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Dear Evolution-ites...  In our continuing efforts to educate the audio/video masses, we are pleased to offer the first in a series of meaningful dissertations from our resident 2-Channel Guru, John Guidi.  It shall be named -

Guidi's Gab...
Beat the Heat with TBI's Incredibly Cool
Millenia MG3 Integrated Amp

This little amp has been flying under the radar for about 5 years and is finally getting somenotice by the audiophile press. The Gen 3 Class D amp is receiving quotes like.... ''for those needing an affordable amplifier that is a joy to listen to, the Millenia is an amplifier you need to hear''.
The TBI MG3 GEN 3 is sized to fit on a desk top (5.9' H by 2.75'' W by 6.69'' D) and looks incredibly cute on an amp stand with GoldenEar Triton II towers or the Gallo Reference 3.5's on each side, and big speaker cable ''hoses'' flowing out of the back th
"Mighty Mouse"
e amp. The amazing thing is that the little TBI doesn't sound out of place!  Most people can't believe that this mighty mouse amp is capable of all that good sound. At only $500 the Millenia ''smokes'' those little Tripath amps dominating the market.
Rated at 32 Watts/channel with the standard linear power supply it has enough power to drive most speakers to painfully loud levels. Using 8 AA batteries (12V) in its battery compartment it's rated at around 10W/ch. One of our cable manufacturers uses a 12V car battery with the amp to drive the midrange section of his reference system and put his exotic tube amps in ''dry dock''.

You'll never be without sound with this amp ...... it's ultra reliable and if the power goes out at your house, plug in your iPod or whatever into the front mini jack and run it off batteries!  It will usually operate for about a day on one set of standard batteries. There are several mods and battery pack combinations you can use........ Call for details.

More ''Last Chance'' deals...

JMR Offrandes w/stands  .... retail $6000 (pair), now $2499 (One of the best stand mount speakers ever made)

Anthony Gallo 5LS Speakers (mint) was $18,000 (pair), now $8,999 (The most striking speaker design and unbelievable sound)

Lovan Black Gold Stand Filling material (not the stuff that made Jed Clampett rich) ... Retail $39.95, now $19.95

Misc. Isolation Devices ( Aurios, DH Cones, Sound Mechanics etc) ........  50% off

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