Testing?
Fortune calls it the "standardized-test smackdown."  A few years ago, a small percentage of standardized test takers opted for the ACT.  Now, the test has almost reached parity with the SAT. 
A common misconception is that the ACT is easier.  Among Inspirica's students, 1/3 score higher on the SAT, 1/3 score higher on the ACT, and 1/3 fare about the same on both.  Contact your Inspirica educational consultant and we'll help you figure out which test is best for your child.
breatheasyBreathe Easy
Hibernate and Evaluate

Testing should be helpful, not stressful.  For example:
  • Personality testing can play a role in helping students choose the right college.  Tests like Myers-Briggs and True Colors have middle school and high school versions that  students report are remarkably accurate.
  • Too much standardized testing can lead to burnout, stress, and erratic scores.  Inspirica's objective is to minimize the number of times students take tests.  Contact us and we'll help you put together a plan that minimizes testing and optimizes results.
  • Start early when planning for SAT Subject Tests.  9th grade is the best time to start putting together a plan and will prevent a last-minute rush in senior year.  Here is a list of the available subjects.
headofclassHead of the Class
What's News at Inspirica?
Watch Inspirica in action as our tutors and families talk about the benefits of one-on-one tutoring on NBC News.
Lisa Jacobson, our founder and CEO, provided insights on paying for college in tough times in this USA Today cover article.
We're all operating a little greener these days.  Inspirica is saving paper with online versions of our brochures on the SAT/ACT, SSAT/ISEE, GMAT, LSAT and GRE.  Find information about individual tests here. 
Pop Quiz
A Fun, Fast Fact

Students today use Facebook to:
A.  Friend Ashton Kutcher
B.   Friend pets
C.   Friend college admissions officers
D.   De-friend their parents
Although they may be using Facebook for many of these things, Facebookthe correct answer based on recent news reports is C.  According to this CBS Money Watch article, many students seem to think that getting closer to academic decision-makers will increase their chances of acceptance.  (It's not a great idea!)
Upcoming Dates
Calendar Reminder 
January 23: SAT/SAT Subject Tests
February 6: ACT
February 6: LSAT
February 6: SSAT
March 6: SSAT
March 13: SAT/SAT Subject Tests
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Representing on Saturday mornings
Teachers at Williamsburg Charter High School, a public charter high school in Brooklyn, decided to break the stress of testing with a little levity. Most of the students at the school are low-income, first-generation and extremely nervous about the approaching SAT.  Turn up your speakers and watch this video, bound to relieve standardized test stress and make you smile.  (The cast is comprised of teachers, counselors, and security staff.)