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The Successful Summer Premier Issue  June 2009 
Dear Inspirica families and colleagues, 
We at Inspirica are thrilled to launch our first e-newsletter, a resource for trends, news, facts, and reassurance about issues directly or tangentially related to tutoring and test preparation.
Our primary focus is helping parents breathe easy throughout their children's education and testing years, and we are sure that after reading these notes, you'll smile, relax, and feel confident that we care as much about your children's success and well-being as you do!
If you have any suggestions for articles or any questions for us, please e-mail us and we may include them in an upcoming issue.
Lisa Jacobson,
Founder and CEO
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The Inside Track
Seasonal Savvy and Strategies

College admissions officers are known to favor applicants who have shown commitment and responsibility by holding a summer job.  Simple "real world" jobs and internships may be viewed more favorably than exotic travel.

Yet, the outlook is tough for high school and college students as they compete with out-of-work adults for summer jobs.  Here are some creative ways your children can seek seasonal employment: 
  • The Facebook "status update" isn't  just for reporting last night's American Idol results! Your kids can use it to land a job by posting what kind of position they are seeking.  
  • Students can design their own internships by approaching local businesses in fields they are passionate about.  Love animals?  Go to the local pet store.  Want a career in sports management?  Offer to help out a local league or sporting goods retailer.  Bring letters of reference from teachers or prior employers. 
  • Search summer boards (like this one) daily, and respond early to new posts.  Speed, eagerness and perseverance all count when job hunting.
School's Out...Now What? 

Contemplating a business or law degree?
  • Choose your test wisely.  Some MBA programs now accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT.  Here's the list.
  • Graduate school admissions scores are good for 3-5 years. Even if you are unsure of your next move, consider taking these exams upon graduation when the material is still fresh in your mind.
  • Call or e-mail us for a consultation.  Inspirica offers a full range of GMAT, LSAT, and GRE preparation strategies and customized programs.
The Extra Point
Summer Vocabulary

Superscoring:  The practice of some college admissions departments taking the highest math, critical reading, and writing scores across different sittings of the SAT.

On her second sitting of the SAT, Corey scored a 1910.  However, because of superscoring, the college admissions officers took her highest scores from both sittings (700 on math, 720 critical reading and 680 writing) resulting in a score of 2100. 

The word has even made it into the Urban Dictionary!
Breathe Easy
Getting to the (Picnic) Table

Take advantage of barbeque season and slower summer schedules to kick-start the family dinner habit.   

Read the tips below on what you can do to make family gatherings a success.
  • Keep it light! Keep dinner table chat totally neutral and stress-free.  Do not bring up grades, tests, college applications, messy rooms, or curfew violations.
  • If your child wants to discuss school, it's fair game. (But make sure to offer helpful advice and be non-judgmental.)    
  • Listening is an art. Keep the lecturing to a minimum, relax and let your kids teach you something new!

Remember that family dinners build language skills and can contribute to academic excellence.

Here is some useful guidance for starting conversations.  Don't be worried about long pauses or silence!
Head of the Class
What's New at Inspirica?
Our CEO, Lisa Jacobson, was featured recently on four segments on MSNBC Live, as well as in an article in Money Magazine.  As one of the nation's top experts on teens, education and parenting, she is frequently quoted in the national media.  ***************************************************
Wish you could pack a tutor-to-go this summer?  You can! Our tutors have traveled to 38 states and four continents.  Where are you going this summer? Call or e-mail us to find out more about our traveling tutors. 
Pop Quiz
A Fun, Fast Fact

What does SAT stand for?

A.  Scholastic Assessment Test
B.  Scholastic Aptitude Test
C.  Stressed and Tired
D.  None of the Above

The answer may surprise you: (d) None of the Above. When first introduced, the SAT was called the Scholastic Aptitude Test. In 1990, because of uncertainty about the SAT's ability to function as an intelligence test, the name was changed to Scholastic Assessment Test. Just four years later, in 1994, after much controversy about what the test measures, aptitude or achievement, the College Board announced that the letters "SAT" stand for nothing. 
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Calendar Reminder
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On you can choose a subject -- from chemistry to vocabulary -- and take a quiz.  For every right answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the U.N. World Food Program.  What beats learning what nostoc means?  Feeding a hungry child this summer!