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presPresident's Message:
You're Not Alone with Taiyo
I'm sure many of you have seen our slogan You're Not Alone with Taiyo and have wondered what exactly does that mean? Especially what does that mean to you as a Taiyo customer?
First of all let me tell you that to all of us at Taiyo this is a way of life, a philosophy of how we treat our customers. When we were searching for a good slogan a few years ago we wanted something that would mean something. Something that would not just sound good from a marketing point of view, but something that would symbolize what we stand for, what we want our customers to think of us. First we thought a lot about our customers, we had many discussions about what our customers need from us, and what they are looking for in a solder mask supplier.
After much thought and much talk, we came to the conclusion that our customers wanted much more than just solder mask, they wanted service, they wanted technical support, they wanted their problems solved and yes, they even wanted some research and development. In short, beyond wanting the best solder mask that money can buy, they wanted the best expertise on the market when it comes to solder mask and so that's what we set out to be. That became our goal and the goal that we live by today more than ever.
The slogan You're Not Alone with Taiyo is the basis for every business decision we make. A few years ago when we heard our customers asking for a hole fill solution, we developed one proving that You're Not Alone with Taiyo ; then when our customer who wanted to user laser direct imaging for solder mask asked for a product that would work well with their technology, we listened and we developed that product, too...You're Not Alone with Taiyo;  And so on, including today we are developing special white solder masks for the LED market and new conductive inks for the printed electronic & solar cell markets, all so that our customers will know that they will never be alone as long as they buy Taiyo products.
As Productronica draws near I want to invite you to come visit us at Hall B2 / Booth 527.  Come and check out all of our products especially our new products. Come and see what we have planned for the future, and best of all, come and share your needs and your ideas and your vision for the future so that we can face it together. 
You're Not Alone with Taiyo 

David Rund
President of Taiyo America, Inc.

techHighlighting a Technology

Taiyo, the world leader in solder mask, will be exhibiting at Productronica (Hall B2, Booth #527).  There are some very exciting products being featured that will make it worth your while to visit our booth.  Here are some of the exciting products being featured:
  • New White LED Solder Masks: PSR-4000 LEW3 and PSR-4000 W8 - Taiyo has two new members of their series of white solder masks to meet the needs of the LED market.  They offer the best reflectivity and color fastness performance available to date.
  • Hole Filling Products - THP-100DX1 is Taiyo's fastest growing hole filling product. It is a thermal cure epoxy hole filling ink that was designed to work with the automatic hole filling equipment or screen/stencil printing. It was designed to fill high aspect ratio panels with no bubbles or voids. Please come to our booth at Productronica to see how THP-100DX1 can resolve any hole fill reliability problems you may have with your current hole fill product.Taiyo also offers PIHP-200 photoimageable hole fill,UVHP-100 UV Cure hole fill and SCHP-7901 silver conductive hole fill to provide solutions to any hole filling challenge you may encounter.
  • New High Performance Solder Masks: Taiyo has focused their R&D efforts to develop solder mask products that specifically meet the needs of the European PCB manufacturers.
  • PSR-4000 GP01EU (DG), introduced last year, has had great success.
  • PSR-4000 CC200 HRS is a new curtain coat solder mask.
  • PSR-4000 QD is a new spray product.
    Both of these new solder masks perform extremely well in Immersion Tin and have the fast photospeed, short exposure time demanded by many European PCB Manufacturers.
  • New LDI Solder Mask: PSR-4000 LDI (US) - Taiyo has recently introduced the most advanced LDI solder mask available to the market. It is a dark green, screen printable solder mask that is halogen-free and has demonstrated very fast photospeed - exposing with energy as low as 50 mJ/cm2 on Orbotech's LDI exposing machines. PSR-4000 LDI (US) has excellent immersion tin resistance and is now also available in a curtain coating and spray version. See how Taiyo has changed what LDI can do for your solder mask process.
  • LPI Flex Covercoat: PSR-9000 FXT and PSR-9000 LDI - Taiyo offers the best photoimageable liquid covercoat products for flexible circuits.  Both products offer great flexibility and outstanding final properties. 
  • LPI Legend / InkJet: PSR-4100 WL (HD)  - For the ultimate in legend ink performance, Taiyo LPI legend gives bright white marking with the highest definition characters available. 
  • New InkJet Legend: IJR-4000 - This new family of inkjettable legend inks gives excellent performance.  It is initially available for Orbotech Sprint™-8 machines.
  • Specialty and Custom Conductive Inks & Pastes  -  Taiyo has developed a series of conductive inks and pastes for solar cell, printed electronics and printed circuit board applications.  Come to Taiyo for solutions to your conductive ink and paste needs.  If we don't have the exact ink or paste solution we will make it just for you.

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teamMeet the Taiyo Zone Team

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Umicore Profile
Umicore develops, produces and sells precious metal and non precious metal electrolytes, precious metal compounds, dimensional stabile anodes, platinum coatings and semi-finished products made of platinized refractory metals. These products are used in the electronic and the electrical engineering as well as for decorative applications.  Umicore is the system specialist for soldering and bonding for functional surfaces of P.C.B.s. Together with worldwide leading partners, i.e. Taiyo and Uyemura, we offer state of the art solutions.
Main Fields of Applications:
Printed Circuit Boards, Electronics, Decorative Applications, Communication Technology, Lifestyle, Medical Technology, High Frequency Technology, Automotive Industry, Microsystems Technology, Garment Industry and Jewelry.
MICHAEL HMichael holds a M.Sc. in Corrosion Science & and a B.Sc. in Surface Technology and is working as "Product Manager Taiyo Materials" for Umicore (Schw. Gmuend Germany). Prior to joining Umicore in 2005 he worked for Multek (Boeblingen, Germany) as Account Manager and Product Engineer. Michael commenced his career in the PCB field with Ciba (Basle, Switzerland) in 1994 -2001 where he was heading the Technical Service Team for Photopolymers in the EU. "Looking at Taiyo´s portfolio driven from the leading Asian Electronics Market; I notice Taiyo & Umicore´s EU presence are perceived much more serious from EU PCB manufacturers as ever before" says Michael. "Together with Umicore´s service organization there´s measurable success of & interest in Taiyo´s products. Reliability of Taiyo products and Umicore´s supply chain consistency will allow us to step-by-step boost our market position in Europe" he adds. Michael relaxes from his work by playing organ and skiing in the winter and by spending as much time as possible with his wife and two young children.
Michael Herkommer
Product Manager Taiyo Materials

NIKINick (or Niki) obtained a M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute in Timisoara (Ro). He is working as a Technical Service Engineer - Taiyo Products for Umicore. He supports Taiyo with on-site technical support at our customers that include product testing, production ramp-up, operator training and troubleshooting issues. Nick entering the PCB industry in 1985 as a Process Engineer in the solder mask department for the former IBM-PCB plant (later STP in Albstadt, Germany). Nick's solder mask processing know-how as well as his experience in Failure-Analysis and Quality Management for all related pre and post solder mask processes are outstanding. From customers/colleagues he´s also called "Nikipedia" due to his unmatched technical background and broad knowledge and preciseness. Nick's two children are now out of the house, so Nick can enjoy his free time by playing chess, reading science fiction and raising cactuses.
Nikolaus Schubkegel
Technical Service Engineer - Taiyo Products