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Dear Evolution-ites...  In our continuing efforts to educate the audio/video masses, we are pleased to offer the first in a series of meaningful dissertations from our resident 2-Channel Guru, John Guidi.  It shall be named -

Guidi's Gab...
Last chance to own the solid but flexible Cary SLP-03!!!

Attention vacuum tube fans!  This may be your last chance to get you hands on a Cary SLP-03 vacuum tube preamp at 1/3 off the original retail price.

Cary SLP03
Cary SLP03
This ''family friendly'' (no exposed tubes) balanced vacuum tube preamplifier with dual 12AU7 vacuum tubes is built like a tank and has incredible flexibility. It features full remote control for input switching, volume and channel balance control. It has 4 RCA stereo inputs, one XLR input pair, a tape monitor loop, one set of XLR balanced outs and dual RCA stereo outputs.   It also features a Cinema Bypass input, RS-232 control, 3 power amplifier triggers and front panel display with adjustable brightness.

As you can see , this is no ''bare bones'' preamp!  It's built with premium parts throughout and has a warm romantic sound that soothes rather than irritates.  The SLP-03 was a great value at $3,000, it's a downright steal at $1,995 in your choice of Black or Silver.

Ask about our ''Icing on the Cake'' Summer buying incentive on this piece.

More ''Last Chance'' deals...

JMR Offrandes w/stands  .... retail $6000 (pair), now $2499 (One of the best stand mount speakers ever made)

VAC Renaissance 30/30 MK III Stereo Amplifier (mint) was $8000, now $3799 (Probably the most reliable and stable(2 ohm taps) tube amps I've ever sold and recently re-tubed)

Lovan Black Gold Stand Filling material (not the stuff that made Jed Clampett rich) ... Retail $39.95, now $19.95

Misc. Isolation Devices ( Aurios, DH Cones, Sound Mechanics etc) ........  50% off

Stay Tuned!



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