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Dear Evolution-ites...  In our continuing efforts to educate the audio/video masses, we are pleased to offer this series of meaningful dissertations from our resident 2-Channel Guru, John Guidi.  It shall be named -

Guidi's Gab...
Arcam ''r'' Series ...
They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !

For those individuals fortunate enough to visit our store during the Summer months, you probably heard our system featuring the flagship Arcam D33 Digital to Analog Converter.  It has features and sonics that rival $10K + DACs but is only $3200.  Like the expensive data Conversion Systems on the market it sounds like digits with'' those nasty corners taken off''.  In comparison to most D to A's it makes their digital replay sound hard and fatiguing.
Arcam has a reputation of making great sound DACs affordable and in the past several months has released a series of sweet sounding small chassis DACs and an iPod / iPad Dock.

The rPac is an Asynchronus USB DAC and headphone amp capable of driving high quality earbuds and some of the more efficient headphones on the market.  It has + and - volume control buttons for headphones and fixed level R & L channel RCA outputs to connect to you receiver or integrated amp.
The rLink is a SPDIF DAC (coax / optical) to upgrade the sound quality of almost any digital audio source such as an older CD/DVD player. Don't dump your old 30 lb flagship player and replace it with a 4 lb piece of junk, just replace the DAC. Both units retail for only $249 each.

Arcam's drDock uses the same Ti / Burr Brown DAC in a dock with not only analog (RCA) outputs but a coax digital out and HDMI video output. At $299 retail it will surprise you with its musicality unless your iPod is loaded with over compressed ''poo poo'' files.

The entire ''r'' series has a solid, high quality fit & finish to match their high quality sound and are all genuine ''bargains''.
More ''Last Chance'' deals...

JMR Offrandes w/stands  .... retail $6000 (pair), now $2499 (One of the best stand mount speakers ever made)

Anthony Gallo 5LS Speakers (mint) was $18,000 (pair), now $8,999 (The most striking speaker design and unbelievable sound)

Lovan Black Gold Stand Filling material (not the stuff that made Jed Clampett rich) ... Retail $39.95, now $19.95

Misc. Isolation Devices ( Aurios, DH Cones, Sound Mechanics etc) ........  50% off

Stay Tuned!



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