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Read the past issues of Literary Outlook to find info on AHLP's new and backlist titles, sales info and promotions, publishing industry updates, quick links for authors, and staff updates.
  • Available Issues
  • Literary Outlook March 2009
  • Web Site redesign in progress, AHLP Inc at the Philadelphia Book Festival April 18-19, 2009, 2009 Trade Show and Book Festival
  • Literary Outlook January 2009
  • AHLP Sells Books at International and National Trade Fairs; International Book Fair; Taipei International Book Fair; National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS) and Affiliates; Spotlight on Negritude Agonistes, Assimilation against Nationalism in the French-speaking Caribbean and Guyane
  • Literary Outlook November 2008
  • Africana Homestead Legacy Publishers Bulletin: Author Profiles for prospective authors; AHLP Staff Updates, Books in the Pipeline, and Quick Links
  • Literary Outlook October 2008
  • Spotlight on Founder Yawah Toe and Paramount Chief Wrea Musu, Heroes of Gedebo or Kleo and the African American Freedom Journey in New York and Related Sites, 1823-1870: Freedom Knows No Color
  • Literary Outlook April 8 2008
  • Title info: Ethnic Tensions in Liberia's National Identity Crisis: Problems and Possibilities, Founder Yawah Toe and Forthcoming titles: Paramount Chief Wrea Musu, Heroes of Gedebo or Kleo, A Subsection of Grebo Land in Liberia, Kamp Olympik
  • Literary Outlook Mar 5 2008
  • Nefu Books, imprint for juvenile and children's literature; Spotlight on Learning English the Cultural Way and The African Interior Mission
  • Literary Outlook Feb 15 2008
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